Divergent Recap – Chapter 27

In which Four proves once again he’s a jerk…

The next morning, Tris is very happy and keeps smiling.

I let my hair hang loose and abandon my uniform of loose shirts in favor of one that cuts across my shoulders, revealing my tattoos.

Remember, people, she has an Abnegation tattoo on one of her shoulders. I don’t think this book remembers.

Christina wonders why is Tris in a good mood, but it’s not like Tris is going to share. They go to the dining hall where Tris is going to see Tobias. She sits next to Uriah, across Will and Christina. Uhm, why isn’t Uriah staying with his Dauntless-born friends? There’s a sit to Tris’s left and she wonders if Tobias will sit there. Probably not. 

Then he walks in. His hair is shorter, and it looks darker this way, almost black. It’s Abnegation short, I realize. I smile at him and lift my hand to wave him over, but he sits down next to Zeke without even glancing in my direction, so I let my hand drop.

And Eric comes behind her to ask her what’s with that tattoo on her shoulder. I’m kidding. So, Four ignores her. Probably for her own good or something. He should have told her that they are dating in secret or something. Even though it’s kind of obvious because his her instructor. But still, he should have spell it out for her. She thinks that maybe he changed his mind about liking her.

They are going to go through an instructor’s landscape. Christina hopes it’s Four landscape because she would like to know his fears. But Tris tells her it won’t be his landscape, and Tris knows it all.

Lauren, the instructor of the Dauntless-born initiates, tells them about her fears and that the average number of fears is from ten to fifteen. Nice to finally have a number. She also tells them the lowest number someone got in the last years is four.

I knew that four was a low number, low enough to merit a nickname, but I didn’t know it was less than half the average.

Really? I got the impression you knew the last chapter, Tris, but didn’t feel like sharing.

Each of t/hem is going to go through one of Lauren’s fears to get a sense of how the simulation works. Well, they did go through the aptitude test and the other fear simulations, so they should have a pretty good idea how these things work. So, it makes no sense for them to go through an instructor’s landscape. Tris is assigned kidnapping.

Because I’m not hooked up to the computer as I wait, I can’t watch the simulation, only the person’s reaction to it.

Uhm, doesn’t the magical computer have a magical screen where you could see what’s going on in the subject’s head? It use to have when Four watched Tris during the simulation and erased a recording. Also, why do they have to physically move while in the simulation?

Tris goes through the kidnapping. And loses it badly, because it reminds her of the time Al, Peter and Drew took her to the chasm. Apparently, she has nightmares of that night. Thanks, book, for telling us she has nightmares now. The kidnapping happened 3 days ago and there was no mention about a nightmare about it. The only dream she mentioned was the one with the boiling crow. It’s unbelievable she will lose it so badly, after she breezed through the other simulations.

Four stops the simulation. Why? I thought they had to stay in it until they calm themselves. He didn’t stop the simulation the first she went through it and she was screaming for help.

My body shakes, and I drop to my knees, pressing my hands to my face. I just failed. I lost all logic, I lost all sense. Lauren’s fear transformed into one of my own.
And everyone saw me. Tobias saw me.

If I was the evil Peter, this is the moment I would have gone to Eric and told him that the first ranked initiate couldn’t go through the simulation. It’s fishy.

Tobias drags her up and asks her what was that.

“Get yourself together! This is pathetic.”
Something within me snaps. My tears stop. Heat races through my body, driving the weakness out of me, and I smack him so hard my knuckles burn with the impact. He stares at me, one side of his face bright with blush-blood, and I stare back.

Welcome back, Tris, with your “violence solves everything” responses! The reason why Four is a jerk is because this public humiliation was uncalled for. There was no reason to stop the simulation and calling her pathetic in front of everyone. But, maybe that’s a form of foreplay: “you humiliate me, I smack you.” Not healthy at all and might I say, abusive. This is a horrible relationship.

The chapter ends with Tris storming out.