Divergent Recap – Chapter 29

It’s new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s Divergent recap time…

It’s initiation day and Tris remembers about Abnegation’s initiation. The Abnegation initiates, after spending 30 days doing good deeds or something, sit on a bench while someone reads the Abnegation manifesto about forgetting oneself. And then the older members wash the feet of the initiates. Uhm, so Abnegation is the last relic of Christianity? That would have been interesting to explore, but of course, this book doesn’t do that. It just throws stuff like this at you for the LULZ.

Of course, the Dauntless do it differently. Guess what they do on initiation day? Think back at Al’s funeral. Yes, you got it, they drink. I’m starting to believe they are alcoholics or something. That’s so great to have guards/army with drinking problems. 

On the way I see someone fall off the path on the Pit wall and, judging by his screams and the way he grabs at his leg, he broke something.

Yeah, Dauntless, don’t install railings. Just let people die or broke bones while intoxicated.

Tris went to the dining hall and took some food back to the dormitory. She’s questioning her faction choice because the food on her plate is similar to the food she used to eat at home. Everything else like Al’s death, Eric’s cruelty didn’t make her question her decision, but the food did. So great. I want a burger. Does that make me Dauntless or something?

I have to warn my family about the war the Erudite are planning, but I don’t know how. I will find a way, but not today. Today I have to focus on what awaits me. One thing at a time.

Remember how she said that everybody feared a new war? Everybody, except her probably, as initiation is much more important than preventing a fucking war. I’m going to ask again: why isn’t Tobias warning the Abnegation? And if Tris cared so much about her family, she would have left already.

She finishes eating and goes to sleep, even though the test is in two hours and someone is preparing a war. Honestly, how could she sleep? Oh, I forgot, she’s a sociopath. Christina wakes her up when it’s time to go.

The torture will be over soon, but can we forget the simulations? Will we ever sleep soundly again, with the memories of our fears in our heads? Or will we finally forget our fears today, like we’re supposed to?

Tris, you were just sleeping soundly, so don’t you dare talk about nightmares when you have none. Roth thinks the simulation and fear landscapes is exposure therapy. “Exposing someone to their fears or prior traumas without the client first learning the accompanying coping techniques — such as relaxation or imagery exercises — can result in a person simply being re-traumatized by the event or fear.” (source) Following this logic, the Dauntless should be just a bunch of highly traumatized people who never learned to cope with their fears.

I look up at the glass ceiling. I can’t see daylight because the soles of shoes cover every inch of glass above us. For a second I think I hear the glass creak, but it is my imagination.

How awesome would it be if the glass actually broke under the weight and all the heavy intoxicated Dauntless fell and broke their bones? Take that for a plot twist, book.

The crowd is watching some screens that show the current person (Marlene) in the landscape, her heartbeat and her time. They see only her reactions, not the actual simulation. That sounds so dull. Next to the fear landscape room, there is another room, where the Dauntless leaders are actually watching the simulations. Why do they get to watch it? To have blackmail material against the new initiates? And why do they need wires to watch? They could just watch what the magical computer records.

Uriah calls her from across the room where he sits with other Dauntless-born initiates. I don’t get why they are still separated. He says she can stay on his lap, but Tris refuses because she doesn’t want to make Tobias jealous. Why not? It’s not like those two have a normal relationship.

“Transfers, the order in which you go through the final test was taken from your rankings as they now stand,” Tobias says. “So Drew will go first, and Tris will go last.”

And that applies only to transfers? Because Marlene was ranked fourth, but was the last to go.

The transfers go in one by one, but Tris isn’t really watching them, only their times.

Speculating about which fears I will have to face, and how many there will be, is useless at this point. I just have to remember that I have the power to manipulate the simulations, and that I have practiced before.

I can speculate from your past simulations. Let me make an educated guess of her fears (although one fear appears in many forms): crows, drowning in a glass box, drowning in the middle of the ocean, Peter setting you on fire, someone making you kill your family, people kidnapping you. See, it wasn’t that hard.

Finally, Eric calls her and injects her with the orange serum. And that’s it. I have only 10 chapters left. Yay!