Blacklist 1×10 – Anslo Garrick pt. 2 (mini review)

Finally, I got to see this episode. There were some twists, but overall it was a great conclusion to last week’s episode.

– YAY! Dembe’s not dead. Red was captured as I predicted () and Garrick isn’t as stupid as I thought. I mean he took out Red’s chip and gave it to a guy on a motorcycle to lose the lead.

– I liked how Elizabeth used the paddles to get out of the ambulance. I wonder what that guy with the silver car thought when a woman with a gun told him “FBI! Follow that ambulance! ”

– I wonder who hired Garrick to capture Red. I mean that guy, the representative, didn’t give away much. Just another plot line for the season.

– That drug that enhances the sensitivity to pain is horrible! Thank G-d, there is no such drug in reality. Also, someone in too much pain will most likely pass out from it. So, if you want to torture someone you have to apply a sufficient amount of pain to torment your victim, but not much or the victim’s brain will shut down. Don’t ask me how I know so much about torture.

– Mr. Kaplan is a she! And she’s awesome!

“I have two directives. To protect you and find my employer.”

– Maybe Garrick is stupid though: increasing the dosage and risking killing Red. Also, Red smooching at Garrick! Priceless.

– The first site they went to search for Red was too obvious. The surveillance data on the FBI was probably gathered by the same organization who kidnapped Red.

– OMG, RED KILLING GARRICK!!! Amazing scene!

– I don’t know about you, but Tom is still very suspicious to me.

I think the rest of the season is going to be great. One question: who do you think the mole is? Ressler? Or maybe Amar? Unfortunately for us, The Blacklist returns on January the 13rd. But on the bright side, it was renewed for a second season. Yay!


2 thoughts on “Blacklist 1×10 – Anslo Garrick pt. 2 (mini review)

  1. I was impressed by 1. The lack of protest by driver of the car Elizabeth commandeers, and 2. the driver’s chase and skidding skills.
    Altogether, a good episode. I also loved Mr. Kaplan – great character who I would love to see come back.

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