Divergent Recap – Chapter 3

In which we find out that Beatrice is special. Bonus: what happens to non believers?

Beatrice wakes up from the test and we are subjected to her nervousness. She believes that she has done poorly in the test and Tori’s “perplexed” attitude doesn’t help of course. This character is rather whiny. I admit: the test was weird, but there was nothing she did that would suggest she failed. But the author needed a way to explain what are the factionless. 

What if they tell me that I’m not cut out for any faction? I would have to live on the streets, with the factionless. I can’t do that. To live factionless is not just to live in poverty and discomfort; it is to live divorced from society, separated from the most important thing in life: community.

Remember what I told you before that the factions actually represent religions? Think about it: factions do not “cultivate” aptitude as a person can have more than one aptitude even in this world, they impose a set of beliefs and customs to their members, like cutting your hair every 3 months on a certain day, wear grey, etc. Also, religions do put a high emphasis on community, Thus, factions are religions. So, in this context being factionless equates to being an atheist. Do you like the idea that an atheist is a poor guy, living like a bum, and probably ugly? BECAUSE I FUCKING HATE IT! I found it insulting for atheists. Just because a person does NOT WANT to believe in a series of stories it doesn’t make him stupid, immoral, ugly or whatever you want to insert here.

My mother told me once that we can’t survive alone, but even if we could, we wouldn’t want to. Without a faction, we have no purpose and no reason to live.

UGH! Really? Fuck you, book. You give meaning to your own life, not someone else or some words written somewhere.

I should also add that the factionless should probably form a community by themselves. Unless the factionless are some sort of brainless fucks who go around murdering each other or something which would make this book even more stupid.

Moving on, Tori comes back looking very worried. She informs B that the results were inconclusive (expected) and that she only ruled out 2 factions and we get some sort of explanation for the test.

“If you had shown an automatic distaste for the knife and selected the cheese, the simulation would have led you to a different scenario that confirmed your aptitude for Amity. […]”

Why cheese? What’s peaceful about cheese? Without a context, choosing between only 2 things is stupid. Why not choose between 5 things, one for each faction?

“Normally, the simulation progresses in a linear fashion, isolating one faction by ruling out the rest. The choices you made didn’t even allow Candor, […]”

This simulation sounds like it have been programmed by mindless idiots. If you want to include something like a game (you can think of the simulation as a game), then you should talk to a game designer and ask him how would he do it.

So, she was dishonest on the bus, so that rules out Candor. But apparently, she has equal “aptitude” for Dauntless, Abnegation and Erudite. Honestly, in the book’s world, that’s far fetched. Because she had: 1 Erudite response (her reaction to the dog); 1 Dauntless response (not running from the dog) & 1 non-Dauntless response (not taking the knife), so they cancel each other; 1 Abnegation response (trying to save the girl) & 1 non-Abnegation (lying to the man even though it could have saved his life), so they cancel each other again. SO, the only consistent response was the Erudite one. But, duh, Erudite are evil probably, so she can’t be one of them. Still, the author had to show us Beatrice is intelligent.

Tori tells her she’s Divergent, which, OMG, is very, very dangerous. Why? We’ll probably find out in the end of the book. She mustn’t tell anyone ever. She’ll probably tell, and show. Tori sends her home and we have the marvelous statement: “It’s my choice now, no matter what the test says.” Well, choose Amity or Candor then.

She walks home instead of taking the bus. There is some vague description about the city who apparently was destroyed and it is renovated by Abnegation volunteers. Of course, this is interesting, therefore it is glossed over.

Yada, yada, yada, some talk about Abnegation and their beautiful lifestyle that Beatrice can’t live. Nothing too interesting, but I have to ask this: they still carry groceries 100 years from now? Not a very evolved society I say.

Apparently, there are parts where the road has collapsed revealing sewers that stink horribly. Guess who lives there?

This is where factionless live. Because they failed to complete initiation into whatever faction they chose, they live in poverty, doing the work no one else want to do.

Factionless don’t fail the test, but rather the initiation. So, all her angst about falling the test and becoming factionless was utter bull, just to feed us some stupid beliefs. I wonder if this book had an editor. In a capitalistic society, someone that does a job no one wants is richer than the other. I guess the society in this book is not capitalistic.

In return for their work they get food and clothing, but, as my mother says, not enough of either.

They are slaves basically, at the mercy of the factions. Don’t you love those selfless people called Abnegation, condoning slavery? Gosh, they are so so selfless.

Beatrice runs into a factionless man. A hobo – “He wears ragged brown clothing and skin sags from his jaw” – who asks her for food. Her dad encourages to keep food in her bag for these kind of situations. Fuck you, dad! If you wanted to help them, you would fight for their place in society, not throwing them bones to eat like they are dogs.

The hobo catches her wrist and there is some conversation between them. He tells her she’s plain, but have beautiful eyes and that she looks young. His breath smells putrid and his tooth are decaying. And we have to see this because we have to know the dangers of being faithless. She demands to let her go and her voice is unexpectedly confident.

I am ready. I know what to do. I picture myself bringing my elbow back back and hitting him. I see the bag of apples flying away from me. I hear my running footsteps. I am prepared to act.

OMG, SHE”S GONNA CHOOSE DAUNTLESS!!! WHO KNEW? It isn’t like it wasn’t foreshadowed starting from chapter 1. Not at all.

Unfortunately, the hobo releases her and we won’t see B kicking his ass. Such a pity. I hope I won’t hate the next chapter so much.


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