My plans for 2014

I know this post comes a week later than the time people do New Year’s resolutions. But I really wanted to think through about all the things I want to this year and then share them with you. These things are blog related, social media related and some are even personal.

  • I’m going to maintain this blog and improve it as much as I can. That means I’ll be continuing my chapter recaps (hopefully I’ll find a better name for them; suggestions?), I’ll add more pages: the About Me page will get an update, I’ll add “The List” page, a page for quick links to reviews. I’ll also write more posts focusing on writing, mainly on how to include science, computers, internet related things.
  • I’m also thinking of finding a new theme for the blog, something more fun.
  • I will read and review at least 100 books this year. I’ll be doing this reading challenges to help me achieve this goal.
  • I want to at least publish one novel this year.
  • I will work on a website application for writers, something that will help them write&edit a manuscript and connect with beta readers, editors, agents, readers. This should be the start for me as an entrepreneur.
  • I want to have a stronger social media presence: more Twitter followers, probably a Facebook page and so on. If you have any advice on this, please share it with me.
  • I want to promote more new authors, especially self-published ones. I’m thinking of starting “An Author a Day” campaign on my blog and social media from February. If you think that’s a good idea and would like to be promoted, drop me a line.
  • On a more personal note, I would like to exercise more. You should ask me on Twitter when’s the last time I exercised.

Hopefully when we reach the end of this year, I will be able to post another blog on how I achieved all of these goals.


3 thoughts on “My plans for 2014

  1. Great goals, Cristina! I’m making it a goal of mine to discover more self-published authors, so I will definitely use your blog as a resource! And I need to work on the exercise thing too : )

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