Agents of SHIELD – 1×09 – Repairs (mini review)

Finally last night, I caught up on Agents of SHIELD, the show people love to hate for some reason. This episode pretty good though and I liked better than the previous one (The Well).

– I bet the beginning irked a lot of Skye/Ward (Skyrd? Wakye? Dunno) shippers. Even though it kind of makes sense for May and Ward to find comfort in each other. I liked how Ward started talking about how they should take separate routes and May just left.

– Fitz-Simmons trying to prank Skye: is it just me or the story Simmons told Skye about the Cavalry was kind of lame? I wouldn’t even count it as a prank. But what Fitz tried with the broom was pretty awesome, I was almost scared when I saw it.

“It’s a delicate situation so you’re bringing both Warm and Fuzzy?” – Skye

– My thought exactly, Skye! May actually tranquilized the girl with supposed telekinetic powers. One question: how come the “ghost” stopped when the girl was tranquilized? I mean it would have made sense to continue destroying because the girl was in danger. Or was it active only when she was fearful?

Fitz:  “No! You do not touch that! Two semesters minimum of holographic engineering before you touch this!”

Skye: “All right, All right. I get it. I didn’t go to your stupid SHIELD Hogwarts or whatever.”

– Honestly, I think I couldn’t control myself around that holographic thingie

– I think the case this week was pretty interesting: a guy caught between life and death because he couldn’t let go of the girl. I really liked what May said:

“You can’t undo what’s been done. That will be with you forever. But trying hold to this life, clinging to the person you thought could be, that’s hell. And you’re dragging her down with you. You have to let go.”

I guess the hell they were referring to was not the Christian hell, but rather the personal hell, a place where someone is tormented by his regrets.

Good episode! Below is the promo to the next one, who might shape up to be as good.