Revenge 3×09 – Surrender (mini review)

How things went for Emily this week? Well, some went good, others not. Some of the highlights:

– Opening scene: Emily and Daniel taking photos for a photo spread in Voulez. I kind of feel sorry for Daniel because he’s almost always the victim. Anyway he doesn’t want to share the news of Emily’s pregnancy because he doesn’t want to overshadow her day

– Conrad trying to stop Victoria interfering in Daniel’s life. Yeah, it’s not going to be that easy

– Lydia throwing Victoria’s clothes on the window. Priceless. Apparently, Victoria saved Lydia’s life and made her hide. Interesting twist

– Lydia pushing Emily so she falls and Daniel yelling at his mom that Emily is pregnant. So much for keeping a secret, Daniel. There is so much hate on Victoria’s face when she hears the happy news.

– Conrad falling for Time’s magazine scheduling an interview with him the next day. Dude, I know your ego is huge, but any respectable magazine will take some time to arrange an interview

– Love the talks Emily has with Nolan and Aiden

“Whatcha think she wants this time?” – Aiden
“What every pretty blonde who comes to the Hamptons wants. Revenge.” – Nolan

– The conversation between Daniel and Charlotte was heartwarming as Charlotte figured out how much her actions hurt Daniel.

– Conrad trying to charm Lydia, even though he almost killed her (indirectly)

– Charlotte coming to apologize to Emily. Aw, that was nice. I didn’t really liked scheming Charlotte

– Lydia crawling back to Conrad after Margaux ditched her.

– Daniel letting go of Sarah. I wonder if we will she her again

– AIDEN PROPOSING! Here’s a video to gush over:

– Also, Nolan making sure they are distant cousins in the “system”, so he could visit them.

– Lydia finding that picture of Emily at the New Years Eve party. Uh oh. That will be bad

– Victoria uninviting herself from the wedding. Even worse. I wonder how she will get Victoria to come.

Next week is wedding week and midseason finale! Although I’m pretty sure it will end with Emily shot and we’ll have to wait a lot until the next episode.