Insurgent Recap – Chapter 5

I didn’t forget about this book. I just went through some changes in my life including a new job I’m very excited about. But no more slacking on my recaps. Last time, we left Tris wanting to know the truth, a truth only Marcus knows. Usually I would get super excited and want to find out more, but I figure it’s just gonna be something stupid.

Tris follows Marcus after breakfast into the filtration building. The description of the building is hilarious: small building with a few huge machines that take the dirty water and just purify it. There’s a difference between waste water treatment and drinking water treatment. And purifying water can be a time consuming process, not just something that happens in a second.

The piping system are all buried except one, which runs along the ground to send water to the power plant, near the fence. The plant provides power to the entire city, using a combination of wind, water, and solar energy.

You know, to produce electricity from water, you need falling or flowing water, because the potential energy of falling or flowing water is used to generate power. Not the water in itself. You also need wind turbines to get energy from the wind. Does Tris mention anything like that? Nope. Writers, if you have a very vague idea about what you’re describing, just don’t describe it. Just leave it “I followed Marcus to the water filtration building.” Keep it short instead of fucking stupid.

Both of us watch the purification happen, and I wonder if he is thinking what I am: that it would be nice if life worked this way, stripping the dirt from our lives and sending us out into the world clean. But some dirt is destined to linger.

That’s actually a nice passage. Too bad for the shit above it.

So, Tris starts talking to Marcus telling him she heard what he said to Johanna. He’s like “who taught you to invade other people’s privacy?” Good point.

He might have been handsome when he was younger — perhaps he still is, to women his age, like Johanna — but all I see when I look at him are the black-pit eyes from Tobias’s fear landscape.

So, I guess young women can’t be attracted to older guys in this book’s universe? I mean, I get it that he might be repulsive because of what he did to Tobias, but that has nothing to do with his age. How old is Marcus anyway? 40? 50? Think about John Stamos, Clive Owen or Jude Law. Can you say those guys aren’t hot? And they are all over 40.

Marcus asks her why does she thinks he’s going to tell her when he didn’t tell Johanna. And Tris is using the “dead father excuse”.

But “dead”, mingling with the churning and bubbling noises in this room, strikes a blow like a hammer to my chest, and the monster of grief awakens, clawing at my eyes and throat.

LOL, the monster of grief. That’s short for “I don’t know how to write a grieving character.” Everybody deals with death in his own way. Some cry a lot, others have trouble sleeping. Some find a mission or an obsession or something to do. Others go numb. They think why this has happened if it’s an unexpected death. Their behaviors and thoughts change in subtle (or not) ways. Tris just behaves in her usual way and sometimes she remembers her parents are dead. And what guilt? Why doesn’t she feel guilt for killing Will?

Anyway, Marcus doesn’t give away anything, not even when Tris mentions she could help him. Yeah, right. Help him to die probably. Marcus gets nasty with her and says she was lucky she stopped the simulation, not skillful. Which is true. Tris insults him for a bit and walks away, figuring minutes later that Marcus won.

That night I dream that I am in a field, and I encounter a flock of crows clustered on the ground. When I swat a few of them away, I realize that they are perched on top of a man, pecking at his clothes, which are Abnegation gray. Without warning, they take flight, and I realize that the man is Will.

WTF? Why not dream of how you murdered him, Tris? And what’s with the fucking crows always appearing in dreams or simulations? There should be a symbolism behind it if they are used constantly. I know dreams in real life are mostly garbage, but dreams in books should mean something.

I feel the monster of grief again, writhing in the empty space where my heart and stomach used to be.

That monsters should call the monster of guilt and throw a party with the rest of your organs. After she gets over the panic attack she decided to go into Tobias’s room.

My bare legs almost glow in the dark.

TRIXY XCHANGE - Uv Pink Leggings Uv Pink Leg Warmers Cut Out Leggings Slashed Leggings Uv Leggings Glow in the Dark Uv Clothing Burning Man

I want those leggings

So, I guess, she’s almost phosphorescent. That’s good for a target. Tobias wakes up and makes her some room on the bed.

I should have thought this through. I sleep in a long T-shirt one of the Amity lent me. It comes down just past my butt, and I didn’t think to put on a pair of shorts before I came here. Tobias’s eyes skim my bare legs, making my face warm.

So, no panties? Also, she just went through a panic attack. Why is she so calm and rational?

Tobias asks her if she had a bad dream and she nods, but can’t give him details because he doesn’t know she killed Will. So, they kiss. And touch. Until Tobias touches her shoulder bandage and kills the mood. And Tris thinks she can’t be with him that way because she wants a distraction. Why not? I mean, some people do that.

She starts crying, and Tobias actually comforts her. He makes a decent job actually. Eventually, Tris drifts off, but not before hearing Tobias whisper “I love you.”