Divergent Recap – Chapter 21

In which Four sweeps in and saves the day…

Yesterday I almost choked on a calamari ring and it was a very traumatic experience as I imagined the calamari coming alive and trying to strangle me from the inside of my throat. I know, it was weird. My anxiety kicked in, but I managed to swallow the calamari and not die. After that, I didn’t feel like reading anything about Tris and risk getting annoyed about how little this book understands about fear, so me and my boyfriend watched a Korean movie, A Tale of Two Sisters. Movie I totally recommend. End of my rant.

Tris is walking around the compound thinking about the last 4 days since she spoke with Tori. Can you believe we didn’t get one chapter for each day? I’m so shocked. Especially since this phase of training is supposed to be so traumatic. During those 4 days, the Erudite managed to release another 2 articles about Abnegation: one in which they accuse Abnegation for withholding luxuries from the other factions, and another in which they question why should the Abnegation be the only one ruling the other faction, instead of having a democracy. The latter makes sense. Why don’t they have a democracy?

It makes a lot of sense, which makes me suspect it is a call for revolution wrapped in the clothing of rationality.

The only one talking about a revolution is you, Tris. There is nothing else to indicate that. But our heroine is god and knows everything that is going to happen.

She goes to sit in the net she jumped when she first got here. She wants to be alone, even though her friends were super nice to her and tried to cheer her after those articles. But she wants to remember why she came here.

In the past four days, I faced four fears. In one, I was tied to a stake and Peter set a fire beneath my feet. In another I was drowning again, this time in the middle of the ocean as the water raged around me. In the third, I watched as my family slowly bled to death. And in the fourth, I was held at gunpoint and forced to shoot them. I know what fear is now.

Let’s rehash. Fear of dying, fear of dying, fear of losing a loved one, fear of dying and losing a loved one. This are actually 2 fears. And she says all of this so matter of fact-ly, I doubt she even cares. She remember the night she jumped (she was the one who antagonized Peter that night, throwing her shirt at him) and how she was already Dauntless just waiting to reveal herself. Tris reflecting on stuff is boring.

Fast forwards to the next day after Tris was again in a simulation with her family. She seems surprisingly calm about it. They talk about how she misses her family and Four reveals that he doesn’t miss his family. Hint hint. She’s wondering if he’s Divergent. Yes, it seems like Divergents keep popping around. In the end, it will be something like “oh, but everyone is Divergent actually.” Anyway, there is a long look between them and finally, Tris leaves, scolding herself for being so distracted by Four.

The simulations should disturb me more; they should break my mind, as they have been doing to most of the other initiates. Drew doesn’t sleep – he just stares at the wall, curled in a ball. Al screams every night from his nightmares and cries into his pillow. My nightmares and chewed fingernails pale by comparison.

We get it, you’re a sociopath and proud of it, Tris. I know this is supposed to show how different Tris is, but all of them know that the simulations aren’t real and therefore they could assert control. Their brain in the midst of all fear would remind them of this fact and that will help settle the physiological reaction.

She gets to the dormitory and sees that everybody is gathered around Eric who is going to reveal the ranks for stage two. Oh, so we’re done with stage two already? Apparently, there aren’t any cuts after stage two because it probably doesn’t suit the almost nonexistent storyline of this book.

Guess who’s first? Yep, you ultra special main character, Tris. This time, there aren’t only name listed, but also their times just to show us how special Tris is and make the other characters hate her. She actually thinks how much Peter and his cronies are gonna hate her now. Christina and Will are 7th and 9th, and Al is the last one as expected.

Peter slams her against a wall, because he cannot be outranked by a Stiff and demands to know how she did it. Will helps her, but then this book takes a shit turn.

“Leave her alone,” he says. “Only a coward bullies a little girl.”
“A little girl?” scoffs Peter, throwing off Will’s hand. “Are you blind, or just stupid? She’s going to edge you out of the rankings and out of Dauntless, and you’re going to get nothing, all because she knows how to manipulate people and you don’t. So when you realize that she’s out to ruin us all, you let me know.”

I thought that there were 10 places for initiates. So, Tris doing well doesn’t mean she’s outranking the rest of them. There are still 9 fucking spots. And how exactly is she manipulative? Is he implying that Four is helping her? Or what? This paragraph makes no sense.

Peter leaves the dormitory, followed by Molly and Peter who look disgusted for a reason. She thanks Will, but he asks her if Peter is right and she’s trying to manipulate them. So, apparently she’s manipulating them to get a better rank.

“By acting weak so we pity you? And then acting tough to psyche us out?”

NO SENSE AT ALL? Did I miss the part where the simulation are a team activity and one’s behavior affects all of his/her team rankings? Did I miss that? No, I didn’t think so. Then Christina chimes in by saying Tris is not acting, and looks at Tris without any sympathy. Huh? Shit turn as I said. Will and Christina leave.

Al is there looking like hell and Tris asks him if he’s all right. She tries to encourage him, but doesn’t know what to say as usual.

There is no strategy for stage two. It reaches deep into the heart of who we are and tests whatever courage is there.

There is no strategy, except there is one: think that the simulation is not real. But this is meant to say “look how courageous Tris is.” Al tells her that everything is easy for her and she isn’t helping pretending that it’s not. Of course, our emotionally stunted heroine doesn’t know what to say, so Al start crying.

This time, I did not know what to do. Have I lost the ability to see what people need? Have I lost part of myself?

Dude, you never knew what people needed.

Anyway, she wanders around and some of the Dauntless-born initiates find her. Uriah wanted to congratulate her, since he figured her friends weren’t so happy with her now. How did he know? Well, I guess the author whispered in his ear. She goes with them because they are going to do something extremely mature. Shooting a muffin off Marlene’s head. Because they had so much gun training, they couldn’t possible kill her or something.

They go into the training room where they learned to shoot and there a bunch of guns lying around. Not loaded, as Uriah mentions. But they are actually toy guns because they shoot plastic pellets. So, they can’t kill her, but they might leave her eyeless. But of course, that doesn’t happen. There’s some talk about how different are Eric and Four. Boring. They are found by Four, Zeke and Shauna who tell them they shouldn’t be there after hours. Of course, this gives Four an opportunity to assure Tris that she belongs with the Dauntless. Like she needed that, really. There’s some romance stuff as she takes his hand and holds it for a bit, and then she runs from him. Does anyone feel like these scenes were just randomly thrown in? I mean, I don’t feel a natural progression to their relationship.

She returns to the dormitory and she pretends to be asleep because she doesn’t need anyone. Yeah, right. There some angst about wanting them to be their friends. Well, if she wanted to patch things with them, she could have done that. After everyone is in bed and probably sleeping, she goes to the bathroom for some water and SURPRISE, she overhears Eric talking with someone. Because Eric’s gonna have a super secret conversation close to the initiates dormitory. Are you fucking kidding me, book? I hate this book because it’s like the main character has no agency. It’s mostly stuff happening to her. She doesn’t actively pursue anything. It’s like she has no personality.

Eric is talking with a woman. An evil woman as her voice is cold. She tells him that the simulations reveal who the Divergent rebels are. Oh, G-d. Why the fuck are they rebels? I mean, rebel means someone who chooses to rise against a government or ruler. The Divergent are born that way, so they have no choice. Or I was lead to believe that. *sighs heavily* Eric is in charge of finding them. Well, stupid book, if Eric is in charge, why doesn’t he directly oversee the simulation? Especially if this is his “first priority.”

Tris wants to see who is talking to, but SURPRISE someone grabs her, puts a hand over her mouth and ties a dark cloth over her eyes. EVIL PETER IN ACTION. With 2 other people, one of which is huge. Hint hint. Yep, it’s Al who have gone from crying his eyes out to kidnapping people. I bet the third one is Drew. They drag her to the chasm and push her slightly over the railing.

A heavy hand gropes along my chest. “You sure you’re sixteen, Stiff? Doesn’t feel like you’re more than twelve.” The other boys laugh.

Uhm, why is this book resorting to sexual assault? I know Peter is evil, it’s drilled in my brains by now, but I thought he wanted revenge, not some groping. Also, I get that she has small boobs, but that doesn’t make her a child. There are people who ship Petris if you believe that. Because sexual assault is so hot.

Al tells Peter to stop and she lets her slide down. She bites someone and of course they start hitting her. She manages to get her blindfold off and sees someone running towards them, and Al running away.

Peter wraps a hand around my throat and lifts me up, his thumb wedged under my chin. His hair, which is usually shiny and smooth, is tousled and sticks to his forehead. His pale face is contorted and his teeth are gritted, and he holds me over the chasm as spots appear on the edges of my vision, crowding around his face, green and pink and blue.

Hell yeah, that’s more like the Peter I know. But he doesn’t finish the job. He releases her and she manages to grab the railing while someone kicks Drew’s and Peter’s asses. Four who probably had insomnia and was walking around waiting to save a damsel in distress. The chapter ends with Four pulling her up from the railing into his arms.

Imagine the cat is Four and the other guys are Peter&Drew

Yeah, I can’t explain why I included this gif.


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