Divergent Recap – Chapter 19

In which there isn’t much happening except me being bored…

I think this chapter could have been easily erased and no one would have ever cared. But it’s in this book and I have to read it. Tris is walking in the bedroom and sees a bunch of initiates gathered around Peter who is reading an excerpt from a newspaper.

Guess what he’s reading? Duh, a piece about Abnegation and the children who left the faction. You remember there was a mention of Christina beating an Erudite reporter. And you know how Molly wanted revenge. And she did that by declaring to the reporter how Tris was probably abused as she talks in her sleep, asking her father to stop. You know what. This is so lame. I got the idea that Molly was probably as evil as Peter, but from what she did she seems more petty and immature. Stop confusing me, book! Yet another reason for this chapter to be in the trash pile.

Anyway, Tris gets upset and some people look at her with pity. Others are just smirking. She just wants to get the paper from Peter, but he continues reading.

“However, perhaps the answer lies not in a morally bereft man, but in the corrupted ideals of an entire faction. Perhaps the answer is that we have entrusted our city to a group of proselytizing tyrants who do not know how to lead us out of poverty and into prosperity.”

Book, if you’re talking about poverty you should fucking show me that. I mean, they have food every day, they can buy clothes when they want, they can get tattoos, they have a lot of guns and bullets they can practice with. They have buses, trains and fields growing food. Heck, Tris was even talking they had a fireplace in her house which they used, so they have enough wood to spare for something extremely inefficient. Fuck, they use an emergency powered elevator just to have fun. Where’s the poverty? They are actually wasteful if you ask me. The only poor people are the factionless.

Tris gets angry and wants to snatch the paper from Peter’s hands, but he holds it too high for her. She stomps on his feet and then wants to hit Molly, but Will gets a hold of her and drags her outside.

My breaths come fast, and I struggle to grab the paper before anyone can read another word of it. I have to burn it; I have to destroy it; I have to.

Yay for the freedom of the press. Honestly, that piece is more of an opinion piece. And the fact is that a lot of the Abnegation children are leaving the faction whatever she likes it or not. And I love how poor they are and they can just burn paper instead of recycling it.

Will urges her to calm down, she’s yelling “No. It’s my faction they are thrashing” and he is very rational and reminds her it’s her old faction.

“Were you even listening?” The heat in my cheeks is gone, and my breaths are more even now. “Your stupid ex-faction isn’t just insulting Abnegation anymore. They’re calling for an overthrow of the entire government.”


You didn’t just say that

Beatrice, there is a long way from “Maybe they aren’t as good leaders as they thought” to “LET’S OVERTHROW THE MOTHERFUCKERS!” Loooong way! Will says that the Erudite are arrogant and dull and they want just to get more say because the Abnegation refuses to listen to them. What Will says makes sense. The Abnegation are awful at governing. And at raising children. See Tris. I’m pretty sure that the Erudite are trying to overthrow the Abnegation, even though nothing points at that, except Tris saying that. Because that’s how stupid this book is.

“They don’t want people to listen, they want people to agree,” I reply. “And you shouldn’t bully people into agreeing you.” [AN: the paragraph ends with a Caleb jab]

Well, why did you want to start a brawl in the dormitory if bullying is so evil, Tris? Anyway, Christina and Al emerge from the dormitory and they all go to the tattoo parlor.

Tris gets another tattoo, the Dauntless seal (a circle with a flame inside) on her shoulder. Because tattoos are part of the Dauntless lifestyle. She starts enjoying Christina’s makeover attempts. Will cannot believe Tris got another tattoo because she’s so sensible and I’m thinking when was she ever sensible? We find out that Will’s fear was too much acid, and he doesn’t explain it because Tris doesn’t give a shit about that. Amazing friend!

“It’s really fascinating how it all works,” he says. “It’s basically a struggle between your thalamus, which is producing the fear, and your frontal lobe, which makes decisions. But the simulation is all in your head, so even though you feel like someone is doing it to you, it’s just you, doing it to yourself and…”

And the stupidity gets worse and worse. You suck at science, Veronica Roth! I can understand the appeal to introduce something scientific especially in a dystopian novel, but make sure you really understand what you’re saying and you are not just throwing stupid shit on a paper after a 5 minute search. And you don’t understand it, keep it vague. Does Collins starts explaining various stuff like how the arena works or the hovercrafts? No. It’s all very vague and that doesn’t subtract from the story. Here’s an article on how fear works if you’re interested. Also, is it a simulation? Because in the previous chapter it’s a hallucination. Totally different things.

At a glance, Al seems happy, but there is something heavy about even his smiles. I am worried about him.

Foreshadowing? If you are such a good friend, Tris, why don’t you ask him what’s wrong with him?

They pass the chasm where Four is laughing and probably drunk. The others are talking about how Four is scary because he put the gun up to Peter’s head. He’s more like a jerk with no respect for safety. Four notices Tris and comes to her to the surprise of her friends. Remember that she had a makeover earlier and he says she looks different. She asks what is he doing there.

“Flirting with death,” he replies with a laugh. “Drinking near the chasm. Probably not a good idea.”
“No, it isn’t.” I’m not sure I like Four this way. There’s something unsettling about it.

Well, he seems unstable to me. You should walk away, Tris, but you’re probably just as unstable as him. He remarks that she has a tattoo and emphasis the words “crows” in “the crows.” What? I thought that the crows didn’t mean anything. Now they mean? Fuck you, book.

His breath smells thick and sharp. Like the factionless man’s breath.

How attractive. Also, the Abnegation gives booze to the factionless? No wonder they are shitty leaders.

He says he would ask her to hang with him, but she isn’t supposed to see him like that and she’s self-deprecating thinking he wants that because of the booze. Then he whispers something in her ear and it’s supposed to be romantic, but I cannot stop thinking she compared him to a factionless. What? Factionless is worse than death. At least, this is what the book keeps repeating.

Al comes to rescue her by throwing her over his shoulder. Because Al is jealous. Her friends ask her what was that about and she lies again, elbowing Will to keep his mouth shut because he was next to her and heard the whole conversation. Tris doesn’t want Al to know, so he won’t feel worse. But she’s not like actively trying to make him feel better either.

And the chapter ends with a nugget of Tris’s wisdom: “Peace is restrained; this is free.” I don’t even want to comment on this bullshit. Until tomorrow.


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