Divergent Recap – Chapter 6

In which Beatrice becomes Tris. Also lots of jumping…

This chapter was less irritating than the previous ones, but not without its faults. It starts with Beatrice taking her place behind the Dauntless initiates who apparently are all taller than her. The ceremony ends with the last girl choosing and everybody leaves. No ending speech. For some reason, this irks me.

Before leaving with her new faction, she just wants to see her parents one more time and she almost cries because her father is angry. Duh, you and your brother left your family, of course he’s upset.

Besides him, my mother is smiling.

That’s a paragraph in the book. Really. I’m not joking. Why is she smiling? What does B feel about her smiling? Whatever, nobody cares. It’s not like the mother and father are real characters. They don’t even get names. She also gets to see Caleb who is smiling, a clear act of betrayal. So, it’s not actually choosing if switching factions is considered betrayal.

I spent all the time worrying about which faction I would choose and never considered what would happen if I chose Dauntless.

That’s wealthy way of thinking. Worry about a choice, but don’t ever think about the consequences of each option. Except that she thought about the consequences of choosing Abnegation in the previous chapter and ranted about marrying Robert, volunteering on weekends, etc. I think it’s inconsistent that she would think about what’s going to happen if she chooses Abnegation, but she doesn’t do the same for Dauntless.

The Dauntless also use the stairs to B’s disbelief. They run on the stairs, which is a very good way to get an injury. Taking the stairs is “a wild act”.

I have not run anywhere in a long time. Abnegation discourages anything done strictly for my own enjoyment, and this is what this is: my lungs burning, my muscles aching, the fierce pleasure of a flat-out sprint.

People exercise mostly for health reasons or to get in and look better. Some might enjoy it, but that’s not a large majority. Also, I don’t get how she feels so good. A person wouldn’t feel enjoyment after a long run especially if she didn’t exercise in a long time. It’s horribly painful and the muscles aren’t just aching, but burning.

Also, one thing I don’t get is why do the Dauntless block the path of a bus while running. There should be sidewalk in this city, at least as an old world remnant. Where do they run? Toward the train that doesn’t stop.

It is good that I spent so much time watching the Dauntless arrive at school.

Not really. I watched a lot of people playing volleyball in high school, and I was still a crappy player. I became slightly better after playing a lot. Just watching is meaningless, it’s not a learning experience. But of course, she knows how to throw herself and catch a handle just by watching. A girl, Christina, pulls her inside the train.

She is tall, with dark brown skin and short hair. Pretty.

That’s all her description. I would say generic instead of pretty, because there’s nothing to suggest pretty in there.

An Erudite boy fails to jump, so from now on, he’ll become factionless. Honestly, I find this stupid. There should be some training, you can’t just expect people to behave like they are supposed to from the beginning. How would it be if one enrolls in the Marine Corps and the next day he’s given a gun and ordered to shoot? And Dauntless are supposed to be an army and protect everyone else.

The train is picking up speed. I sit down. It will be easier to keep my balance if I’m low to the ground.

So, B is sometimes smart. When it’s convenient.  Like now, because she tells Christina to get down showing her she’s smart.

And when they clear out his [Caleb’s] room, what will they discover? I imagine books jammed between the dresser and the wall, books under his mattress. The Erudite thirst for knowledge filling all the hidden places in his room.

Knowledge is evil, there should be hidden. But wait, didn’t he have a stack of books on his desk they day before.

What a good actor he was. The thought makes me sick to my stomach, because even though I left them too, at least I was no good at pretending. At least they all knew that I wasn’t selfless.

Maybe your brother knew, but your father didn’t as he said “See you soon!” at the ceremony.

After a while, the Dauntless start jumping off the train on a rooftop which is seven stories down. I don’t know how she manages to estimate that. It’s not like you can look down and say “oh, this looks like a seven stories distance.” An Amity boy refuses to jump which I totally understand. Jumping 7 stories is crazy, not to mention fatally injuring. He says something like he prefers to be factionless than dead. Finally, someone with some sense.

I don’t agree with him. I would rather be dead than empty, like the factionless.

We already know what you feel about them, B, no need to repeat. I hate that she says “empty”. The factionless are like this because the faction, including Abnegation, are forcing them to be. Kill the factions!

Beatrice jumps with Christina and they land with just a bit of pain and some scratches (yeah, right). All the transfer initiates made it, but a Dauntless girl didn’t. That’s not really believable as even the young Dauntless are doing this for years already. It should be second nature for them by now.  The dead’s girl friend is crying, and B must show us she’s not weak, so she doesn’t cry.

I tell myself, as sternly as possible, that is show things work here. We do dangerous things and people die. People die, and we move on to the next dangerous thing. The sooner that lesson sinks in, the better chance I have at surviving.

She sounds like a sociopath in the making. Also, if this is the way Dauntless think, I expect them to kill each other just for the lulz. Because, it’s just people dying, it doesn’t matter.

Peter mocks Beatrice because she’s examining a wound on her arm and he calls her a Stiff. So, we’ve established Peter as a bad guy. A guy, Max, appears at the other end of the roof and he’s one of the leaders. He tells them they have to jump again, another several stories and into a hole. Yay! Peter is trying to act casual, so it’s time for Beatrice to show off.

I am proud. It will get me into trouble someday, but today it makes me brave. I walk toward the ledge and hear snickers behind me.

The trouble part is foreshadowing. In a way I get the part of showing off people you are better than they think as I used to that in high school.

Apparently, B knows that she will land safely, but she’s still very nervous. She also wants to spite Peter so she takes off her shirt, rolls it and throws it at him. And then she jumps and falls into a net. I wish that she didn’t say the land safely part because all it does is weakening the scene, by providing an answer to the reader before the actual jumping is happening. It’s diminishing the tension and I’m quite astonished that an editor didn’t pick that up.

So, she’s laughing partially hysterical because she jumped of a roof (such an accomplishment!) and a guy helps her off the net.

“He” is the young man attached to the hand I grabbed. He has a spare upper lip and a full lower lip. His eyes are so deep-set that his eyelashes touch the skin under his eyebrows, and they are dark blue, a dreaming, sleeping, waiting color.

LOVE INTEREST! I mean look how many words she uses to describe him compared to the rest of the characters. But the first phrase is awkward, make it sound like he’s a robot or something.

A girl, Lauren, comments about her being a Stiff and the first to jump, but they guy brushes her off and asks Beatrice her name. And that’s how she renames herself: Tris (“A new place, a new name.  I can be remade here.”). We also find out that the guy’s name is Four. Really? That reminds me of “I am Number Four” which is a bland movie (with a nice concept though). I find the choice of name odd, again where’s the editor to mention that. There is also a crowd cheering and Christina is the next one to jump. And the chapter ends with Four welcoming B to Dauntless. Finally!

One another thing I didn’t like about this chapter is that there are a lot of names going around, each paired with a vague description and I bet it’s going to be confusing in the next chapters. Anyway, here’s the trailer for “I am Number Four”. Why? Just because.


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