Divergent Recap – Chapter 36

In which Tris does something horrible, but she’s still super special…

Despite being in immense pain, Tris continues to run. She’s followed by three Dauntless soldiers who fire at her. She dives into an alley because it’s not like she’s been shot in the shoulder or anything. She remebers the Dauntless killed her mother, so she fires in the direction of the soldiers and she kills two of them. She points her gun to the last soldiers, but she doesn’t fire because the last soldier is Will. Who is mindless and ready to shot her. But she’s faster.

The bullet hit him in the head. I know because that’s where I aimed it.

WTF IT’S WRONG WITH YOU, TRIS???? Really, what’s the thought process behind this action? Oh, Eric, this evil person who likes to torment initiates and conspired with the Erudite doesn’t deserve to be killed, so he gets in the foot because otherwise God will be upset or something. But Will who is one of Tris’s best friends and is mind-controlled deserves a… HEADSHOT! Let me guess: God will be okay with this because reasons? Maybe his fault was he was partially agreeing with the democracy idea. Who knows? But this whole scene reads like cheap drama to me. Like the author realized she doesn’t really have a plot, so she needed something to eclipse that. Snotty Rule #69: If you don’t know what to write, resort to cheap drama. Always works. Really, there’s no point for her to kill Will. She could have shot him in the leg or arm.

She looks around to see where she is, but her vision is blurry. Is she crying or is it from the pain? She’s a few yards away from her target building, and she kneels and screams.

He [Will] smiles in my memory. A curled lip. Straight teeth. Light in his eyes. Laughing, teasing, more alive in my memory than I am in reality. It was him or me. I chose me. But I feel dead too.

No, it wasn’t. Stop trying to reframe it that way, book, because it ain’t flying with me.

She gets to the door and knocks as her mother instructed her. She wipes her tears because she doesn’t want her father to see her sobbing and half-collapsing. Yeah, don’t let your dad see your human, Tris. Caleb opens the door and hugs her really tight, pressing her shoulder wound. She just groans, guys, because getting shot is not serious. If you get shot, you don’t have to go the hospital. Just down some vodka and let a friend get the bullet out. You might die from sepsis afterwards, but that’s not important. You just proved how self-sufficient you are.

In the basement there are several Abnegation members, Marcus among them, but Tris doesn’t want to think about Tobias. I wonder if he’ll get a headshot too, or a decapitation. Caleb asks if their mother told her about the place and she just nods because she doesn’t want to think about her mother too. She’s starting to feel a lot of pain and sinks to her knees. Her clothes are still wet because, remember, she was drowning in the tank. You know how horrible is to run with wet clothes? They are heavier and slow you down, but not Tris who didn’t complain about them until now.

A woman brings a pallet for Tris to sit. Are they in a warehouse or what? Meh, who cares? A man brings a lamp, so they have more light, Caleb gets a first-aid kit and Susan a bottle of water. Because they are Abnegation and they live to help Tris everyone else. Caleb is wearing gray again.

“I did what you said–what Mom said. I researched the simulation serum and found out that Jeanine was working to develop long-range transmitters for the serum so its signal could stretch farther, which led me to information about the Erudite and Dauntless… anyway, I dropped out of initiation when I figured out what was happening. I would have warned you, but it was too late,” he says. “I’m factionless now.”

Yay, troll science again. How I missed you! Long-range transmitters would need a shit load of power to work. Even if they are fueled by glucose from the blood, this will run low pretty shortly, like in half an hour. And then the mind-controlled people will “wake up” feeling depleted. Anyway, this whole thing contradicts what Eric told earlier about the transmitters being more like AI-powered computers. Good job, editor, you caught so many mistakes you should get a prize. NOT! Oh, and Caleb is not factionless because his dad tells him he’s with them. Can they do that? If so, why doesn’t the Abnegation accept all the factionless? Or this is just a special concession to Caleb because he’s the son of a leader? Sounds like corruption.

Caleb cuts a piece of fabric from Tris’s shoulder, and he and his father see Tris’s tattoo which should be covered in blood. Caleb squeezes Tris’s hand while her father gets the antiseptic. Apparently, he knows how to take put bullets because it’s not like you need a medical degree to do that or something. Really, people don’t study medicine for years because they are lazy, but because there is so much to learn to not screw up.

I don’t see the knife go in, but I feel it. Pain spreads through my body and I scream through gritted teeth, crushing Caleb’s hand. Over the screaming, I hear my father ask me relax my back. Tears run from the corners of my eyes and I do as he tells me. The pain starts again, and I feel the knife moving under my skin, and I am still screaming.

That’s going to live a terrible scar. And how does her dad knows how to cut without affecting an artery or a nerve? Sheer luck I guess. He should have used a forceps to get the bullet out. Caleb starts to laugh because it’s funny that they are together again, and this makes Tris sob. Her dad cleans her wound and then stitches her. If that first-aid kit had stitches, then it should have had a forceps too. This time the pain isn’t too much, so Tris stays quiet. Finally, he bandages her wound and Caleb gives her his long-sleeved shirt.

Her father finally asks where’s her mother and Tris is upset because she doesn’t want to deliver the news. She tells him she’s gone because she saved Tris.

Caleb closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.
My father looks momentarily stricken and then recovers himself, averting his glistening eyes and nodding.
“That is good,” he says, sounding strained. “A good death.”

A stupid death if you ask me, unnamed father character. At least, they are somehow reacting to the news. Tris cannot speak because she doesn’t want to break down. Will this character ever break down? Then she compares her mother’s death which was brave to Al’s which wasn’t. Her mother’s death was brave because she did it without announcing it and without appearing to consider any other option. Well, I have to disagree. It seemed that her mom tried to think of other options, but didn’t come up with any, so she left Tris with instructions to get to safety. And leaving those instructions was sort of a death announcement. But you know, Tris’s mind just goes in so many directions…

He [I don’t know to who is she referring to] helps to my feet. Time to face the rest of the room. My mother told me to save them. Because of that, and because I’m Dauntless, it’s my duty to lead now. I have no idea how to bear that burden.

I don’t remember reading that one of the Dauntless’s duties is to lead. And why does she automatically assume that when she’s in a room with a bunch of Abnegation political leaders? Marcus gets up and says they should get out of the city and go to the Amity compound. How come that compound is out of the city? And why isn’t any Amity venturing farther from the city to find more nomal mans? Marcus asks Tris about the Dauntless strategy and she answers with the mind control thing, except that she calls the Dauntless sleepwalkers. Man, their schools really suck. Or their only school because they are so few.

“That’s…awful.” Marcus shakes his head. His sympathetic tone sounds manufactured to me. “Waking up and realizing what you’ve done…”

Because characters in this book are either completely evil or good. There are no fucking shades of gray. Everybody grows silent imagining how it would it be if they were in the Dauntless’s place. And that’s how an idea occurs to Tris: they have to wake them up, so they would revolt. I wonder how Jeanine didn’t thought about that. Or did she never intend to wake them up? That would have been stupid. Marcus asks how are they going to wake them up, and Tris says they have to destroy the computers that control the simulation. Wow, it’s more than one computer? I half-expected one computer to run the whole thing. Caleb says that they can’t just gl to the Erudite compound and look around.

“It’s…” I frown. Jeanine. Jeanine was talking about something important when Tobias and I came into her office, important enough to hang up on someone. You can’t just leave it undefended. And then, when she was sending Tobias away: Send him to the control room where Tobias used to work. With the Dauntless security monitors. And the Dauntless computers.

Told ya those lines were important. And of course, Tris is so special she just figures everything. Why would Jeanine keep the computers out of her reach, people? And isn’t power cut off after midnight for all factions except the Erudite? This attack happened in the middle of the night. So, how come they have power? Computers need power to work last time I checked. Especially computers who have to process long distance signals and compute very complex movements. They also need air conditioning, loads of it, so they wouldn’t catch fire. So, it’s not a good idea to have them underground. If the control room is underground, cuz no one told us exactly where it is.

I guess I am what I’ve always been. Not Dauntless, not Abnegation, not factionless. Divergent.

Oookay, so you’ve just invent your faction, Tris, because being factionless is so awful and you needed something good to identify with. Her father asks her if she’s sure. Unnamed father, I don’t know why the fuck are you asking that. Tris is always right. She never fails, and if she does it’s only temporarily. He asks what does she need.

The question stuns me, as does the expression he wears. He looks at me like I’m peer. He speaks to me like I’m a peer. Either he has accepted that I am an adult now, or he has accepted that I’m no longer his daughter. The latter is more likely and more painful.

What? Why would him talking to her like she’s a mature individual be a sign he’s accepting she’s no longer his daughter? This makes no sense. NONE! There’s a war going on outside, Tris. You have some fucking answers. Of course, they are going to listen to you and treat you like an adult. Because they want to have an advantage. DUH DUH DUH! Worse character ever. I feel like i said that before.

Anyway she says she needs anyone who will fire a gun and isn’t afraid of heights. How are they going to get to the Dauntless compound? Please, don’t tell me the train is still running because I’m going to shoot myself. And where are they going to get weapons? Tris dropped her own gun on the streets. But I don’t have to worry about these things until the next chapter recap. 3 more chapters to go! Yay! I think my final review for this book will be a drinking game.