Divergent Recap – Chapter 31

In which Tris and Tobias talk about meaningless stuff while someone plans a war…

Yes, I’m going to keep hammering about that war because the book apparently forgot about it. Tris wakes up from the simulation, feeling relieved. She doesn’t understand how Tobias could go through the fear landscape during his free time. Dunno, maybe it’s because he wants to see his dead mother, assuming the women he’s killing is his mother.

Max, Eric, the rest of the leaders (I think) and Tobias come in and congratulate Tris for completing the final evaluation. But that doesn’t mean she’s in, right? They still have to rank them. But before she could go and get ready for the banquet, he must inject her with an orange-brown serum. Those Erudite are obsessed with orange serums.

“This will inject you with a tracking device that will be activated only if you are reported missing. Just a precaution.”
“How often do people go missing?” I ask, frowning.
“Not often.” Eric smirks. “This is a new development, courtesy of the Erudite. We have been injecting every Dauntless throughout the day, and I assume all other factions will comply as soon as possible.”

And the Abnegation, the government, approved this because…? No, really. Why waste a lot of resources, resources that the Abnegation distributes, in something that’s not beneficial for most of the population? Also, I still don’t get how this society has nanotechnology. It would be theoretically possible to have a nanobot that acts as a GPS tracker generating energy from food (glucose). But you would have to eat a lot. It would be more plausible to have an identification nanodevice and a network of scanners that register when a nanodevice is close. And it can be injected anywhere, not just in the neck. But, let me guess, it is not a tracking device, right?

Tris doesn’t want to be inject because everything coming from the Erudite is evil or something, but she can’t refuse and prove she’s disloyal, so she let’s Eric inject her. The silent leaders and Eric get out and Tobias wants Tris to follow him. He tells her he heard she only had seven fears which is impressive and she would probably ranked first. Let’s not forget our heroine is special, okay?

They go through the glass room where people congratulates Tris even though she wishes she could avoid them. I would avoid them, but mainly because they are drunk. I wonder how come there aren’t any fights. Tobias suggests she could stay with him until the banquet and she’s nervous. Remember the fear of sex that only kicked in during the simulation? Because she doesn’t want to be afraid of him she goes with him.

Back in his room, he asks if she’s okay and starts kissing her without waiting for an answer.

Heat spreads through me slowly. And fear, buzzing like an alarm in my chest.

I don’t like this part, mainly because it’s inconsistent with what happened in the previous chapters. Anyway, Tobias continues to kiss her and starts undressing her, and she pushes him away, almost crying. This not normal. Tobias asks what wrong, but she just shakes her head.

“Don’t tell it’s nothing.” His voice is cold. He grabs my arm. “Hey. Look at me.”

Acting like a jerk, will surely make her talk, Tobias. It’s not okay to get angry and pained when your girlfriend/boyfriend is distressed. It’s actually better to be calm and try to get to the bottom of it without physical aggression (maybe I’m overreacting here, but grabbing her arm is not a tender gesture). I know what you’ll say: “they are just teenagers.” I know. Still, there’s a legion of fangirls that say “oh, Four is the perfect boyfriend.” I’m pointing that he’s not.

Anyway, this makes Tris talks and says she doesn’t understand “what’s in it for” Tobias. Jizas, that sounds like a business transaction, not a relationship. If this is further proof that Tris is a sociopath, I accept it. And his answer is an insult: “You’re an idiot, Tris.” I can feel the love guys.

“I am not an idiot,” I say. “Which is why I know that it’s a little weird that, of all the girls you could have chosen, you chose me. So if you’re just looking for… um, you know… that…”

So, she’s insecure. But, they have been dating for what? Two days? These thoughts pop up later on, but now she should have like a lot of serotonin and endorphins, and she should just feel good. And she shouldn’t be thinking of sex after just 2 days. They should still be in the make out phase. I also don’t get why can’t she say “sex” and she has to say “that”. Like it’s something nasty or embarrassing and girls shouldn’t talk about it. I don’t remember a lot of sex discussions from when I was in high school, but I live in highly orthodox society with mandatory religion classes from the 1st grade to the last grade in high school, where someone tells you how premarital sex is a sin, sex for pleasure is a sin, masturbation is a sin, homosexuality is a disease that needs treatment and a lot of bullshit. You can opt out of this classes in high school, but you need a parent’s approval and a serious reason. So, in my society it made sense for girls not to really talk about sex. Even though, some would eventually do it and had to use emergency contraception (oh, the stories). But in Tris’s society, we don’t even know if sex is a tabboo or something. Maybe it was in her family, as they were Christian religious or something. Anyway, why don’t they have sex education in school? Putting teenagers together for initiation it is not the best idea in preventing pregnancies. There are a lot of secluded places in the Dauntless compound where two people could get it on.

“What? Sex?” He scowls at me. “You know, if that was all I wanted, you probably wouldn’t be the first person I would go to.”

Such a great. It’s like he’s saying “I’m not really attracted to you, Tris.” What every girl want to hear, am I right? She almost starts crying, but doesn’t because she’s not the crying type or yelling type and says she will leave. But Tobias doesn’t let her.

“I’m sorry I said that”,  he says. “What I meant was that you aren’t like that. Which I knew when I met you.”

First time he apologizes. Which would be progress if it wasn’t followed by something that sounds like “you’re not my first choice for sex, but you’re my first choice for love.” I know some of you might think that’s romantic, but I don’t want. What’s wrong with being the first choice for both sex and love?

Tris tells him he was an obstacle in her fear landscape and he’s hurt, but she explains she’s afraid of being with him because he’s older and more experienced. Apparently, he isn’t more experienced because he was just waiting for special Tris to come into his life. Or he is just a weird teenage boy. Really, what’s so special about virgins in YA books? If she’s not a virgin, then he is, or both of them are, which leads us to rule #43: No romance is great without a virgin. Sounds stupid, I know, I’m still working on it. Would it be awful for an author to write about people that have some experience?

I have electricity coursing through my veins instead of blood.

Electricity, how much I missed you!

He touches his shoulder and finds a bandage there. Apparently, she’s covering her Abnegation tattoo, so people won’t see it. Tris lets him to see the tattoo and his touch excites her, while she’s also fearful. Tobias tells her he’s got the same tattoo on his back and she wants to see it. He undresses partially and is slightly uncomfortable. Guess what’s on his back? Tattoos with the symbols of the five factions.

“I think we’ve made a mistake,” he says softly. “We’ve all started to put down the virtues of the other factions in the process of bolstering our own. I don’t want to do that. I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest.” He clears his throat. “I continually struggle with kindness.”

That’s very nice and all, but don’t tell me his the first own to think that. I mean someone should have thought that when an idiot came up with this system. Also, there should have been someone to impose this system, because it’s not a system that emerged naturally? So, they should have had like a different entity for that, an entity above them all. Also, there are a lot of characters that exhibit those virtues. Take Will, for example. He’s smart (sort of, as he talks about stats and memorizing maps), he’s brave, he’s kind and selfless (he helps Tris throw the Erudite reports, he wants to protect her). And he’s honest as he didn’t hide his thoughts about his old faction. So, the factions aren’t about instilling a certain value in their followers, but certain beliefs. Why doesn’t anyone pick on that in this book? Oh, right, because the author didn’t thought about that. Talk about wasted potential.

This reminds Tris they should warn the Abnegation soon. Why not now, guys? Why? What’s keeping you? Oh, they continue what they were doing before. He takes her hands and put them on him. Tobias tell her that someday they could do the deed. He doesn’t say the word, because, guess what, he’s actually terrified of sex too. I wouldn’t have said in the beginning of the chapter, when he kicked his shoes and took off Tris’s jacket. Now, she’s like “cool, maybe you won’t be in my fear landscape anymore.”

We kiss again, and this time, it feels familiar. I know exactly how we fit together, his arm around my waist, my hands on his chest, the pressure of his lips on mine. We have each other memorized.

After 2 days only. And now because she knows he’s also “afraid”, everything’s fine. WTF?

Anyway, here’s a clip from the Divergent movie with the tattoo scene. I don’t think they are in his room which is great because it means we’re skipping the rest of this annoying chapter. I think the movie will actually be better than the book.


One thought on “Divergent Recap – Chapter 31

  1. Lauren says:

    Thank you for saying it had only been two days. A lot of people forget that.

    I mean I love these books, but you were kinda harsh at points. I mean Tobias was raised in Abnegation, he got a true aptitude for Abnegation. The whole virginity thing didn’t surprise me. Two years of being Dauntless isn’t enough to drive sixteen of Abnegation out of you.

    Honestly everyone “liked” the system. The factions. I think everyone has the basic morals of all the factions, but one stands out the most in them. Also if you have read “Allegiant”, then you know more about all of the genes and stuff. I don’t really want to spoil it. Everyone is intelligent at times (Will memorized the maps and everything back in Erudite where that was probably expected of him), everyone is kind to someone, everyone is honest about things (especially their home factions, faction before blood), everyone is brave at some point whether it’s sticking up for someone else (which is also selfless or can be depending on motives) or zip lining, everyone is selfless at times, most either don’t want to tell anyone about it or they want to parade it down the street (thus being selfish). They thought the factions worked.

    I am sorry, you are very realistic, but remember how demented and messed up the world has become at this point. Tobias is desperate for an type of love or acceptance. He was beaten his whole life, his mother died when he was young. Tris was willing to give him the love he has needed and craved for as long as he can really remember.

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