Insurgent Recap – Chapter 3

Guys, I have a confession to make: this book is boring. Every time I’m finishing a chapter, I have no desire to read the next one. Because nothing really happens. Not yet at least. Could anyone tell in what chapter the action starts in this book? So, I’ll have something to look forward too. And if it doesn’t at all, shhhh!

Last chapter, Tris and Tobias were at the Amity meeting and figured they won’t stay long there. Tris returns to her room, checks her gun is still there and has a mild panic attack. Why? What is she feeling except she’s suffocating? There are thoughts running through your head when having a panic attack. Like “I’m dying”, “I don’t want to die”, “Am I having a heart attack”, “Something is very wrong”. Been there, done that. All she thinks is “Pull it together”. And poof, she feels better. No breathing exercise, no reassuring thoughts, nothing. Panic attacks are horrible, guys. Sometime you can’t even calm yourself and need to pop an anti anxiety pill. It’s not a joke.

She sees Johanna and Marcus walking towards the orchard, and she decides to follow them and listens to their conversation. Because she didn’t have a panic attack like 2 seconds before. Johanna is confused about the timing of the attack and if the Abnegation did something to incite the Erudite. Marcus just shrugs her off, but Johanna presses for more information because she just knows he’s not telling the truth. Is she Divergent too?

Finally, Marcus spills some beans and tells her the Abnegation “were entrusted with some sensitive information.” By whom? People outside the gates? And Jeanine wanted to steal that information. Johanna wants to know more, but Marcus doesn’t want to tell her because last time he entrusted someone with that information, people died. Johanna hopes he’ll change his mind and kiss him on the cheek.

Then the buzzing stops as I remember something else Marcus did: Most of the leaders of this city risked their lives for it. Was one of those leaders my father?
I have to know. I have to find out what could possibly be important enough for the Abnegation to die for — and the Erudite to kill for.

Of course, you need to do that. I bet their whole town is a Truman show. Except that they are all Truman. Yeah, I know, it doesn’t make any sense. You try coding, writing, and reading all day and tell me how much sense you make.

Tris goes to Tobias to get his opinion, but founds him in his room, throwing butter knives at a hunk of cheese. Please, book, tell me again how they are almost starving, but still find food to throw at. Caleb is astonished by Tobias’s skills and asks Tris if she can do that. And she’s “Fuck yeah, but only with my right.” Because she only needed a few couple of hours to master this skill.

His brown hair is tousled, his shirt buttons in the wrong buttonholes. He is handsome in a careless way, my brother, like he has no idea what he looks like most of the time.

Sounds more like he’s sloppy. Anyway, Caleb was there to discuss something with Tobias.

We [Tris & Tobias] stare at each other for a few more seconds than is socially acceptable.

Do tell, what’s that socially acceptable time: 3 seconds? 5 seconds? 6.5 seconds? And does it matter why are you staring at that person? If you’re glaring at someone, could you do it for a longer time? Like 10 seconds?

Caleb leaves them alone, but after mentioning he’s reading a repair manual for water-filtration systems. Which he finds fascinating? Is he like 10 or something? Because a smart teenager wouldn’t find a repair manual fascinating. They are boring. Mind-numbing. Because there’s nothing about how something works in a repair manual. It’s more like a list with the order of actions to do to repair/replace a specific part. With schematics.

Tobias teases Tris in front of Caleb that she might like that manual too. She’s like bitchy because her brother will talk her ear off about “water filtration and how it works”. Calm, Tris, he won’t find out that in the repair manual. But she would prefer to hear about that than aquaponics. Do you mean hydroponics, book? Because that’s what you described when Tris was in the greenhouse. Yes, there’s a difference.

Hydroponics is the growth of plants using no soil, but water with minerals. You can actually do that at home, but it’s pretty expensive and there’s one major downside: if one of the plants gets sick then it spreads very quickly to the others. Because there’s no soil to act as a buffer. Also if the hydroponic system fails in some way, the plants die very quickly.

Aquaponics actually combines hydroponics with raising aquatic animals in tanks. Was there any tank with fishes in that greenhouse? NO! The water from the tank is fed to the plants which break down the nitrites and nitrates in the water (which appear from fish excrements), then recirculated back to the tank. Again, any failure in the system can have a terrible impact on the plants.

Aquaponics system. Ain’t pretty?

Of course, Tris doesn’t want to know anything about these things. Science, so boring. She asks Tobias what did Caleb want and he says her brother wanted to have the big-brother talk. Tobias says he’s not messing around and they start to make out. Yeah, they aren’t messing around at all.

But then he pulls back because he’s a mind reader and figured she wants to talk about something. It’s not like Tris is his girlfriend and wanted some make out time. Because that’s not what good girlfriends do.

She tells him everything, but he just thinks Marcus is acting more important than he actually is. That he has some information, but he’s making it to sound like a big deal when it isn’t.

“I don’t…” I frown. “I don’t think you’re right. He didn’t sound like he was lying.”
“You don’t know him like I do. He is an excellent liar.”
He is right — I don’t Marcus, and certainly not as well as he does. But my instinct was to believe Marcus, and I usually trust my instincts.

Watch out, guys, psychic Tris strikes again! The information will prove super important because everything Tris thinks turns out right.

She asks Tobias if they shouldn’t at least try to find out what’s the information, but Tobias thinks it would be better to go back and find a way to take Erudite down. And maybe afterwards find out what Marcus is hiding. She just nods, but doesn’t think he’s right because it’s more important to find out the truth.

But it is difficult to persuade Tobias to do something he doesn’t want to do, and even more difficult to justify my feelings with no evidence except my intuition
So I agree. But I do not change my mind.

And I’m to believe they love each other? When they can’t even trust each other? Or share their feelings? Yeah, right.