Divergent Recap – Chapter 35

In which a lot of ridiculous stuff happens…

Tris wakes up in a dark room and apparently she’s also losing blood from her head. There’s also a blue light flickering and please guess where Tris is. She’s in a freaking tank! Like in the simulation. And there’s a camera watching her. Why? Why would someone bother to build such a thing to torture Tris? It’s not like she’s a rebel and knows stuff they need.

And it gets better, guys. The tank is connected to another huge tank which I assume is full of water. Tris starts shaking because she’s not in a simulation now and she has no power here. See, the simulations are actually useless. They don’t really prepare people for awful situations. Also, one thing I don’t get: when did the Erudite have time to build such a torture device? Tobias erased the recording with Tris breaking the glass in the fear simulation, and this particular fear appeared again in the fear landscape which according to the book timeline was less than 24 hours ago. Oy, I know! It just appeared in the magical warehouse with the message “For Jeanine”, and she was like I can use that to torture that bratty teenager.

My right arm is numb. When I push myself out of the corner, I see a pool of blood where I was sitting.

If you lose more than 40% of your total blood, you’re most likely to die without emergency medical care. Even after a 15% loss, you are going to experience stuff like tachycardia, blood pressure changes and altered behavior. But not Tris because she can push through anything.

The worst thing that can happen to me now is that I drown in this tank. I press my forehead to the glass and laugh. That is the worst thing I can imagine. My laughs turns into a sob.

The worst would be drowning and being brought to life repeatedly. But it’s not like the Erudite have so much imagination.

Tris thinks what is braver: to keep fighting or just face death. She says she’s not afraid of dying, but doesn’t like this way of dying. Yeah, because people always get to choose how they attack. I’m going to choose a heart attack and expect it delivered in 80 years. Tris decides it is better to fight, so she starts screaming and kicking. And the water starts pouring in.

The video camera means they’re watching me–no, studying me, as only the Erudite would. To see if my reaction matches my reaction in the simulation. To prove that I’m coward.

Tris, aren’t you too full of yourself? I mean really, your first assumption is that they are studying you instead of “they are watching to see when I’m awake and start the water”. And that explanation is just eye-rolling inducing. When is she a coward? When her reactions match? Or not?

She gets into a staring match with the camera to prove she’s brave. That’s going to save your life for sure, Tris.

I breathe in. The water will wash my wounds clean. I breathe out. My mother submerged me in water when I was a baby, to give me to God. It has been a long time since I thought about God, but I think about him now. I am glad, suddenly, that I shot Eric in the foot instead of the head.

Okay, so her family is Christian. Or pseudo-Christian because baptizing is usually done by a priest and the water used is holy water. Christianity is a community centric religion: people go to church, they look up to a priest for guidance, they get together to share certain events. So, how come it survived without those things? Who cares? Not this book. Also, why is she glad she didn’t kill Eric who is basically an evil person killing a lot of innocents? Enabling evil is also a sin maybe even greater than killing.

She submerges herself, waiting to die when she sees a dark figure in front of her tank. Surprise! It’s her mother who shots the glass pane to save Tris. She tells her they have to run.

She is dressed like my mother and she looks like my mother, but she’s holding a gun, and the determined look in her eyes is unfamiliar to me. I stumble beside her over broken glass and through water and out an open doorway. Dauntless guards lie dead next to the door.

That’s proof you don’t have to be Dauntless to shoot a gun. Yeah, I know Tris’s mother transferred from Dauntless, but you know what that means? She didn’t went through training! Anyway, Tris’s mom seems like an awesome character now. She shots two guards in the head and we discover she has a tattoo under her armpit. She took off her jacket to make a sling for her Tris’s arm. That’s nice, but what about the blood loss? You should stop that first and then worry about arm slings.

Natalie tells Tris that her father and brother are hiding in a basement and they have to go and get them. I’m wondering if Caleb’s warned his parents about the war. If that’s so, then Caleb’s POV would have been more interesting. Tris is really surprised by her mother because she always thought her mom was Abnegation-born. There’s a thing such asking questions, Tris. Oh, I forgot, you couldn’t except that one time in the beginning of the book.

They get out of the basement of the Abnegation headquarters. Really, when did Jeanine have time to build those tank and get them to the Abnegation headquarters? Who built that thing and move it there? The factionless? Brain-controlled Dauntless?

“How did you know to find me?” I say.

“I’ve been watching the trains since the attacks started,” she replies, glancing over her shoulder at me. “I didn’t know what would I do when I found you. But it always my intention to save you.”

Uhm, was Tris brought by train there? Because otherwise, watching the trains would be useless. Tris doesn’t get why did her mother saved her after she betrayed them, but her says she doesn’t care about the factions because they brought evil apparently. No shit, Sherlock. But it took you 100 years to figure that out.

Tris asks about Divergence. OMG, WE’RE GETTING AN ANSWER. NO WAY! Her mother takes her time and starts checking her gun first. Then, she says she’s Divergent too and that her mother, a Dauntless leader, told her to choose a safer faction. But she didn’t do the same wit Tris, because she wanted Tris to make the choice on her own. That’s stupid. How can someone make the best choice when she doesn’t know all relevant data?

“Every faction conditions its members to think and act in a certain way. And most people do it. For most people, it’s not hard to learn, to find a pattern of thought that works and stay that way.” She touches my uninjured shoulder and smiles. “But our minds move in a dozen different directions. We can’t be confined to one way of thinking, and that terrifies our leaders. It means we can’t be controlled. And it means that no matter what they do, we will always cause trouble for them.”

Here you go. The explanation. This is so lame. Basically, you just need a little doubt and you’re Divergent. People might behave in some ways sometimes, obeying a perceived authority. But that doesn’t mean they will always do that. They might publicly do so, and then be someone else privately. Also, this doesn’t explain how the fear simulation work on Tris, but not the mind-controlling one.

Two groups of Dauntless soldiers are running towards them. Natalie gives Tris direction on how to get to her father and mother. Natalie is going to distract the soldier. while Tris runs. She tells Tris she loves her, kisses her on the forehead and then runs in the middle of the street, firing her gun in the air. Don’t save your bullets, Natalie, just get yourself killed.

Tris starts running towards the basement, she looks back and sees her mother firing into the Dauntless. They shot back and hit her in the stomach. Great, book, just kill one of the characters who seemed to have some agency. Tris, at least, is upset this time, screams into her hand, but she continues running. Finally, she feels some pain and crumples down on the pavement. But she remembers Tobias and him telling her to be brave. So, she gets up and starts running again, even though it should be physically impossible at this point.