Best of Community – Season 1, 2nd best episode

It’s 1×21 Contemporary American Poultry.

Who could forget the Chicken finger mafia episode? Not me.

“I think I’m failing psychofarmacology” — Troy
“Why are you taking that?” — Britta
“I thought it was a class about crazy farm animals, okay?” — Troy

– You know it’s great when an episode starts like that.  Jeff wants them to finish studying so they could go to lunch and get some chicken fingers, which are the only good thing in the cafeteria. 

– Shirley has a thing for a dreadlocks guy, Abed is hilarious with his lack of social skills, Pierce tries to be hip by using the expression “streets ahead”

– Britta is a vegetarian (quelle surprise) ; she’s also upset about her dying cat and Abed chose to yell “Chicken Run!” immediately after she finished telling them about the cat

– They miss chicken fingers again! Star-burns is hoarding chicken fingers and distributing them to people, so he could be popular. Of course, Jeff is annoyed he gets no chicken fingers and comes up with a plan for Star-burns to be fired and replaced with Abed

– “Star-gate!” : awesome reference; that’s my mother favorite tv show and I did see a few seasons myself

– Troy as pharaoh: LOL

– The system:

– I like how even the Dean is on the list

– Abed coming with a system for chicken finger distribution for favors: he gets a monkey for Troy (whose name is Annie’s Boobs), an entourage and TV for Pierce, a full of zipper backpack for Annie, a personal hairstylist for Britta, and dreadlocks guy for Shirley

– Jeff wants to put a stop on this insanity, but is kind of ousted from the group, because they he’s jealous (he’s partially jealous)

“Oh, and for your information, I don’t have an ego. My Facebook photo is a landscape.” — Jeff

– Star-burns gives Jeff a key to the kitchen, so he could go and take an irreplaceable part from the frying, thus ending the chicken mafia forever. Very tempting

– The group starts getting ungrateful for the stuff Abed gives them: Annie throws a pile of notebooks in the trash because they aren’t college ruled, Pierce says he wanted an entourage guy whose first name is Travis, not his middle name, Troy says the monkey hates the caviar

– Abed naturally tries to send them a message by taking all the stuff away. Abed feeding Dreadlocks was WOW!

– So, the rest of the guys go to beg Jeff to help them because Abed is out of control

“He released Annie’s Boobs. Annie’s Boobs could be anywhere. Annie’s Boob could be on the side of the road…” — Troy
“We got it. The monkey’s name is Annie’s Boobs.” — Shirley

– Jeff sneaks into the kitchen to sabotage the fryer, only to find Abed working on a new product. Abed confesses he just liked having a way to connect with people, so Jeff makes him a deal: he’ll help Abed connect with people if Abed makes sure Jeff treats people right. They eat chicken fingers on a table like in Sixteen Candles

– Perfect end (yeah, it was a pain writing that much):

“Things went back to normal. Now everyone’s back to being a bunch of regular schnooks, and I’m back to being a weirdo. Back to watching from the outside. For now. There’s still not enough chicken fingers. Cause as soon as our family moved out, a new syndicate moved in to take its place. But you know what they’ll never make a replacement for? [makes sizzling sound] Friends.” — Abed
“Okay. Thank you. That’s great, Abed. But could you just answer the question?” — Dean Pelton
“What was it?” — Abed
“Do you know who might have stolen a box of hair nets from the kitchen?” — Dean Pelton
“Someone with hair.” — Abed
“I’m gonna write that down.” — Dean Pelton

– Bonus: “Awesome elevator” trick was amazing