Divergent Recap – Chapter 20

In which we find out what Divergence really is…

Ha, you probably believed me for a second. But it is a Divergent-centered chapter.

Tris has to go through another simulation (ok, so you’re sticking with simulation, book). We find out that the last simulation gave her and everyone else nightmares and episodes of terror and Tris concluded she’s afraid of terror and helplessness. Uhm, terror is defined as intense fear, so she’s basically saying her fear is fear. And helplessness is a feeling that usually accompanies fear and stops you from acting. This girl is not fit for Erudite at all. I would say she’s afraid either of pain or death. Or both. 

In this simulation she finds herself standing in darkness. “

“What monsters will creep from the darkness and steal my rationality?”

Honey, your reason is long, long gone. There’s no need for monsters “to steal’ it. Blue orbs start lighting up and she finds herself in the Pit, close to the chasm and surrounded by stone-still initiates. And she is trapped in a sealed glass box which starts filling with water. I would again say this is fear of death.

I stare at Christina. She leans over to Peter, who stands beside her, and whispers something in his ear. They both laugh.

*gasps* Don’t tell me book, Christina will be evil too? The water level is rising rapidly and Tris is banging the glass in hope it will break out. Of course, it doesn’t break so she starts screaming for help. She spots Will in the crowd of initiates and remembers that he said the simulation is all in their heads. And because of that, she figures she can control the simulation. That sounds an awful lot like lucid dreaming. Which is kind of easy to do. I started doing it as a kid because of my nightmares. The hard part is controlling the dream without waking up and you can’t really sustain lucid dreaming for long periods of time. Anyway, Tris manages to break the glass and wakes up.

Four is staring at her and asks her how she did that and she’s like “I don’t know.” Well, stupid, you just said in your head that the simulation is not real and you can control it. Four drags her to the dormitory, but she stops at some point down the hallway. Four informs her she’s Divergent and she panics because she doesn’t know what she did that made him figure out. I don’t know either because I don’t know what Divergent is. So, she tries to act casual and ask what’s that.

“Don’t play stupid,” he says. “I suspected it last time, but this time it’s obvious. You manipulated the simulation; you’re Divergent. I’ll delete the footage, but unless you want to wind up dead at the bottom of the chasm, you’ll figure out how to hide it during the simulations! Now, if you’ll excuse me.”

Yeah, I’m not sure how he suspected it last time in the crows simulations where she didn’t manipulate anything. But, man, is he a world-class jerk or what? He doesn’t even bother to explain what Divergent means or how the fuck is he supposed to hide it. And he’s the one pissed off. My reaction to him would be a punch in the gut, a “fuck you” and then hold him down until he explained. Tris is confused by his behavior and she decides to look for answer. About time, Tris. Also, deleting the footage will not draw suspicion at all. Not after her aptitude test result was logged manually. *shakes head*

She goes to Tori’s tattoo parlor and they go in the back of the store to talk. I don’t know why, but I’m starting to imagine this Dauntless compound as a big stone mall. Probably because there are so little descriptions. Anyway, Tris goes for the 1-million dollar question.

Among other things, you… you are someone who is aware, when they are in a simulation, that what they are experiencing is not real,” she says. “Someone who can then manipulate the simulation or even shut it down. And also…” She leans forward and looks into my eyes. “Someone who, because you are also Dauntless…tends to die.”

OMG, this book takes repetition at a whole new level. There is absolutely nothing new in this sentences compared with what Four said. NOTHING! I want to know the other things, not the thing I already know.

Tris asks if she’s going to die and Tori responds that they will only if they discover you. Why are they killing Divergent people? Fuck knows. Tris thinks she must be crazy, because there are no murders, because that’s what the factions are for. I don’t even…

We find out that Tori’s brother was Divergent, and both of them transferred from Erudite. There are a lot of people of transferred in this book. I thought it wasn’t something common. Anyway, her brother was found dead in the chasm and they said it was suicide, but it wasn’t. Because her brother was doing well, had a girlfriend, was happy.

“You have a brother, right? Don’t you think you would know if he was suicidal?”

You might not know. There are people who can hide very well their depressions and look that they’re happy. Some people call it “smiling depression”. You can’t possible know what’s through a person’s head just by looking at it. Depression has more to do with internal thoughts of being worthless than with external behavior.

Let’s continue. Apparently, her brother became very good in the second phase of the training and said the simulation weren’t scarring him, so more people came to see his simulations. Tris thinks about how she could be good at simulation, but will she?

“Is that all it is?” I say. “Just changing the simulations?”
“I doubt it,” she says, “but that’s all I know.”

I hate this book.

Why is this book so bad?

Tori tells her there are 2 kinds of people who know about Divergence: people who want to kill the Divergent, people who experienced it directly or indirectly. So, where does that leave Four? I’m guessing he’s also Divergent. I’m guessing everyone is Divergent actually if all they have to do is control the simulation.

Tris doesn’t understand why the Dauntless leaders want the Divergent dead, and Tori doesn’t know the answer, but she thinks there is something more. No shit, Sherlock.

“Think about this,” she says. “These people taught you how to use a gun. They taught you how to fight. You think they’re above  hurting you? Above killing you?”

Taught is not the word you’re looking for.

Are the chapters becoming increasingly dull? Don’t answer that, because I might feel tempted to drink before reading.


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