Divergent Recap – Chapter 17

In which Dauntless prove their bravery…

Tris is sitting in a hallway because she can’t stand the smell of blood in the dormitory which is mostly in her head as she scrubbed the floors and someone used bleach.

Scrubbing the floor when no one else wanted to was something that my mother would have done.

So, no one scrubs floor in the Dauntless compound? Or clean up? I bet that place stinks. Ugh! She hears some people approaching. It’s Uriah and the other Dauntless-born initiates. Uriah heard about what happened with Edward and invites Tris to tag along with them for an initiation ritual, something dangerous.

I push myself to my feet and jog next to Uriah to catch up to the Dauntless-born initiates.
“The only initiates they usually let come are ones with older siblings in Dauntless,” he says. “But they might not even notice. Just act like you belong.”

I still don’t get why they segregate the Dauntless-born initiates from the transfer ones. It’s not enough the whole society is divided after some stupid rules, there is discrimination inside the factions. Also, Uriah, people will notice because there are only other 8 initiates and everyone remembers the first jumper.

“What’s the Stiff doing here?” asks a boy with a metal ring between his nostrils.

Told you so! Nobody else comments, but she sees them throwing her glances and she compares them to a pack of dogs (!!) whose approval she needs to play with them.

They go out through a back staircase and emerge in daylight close to the tracks and it’s time for Beatrice to amaze us with her incredible train jump. I don’t know about you, but I have to practice something a lot until I get it right. Tris finds out that Uriah has an older brother Zeke, and meets Shauna who tells her Four talked about Tris. We find out Four doesn’t come because “not much scares him.” Tris was kind of hoping to see him, but she figures that whatever they are doing has to do with heights.

Four and Shauna were initiates together. he taught Shauna how to fight because she was bad at it, and she thinks it was nice of him. I wonder why Four didn’t taught Tris how to fight.

They jump off the train, even though it didn’t slowed down. No worries, Tris just stumbles a little. They are now in the part of the city that is abandoned, north of the bridge.

South of the bridge, Michigan Avenue is a busy street, crawling with people, but here it is bare.

I would like to see that street, crawling with what I believe to be 100-200 people. Don’t people work at noon in that city? Their target is the Hancock building.

“Do the elevators work?” I ask Uriah, as quietly as I can.
“Sure they do,” says Zeke, rolling his eyes. “You think I’m stupid enough not to come here early and turn on the emergency generator.”

Such buildings need maintenance because they have incredibly complex systems. Elevators need maintenance every 10-15 years if they are ultra-modern. Emergency generators need fuel like gasoline to work. You don’t just turn them on and you have magic electricity. That elevator would probably malfunction and they would get trapped between floors or something.

Anyway, a girl is mean with Tris, but Tris shows how smart she is by figuring out the floor they need to get to. They get to the 100th floor and there is a hole in the ceiling through which they get on the roof. From there, she gets to see the impossible marsh and the city.

Attached to one of the poles on top of the tower is a steel cable as thick as my wrist. On the ground is a pile of black slings made of a tough fabric, large enough to hold a human being.

They are zip lining from Hancock Tower until Lake Shore Drive. I’m not sure if this is physically possible. Probably not. The first one to go is Shauna and everyone whoops and cheers after she goes. Somehow, Tris is the first initiate to go. Behind her, most of the initiates are worried.

What happens between initiation and membership that transforms panic into delight?

A lot of head hits and brain washing probably. We have to sit in line with Tris, getting bored as she tells how the others go on the sling. Yawn.

Finally, it’s her turn and Zeke helps her to get into the sling. Of course, Tris is super excited by her go and describes some of the stuff she sees around her. She slows down until she hangs about 20 feet above the ground.

A crowd of members stands below. They grasp one another’s arms, forming a net of limbs beneath me.
In order to get down, I have to trust them to catch me. I have to accept that these people are mine, and I am theirs. It is a braver act than sliding down the zip line.

Huh, so I guess that’s the Dauntless version of the trust exercise. And falling from 20 feet (about 6 meters) it’s not that brave. Even if they don’t catch you, Tris, you’ll live. Anyway, she lets herself fall into that weird mass of limbs and some pull Tris on her feet. She’s all like “when can I go again” and everyone laughs.

The next to come is Uriah who screams and flails his arms. A much normal reaction.

“He sounds like a strangled cat,” I say. […] I feel a twinge of guilt for teasing Uriah when he can’t hear me, but I would have said the same thing if he were standing here. I hope.

Tris, greatest friend ever!

Shauna tells her they can’t call her “Stiff” anymore, thus Tris was accepted among them. Easy, right? All she had to was zip line.

They return and walk into the cafeteria and Tris feels Dauntless. She sees Will, Al and Christina, gaping at her.

I didn’t think about them when I accepted Uriah’s invitation. In a way, it is satisfying to see stunned looks on their faces. But I don’t want them to be upset with me either.

Greatest friend ever again! Christina asks her where she was, and Tris tells some stupid lie, hoping they don’t notice. Because she probably got good at lying at her second try, like she does with everything. Al informs she missed Christina almost punching an Erudite asking for opinions about the Abnegation leadership. Evil Erudite, asking people for opinions. People don’t have opinions in this society, they all agree Abnegation is the best.

If I smile enough, maybe I can make them forget their jealousy, or hurt, or whatever is brewing behind Christina’s eyes.

I think smiling like a moron at her will annoy Christina even further, Tris.

“While you were off having fun, I was doing the dirty work of defending your old faction, eliminating interfaction conflict…”

Yep, you can eliminate conflict by causing more conflict. The logic in this book is…

Will launches into the story, but Tris being the best friend ever tunes him out while thinking about her day and how she has to survive the next phase.

Yes, I lied in my opening line. The Dauntless prove once again how reckless and stupid they are. Other than that, this chapter felt more like a filler.


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