Blacklist – 1×09 – Anslo Garrick (mini review)

I finally managed to watch the latest Blacklist episode and it was good. Better than the previous one. Although not comforting to know that terrorists could easily get control of a blacksite (do these kind of things really happen?)

– A psychopath, Anslo Garrick, releases intel that Red is going to be killed. So, naturally the FBI takes Red into custody, only to have the blacksite taken over by the said psychopath and a bunch of mercenaries. They really need a better way to filter intel.

– Donald tries to get Red to a safe place, but he’s shot badly in the leg. Red manages to get the two of them inside that glass cage that appeared in the first episode. It’s nice that Red tries to keep Ressler alive, even making an ad-hoc blood transfusion. I enjoyed the scene where Donald asked if they’ll get out alive and Red told him his bucket list. I especially liked the Paris mentions. Maybe because I can’t wait to go back there too.

– Garrick is a demented individual with an agenda: revenge. And I agree with Red, his face is absolutely horrible. But trying to get Red against Ressler by mentioning that the agent failed to kill Red in Brussels. Lame, Garrick, lame! Red is spinning a lot of information and it was almost next to impossible that he didn’t know about that. But then again, Red compared Garrick to a blunt force object, so I guess intelligence doesn’t characterize Garrick.

– Elizabeth Keen is a badass in this episode! Finally! The way she got out that elevator, outwitted some of the mercenaries and even the way she destroyed some of the scramblers. And she had some badass replies. Like:

Amar: I’ve only shot at paper.  […]

Elizabeth: Pretend they’re paper.

– I liked that Cooper held his ground and didn’t submit to the madman. It shows a lot of strength and that’s one of the reasons he is assistant director.

– The end was horrible: Garrick killed Luli, and then possibly Dembe. I have to admit that the last scene with Dembe saying goodbye and him and Red reciting a verse from Quran was a powerful one and I really felt sorry for Red. Now it’s up to Amar to destroy the rest of the scramblers and finally call the cavalry.

The worst thing about 2 parts episode? I have to wait at least a week to see the second part. And the trailer doesn’t really answer any question.