Divergent Recap – Chapter 38

In which Tris and Tobias fight each other…

A short chapter today. Tobias looks confused and points his weapon at Tris, demanding she drops her weapon. Tris tells him that he’s in a simulation, and she drops her weapon. She thinks he cannot hear or see her which makes her almost cry.

I run at him, grabbing his wrist. I feel his muscles shift as he ponches the trigger and duck my head just in time. The bullets hits the wall behind me. Gasping, I kick him in the ribs and twist his wrist to the side as hard as I can. He drops the gun.

I wonder why didn’t he shoot her when she started running. Anyway, the fight begins. She knows she can’t beat him but has to destroy the simulation, so she dives for the gun. Tobias grabs her and throws her to the side and punches her in the jaw. She protects her face and figures she can’t fall because he will kick her.

She tries punching him in the stomach, but he catches her leg, pull her, and she drops on the floor, on. her shoulder. Why isn’t her shoulder bleeding yet? He’s about to kick her, but she rolls and grabs the gun. She cannot shoot him because he’s “in there somewhere”. And Will wasn’t, Tris?

“Tobias,” I say.
Did his grip falter? I twist and kick back, my heel hitting him in the leg. When my hair slips through his fingers, I dive at the gun and my fingertips close around the cool metal. I flip over onto my back and point the gun at him.

Ookay, so all she has to do is talk to him to get him out of the simulation? She continues to say his name and beg him to see her. She can’t kill him because she might love him, and she’s sure he wouldn’t kill her if their positions were reversed. Maybe he would, Tris. If it was for the greater good.

I have done this before–in my fear landscape, with the gun in my hand, a voice shouting at me to fire at the people I love. I volunteered to die instead, that time, but I can’t imagine how that would help me now. But I just know, I know what the right thing to do is.

And still, both your parents are dead, Tris, because you couldn’t find time between your naps to warn them. So, it’s nice how you volunteered in the simulation, but you did shit for them in real life. Also, it’s great how you always know what’s the right thing to, what everyone else is planning and so on. And people say she’s not a Mary Sue. Well, she is. A very annoying one if you ask me.

She gives him her weapon. He presses the barrel to her forehead. Tris rests his hand on his chest and notices how his heartbeat is still him. Well, duh, it’s not like his heart stops working while in the simulation. He clicks the bullet in the chamber. Tris thinks it will probably be easy to let him shoot her and she’ll find herself in another world. Heaven I guess. Or hell.

Can I be forgiven for all I’ve done to get here?
I don’t know. I don’t know.

She wants to be forgiven by who? By God? I guess so. Well, if she talks about Christian religion, then the answer is no. Not without repenting to a priest or something. And that’s how the chapter ends. One more to go and I guess Tobias will “wake up” from the simulation and they will stop the computer or something.


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  1. holly says:

    Not all christianity is catholic, some sects have pastors instead of priests and don’t do confession. Just saying

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