Divergent Recap – Chapter 11

To the fence and back in under 30 minutes… Or whatever

Someone stumbled on my blog by asking Google this question: “does tris make the initiation in divergent”. Well, reader, I would like to know that too, but I’m sure I have to sift through another 10 chapters of BS, if not the whole book, to find out. One thing is for sure: there is no initiation in this chapter. Oh, and this recap is late because I had a throbbing headache and zero willpower to finish this post. 

This chapter starts with Tris being woken up by Christina with 15 minutes left to go at the tracks. I wonder how many chapters will start with her waking up. Of course, she had another Divergent related dream because conflict, people. Tris is hurting badly after yesterday’s fight and has difficulty moving around. Christina runs to bring them breakfast and then helps Tris by tying her shoes. Maybe Christina is Divergent too.

Gratitude surges in my chest, warm, and a little like an ache. Maybe there is some Abnegation in everyone, even if they don’t know it.
Well, in everyone but Peter.

Yes, I almost forgot Peter is evil. Thank you for reminding me, Tris. But I have to ask: how do you know he’s not selfless with Molly or Drew?

The muffin is banana-flavored, with walnuts. My mother baked bread like this once to give to the factionless, but I never got to try it. I was too old for coddling at that point.

Bananas means that they export them from somewhere ‘cuz you can’t grow bananas locally. There has to be a certain climate. So, how is this society trading with others? Fuck knows. It’s like we’re ever gonna find out. Also, how many factionless are there? Let’s say there are about 1000 (out of 8000 as I calculated in a previous post). What good would one bread do? It will most likely ensue a fight. Don’t you love how selfless this Abnegation people are? Also, kids are kids, but only in Abnegation? Not in Candor?

Every thump of my feet sends pain through my ribs, but I ignore it.

How the fuck is she doing? She has virtually no pain threshold and it’s not something you get in 3 DAYS! That’s right, they have been there for only 3 days. You can’t just say “You know, pain, I’m just going to ignore you.” You can push through pain, but you still feel it.

I jog next to the car, wincing, then grit my teeth and grab the handle on the side. This is going to hurt.
Al grabs me under each arm and lifts me easily into the car. Pain shoots through my side, but it only lasts for a second. I see Peter behind him, and my cheeks get warm. Al was trying to be nice, so I smile at him, but I wish people didn’t want to be so nice. As if Peter didn’t have enough ammunition already.

Yes, they are jumping on the train again, even though every one of them have bruises and various pains. Because this books makes so muuuuch sense. People, help Beatrice, only when Peter is not around. Otherwise she’s going to be an ungrateful bitch.

Peter mocks Tris and his clique laugh their evil laughs because we all need to know they are evil. Will, Christina and Four defend Tris. Yes, I’m including Four because using authority to put a stop on the bickering is a way of defending Tris. If it was Eric instead of Four, he wouldn’t have done anything. Also, we get a description of Four standing in the car because Tris likes him, but doesn’t want to admit it yet.

Guess what is beyond the fence! FARMS! You remember those far away farms B was talking about? Apparently far away means just outside the city. Why do they have to can and froze the vegetables? And most importantly, how do they do that? Because they need factories for that. Tris is more interested why is the city guarded, and Will tells them that it wasn’t until 5 years ago. Also, the Dauntless police used to patrol the factionless sector.

I also remember that my father was one of the people who voted to get the Dauntless out of the factionless sector of the city. He said the poor didn’t need policing; they needed help, and we could give it to them. But I would rather not mention that now, or here. It’s one of the many things Erudite gives as evidence of Abnegation’s incompetence.

But why did the factionless need policing? Were they killing each other or other factions? Was it just to oppress them? Also, the factionless don’t need help. They need to be recognized as full citizens, not just as convenient slaves for the factions. So, yeah, Abnegation could have given them that, but their idea of help is a bread from time to time. I agree with the Erudite: the Abnegation is truly incompetent. And full of idiots.

The train stops. OMG, THE TRAIN CAN ACTUALLY STOP! They are in a place with no buildings, yellow fields and train tracks. Which again makes no sense because you know what’s just outside Chicago? More cities! Because Chicago is part of a metropolitan area as you can see if you take a look on Google Maps. So, how exactly did they/ make those fields if everything was full of concrete around Chicago? Fuck logic! And research! You know what would have made sense? If they grew plants inside the city using hydroponics.

In front of me is a chain-link fence with barbed wire strung along the top. When I walk forward, I notice that it continues farther that I can see, perpendicular to the horizon. Past the fence is a cluster of trees, most of them dead, some green. Milling around on the other side of the fence are Dauntless guards carrying guns.

Who built this fence? Because such a huge fence needs materials to be built. And why is there a fence? Why doesn’t this book explain anything? *crying*

When I came here with my family as a child, we rode in a bus on that road and beyond, to Amity’s farms, where we spent the day picking tomatoes and sweating through our shirts.

Did you also can that tomatoes? Tomatoes don’t grow on fields. Not efficiently. They should have grown them in greenhouses. Also, is this a form of socialism or something? In Communist Romania, kids, students, scientists were brought to fields to harvest. It was a patriotic mandatory act.

“If you don’t rank in the top five at the end of initiation, you will probably end up here,” says Four as he reaches the gate. “Once you are a fence guard, there is some potential for advancement, but not much. You may be able to go on patrols beyond Amity’s farms, but -“

I don’t get what’s so bad with fence patrolling. Less chances of dying. Will asks what are patrols for, and Four brushes hims off by saying something like “You’ll find out if you are a patrol guard.” This is such a non-answer. And how come no one ventures outside the fence to see what’s outside? Human are curious by nature.

We also find out that Four was ranked first, but didn’t want a government job and preferred staying in the control room, to monitor city’s security. That’s again vague. What does “city’s security” mean? Do they have cameras in the whole city and they watch the video feed? Or what?

We learned about faction jobs in school. The Dauntless have limited options. We can guard the fence or work for the security of our city. We can work in the Dauntless compound, drawing tattoos or making weapons or even fighting each other for entertainment. Or we can work for Dauntless leaders. That sounds like my best option.

Why does the last one sound like her best option? I bet she doesn’t even know what it means. And if all the leaders are like Eric, why would she like working for such a person? G-d, this book is stupid. Also, if they learned about Dauntless jobs in school, why are they taking this field trip? And where are their factories? Creating weapons is not an easy process, and they would need smart people for that.

Because an Amity truck carrying crates of apples is coming inside (or outside?) the city, and among the people in the back is Robert. Surprise! Remember that guy Beatrice imagined marrying during the ceremony. I don’t blame you if you forgot. Apparently, that guy transferred to Amity.

He wears a gray T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

Is he Divergent too? Because gray is for Abnegation and blue is for Erudite, and he’s Amity.

After a second’s hesitation, he moves toward me and folds me in his arms. I stiffen. Only in Amity do people hug each other in greeting. I don’t move a muscle until he releases me.

Honestly, B, that’s exactly the same reaction you had when your own mother hugged you. Maybe the problem is you, not them. Of course, Molly hears Robert calling her Beatrice and she makes fun of it. Because she’s stupid and evil. Don’t forget that. Haha, Robert tries to be nice with Molly. Molly’s answer: “We’re not supposed to fraternize with other faction members.” Why the fuck not? Aren’t the factions suppose to promote peace and cooperation?

Anyway, Robert tells B she could go home and she’s all irritated (“You think I can’t handle this or something?”), but Robert tells her she should be happy. Nice guy.

“[…] The goal of my life isn’t just… to be happy.”

Pray tell us, what’s you fucking goal? Because this character has no purpose besides staying alive which is a lame purpose for a book character, especially when we don’t know if there is a threat to her life.

The Dauntless guards close the gate and lock it behind them. The lock is on the outside. I bite my lip. Why would they lock the gate from the outside and not the inside? It almost seems like they don’t want to keep something out; they want to keep us in.

That’s an interesting idea to expand on and Tris could make her purpose finding more about this. But like anything interesting in this book, it’s shoved under “we shouldn’t care” mat. She actually says “I push the thought out of my head. That makes no sense.” Fuck you, book!

Four tells her she shouldn’t make unwise decisions, like talking with Robert. How great that you explain why. NOT! Then he touches the corner of her eye (yeah, I bet she looks hot with all the bruises) and tells her that if she attacks first, maybe she might win.

“I’m surprised you know that,” I say quietly, “since you left halfway through my one and only fight.”
“It wasn’t something I wanted to watch,” he says.

HA, as I told in that recap, he likes her. But, Beatrice is like “what?” And then it’s time to go. So, they literally took a field trip to stay 10 minutes at the fence and learn nothing. I don’t think the Dauntless understand what a field trip is.


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