Parenthood – 5×10 – All That’s Left Is the Hugging (mini review)

One of my favorite tv shows returned yesterday before another 3-week hiatus, and this is what happened:

– Christina and Adam fighting with cake while Max was stuffing with cake. LOL. It was nice to see them readjusting to the family life. And Adam taking Christina to chunk eggs at a billboard Bob Little was just what she needed.

– Julia and Joel agree to try and patch things up. So, the next day, Joel comes earlier for dinner and makes pizzas. Sydney talking about a friend’s parents divorce really hit a nerve because of one of those parents was Ed. Julia is then OCD and not returning Ed’s calls. Finally, she goes to see them and tell him to stop contacting her.

“Pretending you’re happy is almost worse than being miserable.” – Ed

I actually agree with that. Pretending just makes you more and more miserable. Anyway, Julia gives him a hug and they end up kissing. And then, Julia just runs.

– Sarah hooks up with her annoying tenant. Of course, Sarah is all awkward after that.

– I liked the discussions Adam and Crosby had with Amber. They were so concerned for her safety, while trying not to scare her. I really sorry for Amber ‘cuz she really thought this time, Ryan has changed, and all things will be better. Hell, I thought that too. The conversation between them was pretty emotional. Good for Amber for taking time off to think. Amber goes to talk with her mom about what happened, and Sarah was really great, giving her strength and all. Amazing scene.

– Drew finds out Natalie’s also seeing other guys.

“Hey, come on. I’m offering you no-strings-attached noncommittal sex here. It’s like Christmas came early.” – Natalie

I have to agree with Drew’s roommate: that’s a sure way to get a STD. Of course, Drew goes to talk to Crosby about this, and Crosby doesn’t see a problem. He actually encourages Drew to sleep around, experience because that’s the time for that. So, Drew decides to set some rules. And that kind of blows up in his face.

– Ryan goes to Zeek to talk about the fight. This gave us a very good glimpse of what is happening with Ryan. It seems like the guy is stuck between 2 worlds: the military and the civilian and didn’t really choose which one he wants.

– Oh my, the last conversation between Amber and Ryan was so crushing. And Ryan chose the chicken way out by enlisting again, instead of staying and trying to figure out life. Poor Amber, how long until she’ll be happy again?

– WHAT? Drew’s ex-girlfriend, Amy, came to see him! I actually liked her and I like her better than Natalie for sure.

No promo yet :(. But I read that John Corbett (Seth, Sarah’s ex-husband) and Jason Ritter (Mark) will be returning later this season. So, I’m intrigued.