Divergent Recap – Chapter 32

In which Tris is such a special special snowflake… Repetition intended

We spent the two hours lying on his bed, talking and kissing and eventually dozing until we heard shouts in the hallway — people on their way to the banquet.

Good. Use your time to cuddle in bed instead of warning your family whom you love so much, Tris. I’m never letting this go.

They go to the dining hall where they separate. Tris goes to sit with Christina and Will, but not without throwing a glance at Tobias who refuses alcohol. Christina asks her where she was, and you know by now, how Tris can’t be honest or something. 

“You have no reason to be nervous,” Christina says, shaking her head. “I turned around to talk to Will for one second, and you were already done.”
I detect a note of jealousy in her voice, and again, I wish I could explain that I was well prepared for the simulation, because of what I am.

Except that one time when you sucked, Tris. Weren’t you Divergent that time? And I’m not sure Christina is jealous, but of course Tris would believe that. Tris asks her what job she wants and Christina says she might want to be an instructor as Four. But Four has another job besides being an instructor, something involving a control room. And I’m sure Eric also has another job. So, instructor isn’t really a job. Tris didn’t really thought about what she wanted to be and she thinks she might be good as an ambassador to the other factions. Since when is that a job? If you’re wondering what Peter wants to be, it is Dauntless-leader-in-training. Will also wants that.

Christina asks Tris why were the Dauntless leaders laughing when she went through her fear landscape. Tris says she has no idea, but Christina sees she’s lying because she’s biting the inside of her cheek. Why couldn’t she see the other times then? Finally, Tris relents and says she is afraid of sex.

Even if it was just Christina, and no one else was around, I would still want to strangle her right now. I go over a few ways to inflict maximum injury with minimum force in my head. I try to throw flames from my eyes.

How lucky is Christina that this isn’t a simulation and Tris can’t actually throw flames from nothing. Christina asks her how was that like and who is the guy, and Tris tells her it was a faceless male (lol) and bites back by asking how were her moths. Will apparently is amused that his girlfriend is afraid of moths.

Eric stands on one of the tables with a microphone.

“We aren’t big on speeches here. Eloquence is for Erudite,” he says. The crowd laughs. I wonder if they know that he was an Erudite once; that under all the pretense of Dauntless recklessness and even brutality, he is more like an Erudite than anything else.

Yes, I’m pretty sure they know he transferred from Erudite, Tris. She’s such an annoying characterm it’s like she knows everything and nobody else knows anything. Eric congratulates the initiates and the new members and everybody applauds.

 “We believe in bravery. We believe in taking action. We believe in freedom from fear and in acquiring the skills to force the bad out of our world so that the good can prosper and thrive. If you also believe in those things, we welcome you.”

See, they are all about beliefs. They believe in stuff and expect their members to behave in a certain way. Even though the way they are behaving isn’t really matching those beliefs. Tris believes in those things, and she’s sure that Eric doesn’t. Because Tris is always right about anything. I mean, really, when wasn’t she right about something?

Eric tells them that the next day the new members will choose their professions in order of their rankings. He blabs on how the rankings are computed, even though we know.

Guess who is number one? Yep, Tris. Wasn’t anyone not expecting this?

I forget about war; I forget about death.

Tris, you’re always forgetting about these. When was the last time when you thought about Al? Not since asking Tobias if it was her fault. Peter is ranked the fifth, with Will and Christina ranked immediately after him. Uriah also comes to congratulates Tris.

Molly and Drew are cut. Drew, who tried to run away while Peter held me by the throat over the chasm, and Molly, who fed the Erudite lies about my father, are factionless.
It isn’t quite the victory I wanted, but it’s a victory nonetheless.

I know this is supposed to be some sort of karmic payback justice thing, but it’s stupid. If Tris wanted Drew and Molly to suffer the consequences of their actions she should have reported them, not wait around for karma.

Will and Christina kiss, a little too sloppily for my taste.

Great, now Tris is an authority in kissing too. Can she say or do no wrong?

Tobias comes to her and she kisses him because it’s not like the day before they lied to Eric that there’s nothing between them. And it’s not like Eric is going to put two and two together and figure those two lied to him. Because even though Eric is an Erudite in disguise, he’s fucking stupid or something. Can this book, get any worse? Yes, it can.

A moment later, Tobias’s thumb brushes over the injection site in my neck, and a few things come together at once. I don’t know how I didn’t figure this out before.
One: Colored serum contains transmitters.
Two: Transmitters connect the mind to a simulation program.
Three: Erudite developed the serum.
Four: Eric and Max are working with the Erudite.

Double Forehead Palm

My feelings exactly

As I’ve guessed there isn’t any tracking device (G-d forbid that something actually made sense), but that thing is probably some sort of elaborate mind hijacking device. Which makes no sense, and enters the troll science territory. But we know that Tris is always right, because she is so damn special, so I guess the Erudite will control everyone just for the fun of it? I mean they intend to inject everybody with that stuff, or at least that’s what Eric said. And since when is Max working with the Erudite? I think a scene got cut or something.

Tobias is confused by her reaction, and Tris tells him she’s going to explain later. Why don’t go somewhere secluded and explain? Why? You’re just gonna love how the next chapter starts.