Divergent Recap – Chapter 10

In which Tris finally gets a beating and… No, that’s it. 

This chapter starts with some Divergent bullshit: Tris dreaming that Christina is hanging from the railing by her toes and only someone Divergent could help her. Book, I get it, Divergence is important. But when are you going to fucking explain why??? At the end of the book? How would it be if, in the first Harry Potter book, Harry finds out that he’s a wizard, but does know what that means and agonies for the WHOLE fucking summer over being a wizard and in the last chapter, he arrives to Hogwarts? I tell how it would be. FUCKING HORRENDOUS. I’m annoyed already, just from the first paragraph. This is not a good sign. 

Tris wakes up, goes to the bathroom, and when she’s back she finds out that Peter painted the word “Stiff” all over her bed. Why? Because every chapter we need a remainder that Peter is evil in case we suffered a lobotomy from one chapter to the next one. Tris doesn’t understand what’s his problem (duh, he’s evil) because they are in the same faction.

“I don’t know what you’re referring to,” he says lightly. Then he glances at me. “And you and I will never be in the same faction.”

Is this foreshadowing? One of them is going to become factionless or something?

Al helps her to remove the markings. He’s a good guy and I kind of like him. Maybe he’s Divergent too because he selflessly helps Tris. Although I doubt it, because this book is stupid and Al is probably doomed because he cried in the beginning. Al advises her to ignore Peter, and he’ll eventually stop (not likely). He reminds her she was the first jumper and she tries to comfort him for knocking out Will. Al is really sorry for that and doesn’t want to do it again. He’s nice. I would have read a book from Al’s perspective.

Guess who is Tris’s opponent this day. YEP, PETER! You get a cookie. Christina and Al try to be sympathetic, but our heroine is annoyed.

I stare at my name on the board. My cheeks feel hot. Al and Christina are just trying to help, but the fact that they don’t believe, not even in a tiny corner of their minds, that I have a chance against Peter bothers me.

Excuse me, bitch, but I don’t remember you thinking Christina might win the fight against Molly in the previous chapter. This character doesn’t deserve friends really as she’s not even listening to them. Al gave her good advice to pretend to go unconscious. It’s a good way to avoid brain damage.

After Edward beats Molly, it’s time for Tris to fight Peter. Four is looking sour, probably because he likes Tris and don’t want to see her disfigured. Peter tries to make her cry and beg, which angers Tris, so she tries to kick him, but fails. Eric orders Peter to stop fooling around and things start to become messy for Tris.

His arm twitches and pain stabs my jaw and spreads across my face, making my vision go black at the edges and my ears rings. I blink and lurch to the side as the rooms dips and sways.

This would have been a good moment for her to actually go unconscious. But thankfully, we get to see more of Peter beating her up.

He darts in front of me and kicks me hard in the stomach. His foot forces the air from my lungs and it hurts, hurts so badly I can’t breathe, or maybe that’s because of the kick, I don’t know, I just fall.

Still conscious, even after this. And she tries to get up. But have no fear, Peter is here.

He grabs my hair with one hand and punches me in the nose with the other. The pain is different, less like a stab and more like a cackle, crackling my brain, spotting my vision with different colors, blue, green, red.

Honestly, is she still up? And trying to punch? Is she fucking Rambo?

Peter barely groans, and smacks my ear with the flat of his palm, laughing under his breath. I hear ringing and try to blink some of the black patches out of my eyes; how did something get in my eye?

You know, for someone who’s on the brink of unconsciousness, she sounds too coherent. She also sees Four going outside and she thinks the fight isn’t interesting enough for him. But us, the readers, know that the reason for including this information is to show us that he likes her.

Something slams into my side and I scream for the first time, a high screech that belongs to someone else and not me, and it slams into my side again, and I can’t see anything at all, not even whatever is right in front of my face, the lights out. Someone shouts, “Enough!” and I think too much and nothing at all.

She’s more special than Christina because she screamed only when she fell unconscious. Fuck you, book! You really want me to believe that Tris didn’t scream once during all those brutal kicks? I don’t say that it’s impossible to do that, but it is for someone who never fought before and a low pain threshold.

Tris wakes up in an infirmary with her friends around her. She can open only one eye and her lips are super swollen. Christina has a pack of ice on her head because she was beaten up by Will.

I’ve never seen a nurse with so many piercings in her ear before. Some Dauntless must volunteer to do jobs that traditionally belong to other factions. After all, it wouldn’t make sense for the Dauntless to make the trek to the city hospital every time they get hurt.

I’m so glad I know how this society works. NOT! Don’t you need a lot of years of training to be a nurse or a doctor? And concussions aren’t something minor to treat with an ice pack and painkillers in a day. Fuck, she should rest for at least a week, not go back to fighting and getting another concussion. If you had a concussion, go to a doctor immediately!

We find out that Tris was at the hospital when she was six years old because her mother broke her arm.

At the hospital, an Amity woman in a yellow shirt with clean fingernails took my mother’s blood pressure and set her bone with a smile.

Why does she mention “clean fingernails”? Do the rest of the factions have dirty fingernails? Or does she mean that the woman had no nail polish? But I doubt, the Abnegation would allow painted fingernails, so it wouldn’t be something weird from Tris. Stupid book!

I remember Caleb telling her that it would only take a month to mend, because it was a hairline fracture. I thought he was reassuring her, because that’s what selfless people do, but now I wonder if he was repeating something he had studied; if all his Abnegation tendencies were just Erudite traits in disguise.

G-d forbid, Tris, you forget taking jabs at Caleb. Like you weren’t faking Abnegation behavior at all.

Christina and Will go to Dinner, but Al stays behind to let her know they are going on a field trip tomorrow to learn more about Dauntless jobs. Oh, goodie, how much should I bet that we aren’t actually going to find out anything relevant? We also find out that Al smells like sage and lemongrass when he has nightmares. Just a random detail here.

“And don’t pay attention to Christina. Your face doesn’t look that bad.” He smiles a little. “I mean, it looks good. It always looks good. I mean – you look brave. Dauntless.”

Yeah, Al likes her too. I hate it when characters complain about their looks, only to be liked by a dozen of guys.

It was a nice thing to say, but he acts like it meant more than just the words. I hope I am wrong. I could not be attracted to Al – I could not be attracted to anyone that fragile.

Welcome back, bitch! Not even a concussion couldn’t help you become less self-absorbed. I hate this chapter. She embarrasses him by asking if it’s becoming easier for him to be there. Because she’s Miss Sensibility. Anyway, Al sticks around a bit to tell her that he lost to Drew, because he doesn’t want to beat someone up anymore. Then, he asks her if she thinks their families will visit them. So, basically Al stayed just to remind us that Visitation Day is coming.

In less than a week, the Dauntless-born initiates will find their families on the Pit floor, or in the glass building above the compound, and do whatever it is the Dauntless do when they reunite.

Uhm, why couldn’t the Dauntless-born initiates go find their families in the compound before Visiting Day? Are they forbidden to do that or what?

And the transfer initiates with forgiving parents will be able to see them again too. I suspect mine will not be among them. Not after my father’s cry of outrage at the ceremony.

Are you forgetting that your mother was smiling? Because I’m not and I’m pretty sure she’ll come to visit you.

Again with the Divergent crap no one bothers to explain. I’m getting bored by that, this books needs some fucking conflict or I will become more and more enraged. And because Tris is an idiot, she goes back to the dormitory, so Peter won’t have the satisfaction of putting her in the hospital overnight. I think the satisfaction of beating her up was enough for him. The end of chapter.


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