Divergent Recap – Chapter 25

In which we find out who Four is… Like we didn’t know

Will, Tris, and Christina are standing close to the chasm. They all got new tattoos because… dunno, Tris is a bad ass. A stupid one as she tattooed the symbol of Abnegation on her right shoulder. She won’t be able to wear sleeveless tops now. Tris stands where Al stood and wonders how he felt. Pretty shitty if you ask me. They aren’t there to think about Al, but to throw papers which contained Erudite reports. Yes, you read that right. Tris hates the truth or something.

Tris asks Will if he ever met Jeanine. Of course, Tris comments on the fact he doesn’t shred the papers with malice as Christina. So, that probably means he believes what his old faction says. I guess that makes him a bad friend in Tris’s eyes.

“Before she was a leader, she worked with my sister. They were trying to develop a longer-lasting serum for the simulations,” he says. “Jeanine’s so smart you can see it even before she says anything. Like…a walking, talking computer.”

Pink Floyd Facepalm

This is how I feel

I have 4 issues with that quote. 1) How does the whole faction leadership work? We never see the Dauntless leaders, except for evil Eric, and for all we know he does nothing. 2) I thought there was no time constraint on the serum as the subjects had to lower their heart rate to get out of the simulation. 3) Intelligence is shown through a person’s way of talking and behaving. You can’t see if a person is intelligent just by staring at him/her. 4) WTF???? How can she compare intelligent people to computers!? Computers are by definition dumb, they just churn millions of instructions per second. Someone intelligent has to write those instructions, otherwise the computer is just a piece of worthless junk. Did Roth ever heard about software developers/engineers, programmers, or coders? I don’t think so.

Tris asks Will what he thinks about the things Jeanine says. And he responds that maybe it would be a good idea to have more than one faction governing. No shit, Sherlock. And that maybe it would be nice to have more cars & fresh fruit. Well, stop making booze if you want fresh fruits. There, problem solved.

“You do realize there’s no secret warehouse where all that stuff is kept, right?”

Actually, I think there is a magical warehouse where things just appear for this stupid people to use. This world has no economy. The worldbuilding just sucks. Sorry, my mistake. There is no wordlbuilding for it to suck.

Christina intervenes before things get heated between Will and Tris.

“Will and Christina share a lot of idle touches lately. I’ve noticed it. Have they?”

Well, why don’t you talk with Christina about it as a friend? Oh, I forgot, Tris, you don’t care about other people.

To show that Will is a true friend (or something), he says he kind of hates Jeanine because of the things she said about Tris’s father. Which nobody thought it was cool to share with us. Why is it not mentioned? This gives Tris the opportunity to drone on about the revolution Jeanine is planning, Tris being the only one who talked about this revolution. Because, gosh, she’s so smart, she just figures things based on nothing.

Tris sees Four climbing towards the glass building. So, she goes after him, her friends going to the dormitory. She tries to be stealthy as a ninja.

Through the windows I see the city lights, glowing now but petering out even as I look at them. They are supposed to turn off at midnight?

Why? You probably have a magic power station in addition to the magical warehouse. But, let me guess, the lights are from the evil Erudite studying?

Anyway, Four’s destination is the fear landscape room. He noticed her and says she can go into his fear landscape.

“The serum connects you to the program,” he says ,”but the program determines whose landscape you go through. And right now, it’s set to put us through mine.”

Troll science at its best.

There are some things he wants to show her. He brought two syringes, so they inject each other with the magical serum. I think I’m going to call all the things in this book magical. It makes more sense if we think of this book as fantasy. Shitty fantasy.

He knew that I would follow him up here. Knew, or hope. Either way is fine with me.

He’s manipulative and she’s all “oh, please, Four, manipulate me more. I like it.” I just love the messages this book is sending. So, remember guys, no love is true without abusive behavior. Huh, guess I have a new rule.

They go together in the room, holding hands. And he says “See if you can figure out why they call me Four.” Geez, thanks again for the sledgehammer approach. He has four fears, right? Tris asks what’s his name and he’s all like “figure that too.”

The simulation starts. Four’s first fear is the fear of heights. So, they are standing on a tall building.

I haven’t seen a blue sky in a long time, […]

You zip-lined a week ago, Tris. Brain damaged, much?

Four confirms they have to jump. Or, you could just slow down your heart rate, idiot. Because you said that there were two ways to advance the simulation. They jump, the simulation continue with his second fear, fear of confinement. Walls are closing in on them, so they found themselves in an awkward embrace.

“Can he tell that I’m still built like a child?”

*weeps* I just can’t…

Tris figures out the only way to face this fear is to make the space smaller, therefore they have to crouch. Now they are even more closer.

“The simulation measures your fears response,” I say softly […]. “So, if you can calm your heartbeat down, it will move on to the next one. Remember? So try to forget that we’re here.”

So, the crouching didn’t work. How convenient for you to remember that, Tris. She guides his hand to her chest to feel how steady her heartbeat, but, whoops, it’s fast. And she admits that it isn’t because of the box. Then she asks him from where does his fear of confinement come.

“This one if from my fantastic childhood. Childhood punishments. The tiny closet upstairs.”
I press my lips. I remember being punished — sent to my room without dinner, deprived of this or that, firm scoldings.

The Erudite were right. The Abnegation abuse their children. So, what were those untrue reports, Tris?

He doesn’t want to talk about that anymore, so he asks her why is her heart racing. Like you don’t know the answer, Four. Then he asks her if he would be in her fear landscape. WTF? That’s so hot, your soon-to-be girlfriend being afraid of you. She says she’s not afraid, and he tells her that’s not what he meant.

He starts laughing and the walls break. He tells her she’s a terrible liar. She’s like “ow, the aptitude test ruled that out.” Apparently, the aptitude test shows nothing and Tris hopes Four will reveal he’s Divergent. But, it’s next to the third fear where a woman points a gun to them. I’m guessing the woman is his mother. And he shoots her. No biggie. Tris doesn’t get it why he wasn’t more panicked.

The last fear is…. DING DING DING… Marcus. And finally, Tris figures out that Four is Tobias, Marcus’s son. Who is just two years older than her. Yeah, I know, people change so much, I hardly recognize my college mates. Apparently, Marcus used to beat Tobias with a belt for his own good. And then a dozen Marcuses appear.

The Erudite accused Marcus of cruelty.For once the Erudite were right.

Actually, they appear to be mostly right.

Tobias is frozen, one of the Marcuses strikes with the belt, but Tris takes the hit and pulls the belt out of Marcus’s hand. She strikes Marcus, Marcus wants to jump at her, but Tobias comes between them. He’s angry, so the simulation vanishes. Because he only had four fears.

Tobias looks at her in awe. He hugs her and kisses her cheek, and she hugs him back after a second.

“You got me through it,” he says finally.

Didn’t he had to go through this alone at some point?

I try to ignore  the nervous electricity that pulses through me every second he touches me.

Electricity strikes again. And it’s the nervous, pulsing one.

Finally, the chapter ends with Four wanting to show her something else.