Best of Community – Season 1, 3rd best episode

In just one month (January, the 2nd), Community, will return with its fifth season with Harmon as showrunner! Six seasons and a movie! Yay, not so far from that. To mark this wonderful event, I’m going to do a series of special posts with my top 3 episodes from each season.

Best 3rd episode for season 1 was…… *drum rolls* ……. 1×09 – Introduction to Statistics

So, what’s great about this episode?

– Annie crying to get Jeff at her “Dia de los Muertos” party because she doesn’t want to be unpopular like in high school

– Abed as Batman. Enough said.

– Chang on a moped

– Pierce tripping, crashing the faculty Halloween party and meowing

– Jeff having a tight cowboy costume

– Shirley dressed as Harry Potter, but everyone calling her Urkel. Also, Shirley ripping Professor Slater’s car antenna “Take that, Professor Slimcalves!”

– Also, Shirley having a heart-to-heart with Britta. Awww!

“You feel a breeze here? Cause someone just struck out.”— Chang
“She blew you off too, Chang.”— Jeff
“Is that what you have to fall back on? Dude. Look at me, bro. Look at me. I’ve got the body of a fifth grader. M’Kay? If I was workin’ with what you’ve got, she’d be at the Comfort Inn right now giving me a Mexican Halloween.”— Chang

– Slater asking “Are you like a court-appointed guardian for these people?” HAHA. Jeff answering “They are my classmates.”

– Pierce wanting to crush himself to death with chairs and tables. Also, “What in the pink floyd?”

Pierce’s fort (Photo Credit: Community Wiki)

– Batman saving Pierce and Jess from the crushing chairs and tables

That’s why Introduction to Statistics was the first great episode from Community. It’s a milestone in the series and deserves recognition.

Which were your favorite episodes?