Insurgent Recap – Chapter 4

In which blah, blah, blah,  Abnegation got bored with the Amity…

“Biotechnology has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t always very efficient,” Caleb says.

Pfff, antibiotics. Super inefficient, you know, it’s not like they saved millions of people. I know this chapter is a “goodie” from the way it starts.

“But Erudite scientists developed this highly effective mineral solution a while back. It was better for the plants than dirt,” he says. “It’s an earlier version of that salve they put on your shoulder — it accelerated the growth of new cells.”

Huh? I don’t get the connection between plant nutrients and cellular healing. Probably because there isn’t one as there’s a difference between plant cells and animal cell. And it’s not so hard to develop a highly effective mineral solution. The problem with growing crops isn’t how to nourish them, but rather how to prevent disease and stop bugs from eating them. And soil is actually good for plants because it acts as a buffer. The idea you can put mineral solutions on a wound to accelerate healing is mind-boggling.

See the differences?

Hearing Caleb ranting about “intelligent stuff”, makes Tris think that not all Erudite are power-hungry and devoid of conscience. I know, what a shock. Caleb says that the Amity and the Erudite work more closely together than any other factions, because the two of them are the essential factions, necessary for survival. Weren’t all the factions essential? What’s the point in dividing in 5 (6) factions if only two are essential?

Caleb is amazed by how independent the Amity are because they have their own source power, their own water pumps, etc. And Tris is like “oh, that’s nice”. Caleb then asks her what were her aptitude test results. Because he’s her brother and she can tell him everything. I find the timing odd. She tells him she got 3 factions.

“It just seems like a lot,” he says. “We each had to choose a research focus in Erudite initiation, and mine was the aptitude test simulation, so I know a lot about the way it’s designed. It’s really difficult for a person to get two results — the program actually doesn’t allow it. But to get three…I’m not even sure how that’s possible.”

LOL. I remember commenting how the aptitude test was so badly designed. I think it would be fairly easy for someone to get 5 results. Just sit there doing nothing. Tris says the administrator had to alter the test and Caleb points out that test administrators aren’t taught how to override the program. Tris remembers that Tori was Erudite and that’s how she knew.

Caleb asks her what does it mean, having 3 results and Tris describes how she’s always aware during simulations, how sometimes they don’t even work. He asks her how does she wake up from them. And she tells the story of how she broke the glass. I’m so fucking bored. You know how Roth told in that blog post she didn’t want to use recapping. Well, this conversation was recapping. Because we don’t find out anything new or relevant.

Caleb is lost in thoughts and Tris gets annoyed because she doesn’t want her brain analyzed like a computer or a machine. Then, she wants to change the subject.

A group of Amity bursts into the cafeteria. Susan sits down next to Caleb, closer than friends would. I know, you just needed that detail. Tris wants to flee, but Tobias comes in and sits down to her. Tobias worked in the kitchen and he’s annoyed because… We’ll find out in another chapter. But Tris thinks it’s something to do with Marcus.

Marcus comes behind her and puts a hand on her wounded shoulder. Shouldn’t she have her arm in a sling? Or are slings for weaklings? Tris is rude, of course. It’s not like she wants information from the guy.

“The other Abnegation and myself have discussed it and decided that we should not stay here. We believe that, given the inevitability of further conflict in our city, it would be selfish of us to stay here while what remains of our faction is inside that fence. We would like to request that you escort us.”

So, they are on a suicide mission now? And a wounded girl is their best escort? A girl who is also Divergent, something that the Erudite want to kill for some reason? Tris asks Tobias what does he think and he’s like “oh, we’ll just leave the day after tomorrow.” Don’t you need to plan, people? Are you just going to strut around the city until the Erudite find you? Marcus thanks them and goes to sit with the rest of the Abnegation. Tris keeps staring at him, wanting to know the truth. I guess she’ll ask Marcus. And chapter done.