Divergent Recap – Chapter 14

The last day of fighting…

Some rant before I start: Veronica Roth decided to publish another book in the Divergent series, a collection of stories from Four’s point of view. So, yay for me, because I’ll have to recap 3 more books, not just 2. Why, G-d, why? On to the recap now.

Tris has one more day until Visiting Day and we get some angst whether her parents are coming or not. I bet her mom comes.

I try to pull a pant leg over my thigh and it sticks just above my knee. Frowning, I stare at my leg. A bulge of muscle is stopping the fabric. I let the pant leg fall and look over my shoulder at the back of my thigh. Another muscle stands out there.

Because Tris is the incredible Hulk and muscles just grow on her in no time. WTF? I’m starting to believe the author has never worked out. You can’t gain that kind of muscles in just one week while your body is also recovering from beatings. Even if you used steroids, you wouldn’t gain that much. It takes time. It took me about a month of daily workouts to shape my thigh muscles and all my tight jeans still fitted me. They actually fitted me better and I looked hot in them. At least, this book reminds me I should work out.

Tris leaves the bathroom wearing just a towel to get something else to wear, hoping no one is there. Why is she going only in her towel then? Didn’t she wear something to sleep that night that she could use to cover herself? Did she wear those pants and after taking a shower, they magically shrunk? She could have put a t-shirt on and a pair of panties and return to the dormitory. But no, she returns almost naked.

And guess who’s there to mock her? The evil Peter and his cronies. Honestly, Peter, Molly and Drew could have been easily merged into one character. Those 3 and other initiates (Do you mean, Edward and Myra, book? Because these are the only transfer left) start snickering when Tris gets in, Molly being the loudest.

Peter comes close to her while she’s looking for a dress and remarks how skinny she is. Is she skinny or bulging with muscles? You can’t have it both ways, book. He looks to her body, apparently scrutinizing her every flaw. Because he’s evil, and evil teenagers boys are not attracted to half-naked girls. Tris tries to think how to escape. And I would say she should try being less stupid in the future.

“Look at her,” says Molly, crossing her arms. She smirks at me. “She’s practically a child.”
“Oh, I don’t know,” says Drew. “She could be hiding something under that towel. Why don’t we look and see?”

They are bullying her, which sucks. But the way this book handles it sucks even more. I don’t understand why Molly sees her like a child too. No other character implied this, except Beatrice. Meh, whatever, I guess that will make Four a child molester or something. Yes, I’m very obnoxious today.

She tries escaping, but Peter manages to pull her towel and everybody starts laughing. Tris holds the dress against her body, trying to hide it and seeks refuges in the bathroom where she almost cries. Now she’s determined to hurt them. Not the best attitude.

Tris went to the Pit to buy new clothes for training. Christina asks her where was she this morning (where were you, Christina?) and Tris answer she was held up. Uhm, if a friend answered me like that, I would be extremely annoyed with my friend. Anyway, Tris is more preoccupied with whom is she going to fight, hoping it would be Peter. Because the last time she fought Peter, it went so well. I get she’s pumped up by the incident, but that doesn’t substitute for strength and training.

But she’s going to fight Molly, which is good enough for her. Her fight is the last, so she watches the other, biting her nails. Of course, Molly antagonizes her by mentioning a birthmark on her ass, so Tris gets very angry.

Molly starts toward me and throws her weight into a punch. As her body shifts forward, I duck and drive my fist into her stomach, right over her bellybutton. Before she can get her hands on me, I slip past her, my hands up, ready for the next attempt.

When did Tris become so fast and versatile on fighting? She’s too good compared with her first fight. She also notices that Molly’s guarding her face mostly, leaving the rest of the body vulnerable.

I sweep-kick her legs out from under her, and she falls hard on the ground, sending dust into the air. I pull my foot back and kick as hard as I can at her ribs.

Again, how does she go from zero skills to sweep-kicking someone? Anyway, Tris continue to kick Molly while she’s done, fueling her anger by remembering what Molly said. I get that Tris is upset about that incident, but she’s becoming a bully herself and kind of a psychopath. Four pulls her away from Molly, telling her she won. Molly is gurgling blood, but she’ll probably get zero medical attention.

I wipe the sweat from my forehead. He stares at me. His eyes are too wide; they look alarmed.

It would be weird if he didn’t, Tris, as you seemed to want to kill Molly.

I wish I could say I felt guilty for what I did.
I don’t.



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