Insurgent Recap – Chapter 7

In which Erudite, Erudite, Erudite alarm!

So last time we left Tris high on a happy serum that took several hours to clear. Of course, Tobias locked her in her room because that’s what you do with too happy people. At least, he checked on her every hour. And we’re back to Tris’s cherry personality when she says “I’ll kill them.” Tobias is more concerned with hiding the hard drive and he figures they should hide it where it was before, behind the dresser. Because Peter won’t look for it again there. Uhm, he probably would look there first. Remember, Peter doesn’t think so highly of you two. Tris is more preoccupied about why she couldn’t fight the peace serum and Tobias thinks it’s because she didn’t want to. I don’t remember her wanting to fight the simulations, but happening rather instinctively. Well, fuck consistency, this stuff is not for books.

Even now, this peace between us comes from not talking about things — about Will, or my parents, or me almost shooting him in the head, or Marcus. But I do not dare to disturb it with the truth, because I am too busy clinging to it for support.

Yep, she can’t trust the guy who she supposedly loves. You know, if you can’t endure some discomfort that inevitably comes with baring your soul, then you shouldn’t be in that relationship. Oh well, I’ll just wait until this whole things blows up in her face. Tris skips dinner, too embarrassed to face anybody, so she decides to climb a tree and keeps busy, because, G-d forbids, she is gonna grief. Luckily for her, she hears cars and figures it’s probably the Erudite. Goody, we’re gonna see those solar shitty cars again. Superhero Tris pulls herself up using one arm and hops from tree to tree to see better with all those injuries she hasn’t recovered from. In the future, recovery might be faster, but it won’t evolve some fucking salve with plant nutrients. It will probably have something to do with stem cells and nanobots. Anyway, she gets on a thin branch and when trying to lift herself higher, the branch snaps. No, it doesn’t kill her because Tris manages to catch the tree trunk and the pain she’s feeling is only gasp worthy.

But approaching the fate are a few moving specks — silver, when the light catches them. Cars with black roofs — solar panels, which means only one thing. Erudite.

What did I tell you? But isn’t it evening? If those cars are solar-powered, how do they work now? Tris jumps off the tree and starts running toward the compound. Oh, and her wound start throbbing a bit. She gets to the cafeteria, finds Tobias and says only “Erudite”. Panic time. He asks if they have time to run and Susan chimes in saying this is a safe house, but Marcus thinks the Amity will have trouble enforcing that. Tobias says Tris has a gun and figures they could fight them. Yeah, genius, just one gun will be sufficient. Does it have infinite ammo like in some games?

“Wait,” I say. “I have an idea.” I scan the crowd of Abnegation. “Disguises. The Erudite don’t know for sure that we’re still here. We can pretend to be Amity.”

Oh, yes, how could you forget that Tris is the only one in this book that has great ideas. Also, she knows everything. Also, aren’t like cameras everywhere in that city? So, the Erudite wouldn’t have to guess where they are, but would pretty much see exactly where they are. And also, assuming those transmitters used for the simulation would be possible, couldn’t they use those to track the 2 idiots? Worldbuilding: making authors’ brains hurt too much to actually use it. Part of Abnegation go to the dormitories to change clothes per Marcus’s request. Tris return to her room to fetch her gun. She almost has a panic attack because she doesn’t want to touch the gun, but then again, she just shoves it in the waistband. Also, she takes her pain medicine and salve, because she just knows something will go wrong.

If the Erudite catch us — which is likely — they will search us, and I don’t want to just hand over the attack simulation again. But the hard drive also contains the surveillance footage from the attack. The record of our losses. Of my parents’ deaths. The only piece of them I have left. And because the Abnegation don’t take photographs, the only documentation I have of how they looked.

Well, I guess your memory is not too good Tris. And who in their right mind would want to keep a recording of their parents’ death? Even to remember their faces. After some back and forth in her mind, she grabs a lamp and bam, smashes the hard drive while crying. She kicks the shards under the dresser and goes back to the others. Caleb warns her she’s wearing gray, but Tris doesn’t want to part with the shirt because it was her dad’s. Caleb offers to keep it under his shirt because they’ll never see it.

“Do you think the Amity will lie for us?” I ask him, leaning out the open doorway. “To prevent conflict?” Tobias nods. “Absolutely.”

Best way to prevent conflict? Deceit, manipulation and drugs, of course. They should put that happy serum on plants too.

The Erudite cars pull up to the compound. There are five of them, all silver with black roofs. […] The cars all pull to a stop, and the doors pop open, revealing at least five men and women in Erudite blue. And about fifteen in Dauntless black.

Question: how does Erudite blue and Dauntless black look like? *sigh* Don’t answer that. 20 people, 5 cars. That means 4 people in each car, so I guess those cars are similar to the ones we have. How unimaginative.  Oh, and the Dauntless have blue strips (not Erudite blue? I’m so confused) around their arms.

Crazy, huh? Click the image for more futuristic cars.

“But there’s no guarantee I can fire it with any accuracy with my left hand.”
“You should work on that,” he says. Always an instructor.

Hello, bunch of enemies incoming and you’re thinking how instructional Tobias is, Tris? He instructs (yep, intentional use) her on how to behave like an Amity girl which basically amounts to being a childlike idiot.

They all head to the dining hall where they have been summoned. Tris pulls some pins from Susan’s hair and makes the kids play tag, so they wouldn’t look so stiff. Uhm, how would they know how to play tag if that kind of behavior is not allowed in Abnegation?

It is amazing how pretending to be in a different faction changes everything — even the way I walk. That must be why it’s so strange that I could easily belong in three of them.

You know pretending to be someone completely different is actually hard. That’s why there is only a handful of good actors and actresses. But apparently everything is so easy for Tris. Shooting guns, throwing knives, running while severely wounded, and acting now. And I wouldn’t say she could easily belong in those three factions. I mean, she transferred from Abnegation because she felt she didn’t belong there.

The Amity don’t ask question; they just let us dissolve into their faction.

They’re probably so high on that freaking serum, they have trouble remembering who’s who.

Johanna comes in with an Erudite woman who doesn’t recognize Tris. Johanna start speaking telling them that their Erudite and Dauntless friends are looking for some people who were here, but moved on. The Erudite still want to search the compound and Johanna asks if anyone objects. The Erudite woman leaves 3 soldiers behind that start walking around the tables.

The back of my neck tingles as one of them walks behind me, his footsteps loud and heavy. Not for the first time in my life, I’m glad that I’m small and plain. I don’t draw people’s eyes to me.
But Tobias does. He wears his pride in his posture, in the way his eyes claim everything they land on. That is not an Amity trait. It can only be a Dauntless one.

So, the guy who instructed her how to behave like an Amity girl, couldn’t handle 5 minutes of acting? Oh well, he’s not Tris and doesn’t have her perfect acting skills. Of course, the Dauntless woman stops and says his hair is short for an Amity, but his response makes her pull back his collar looking for tattoos. And the shit hits the fan. Tobias yanks the soldier, a gun goes off, and Tris freezes & is transported back to the alley where she killed Will. I’m not sure that’s a believable trigger, but whatever.

Tobias starts shooting at the other soldiers, using the Dauntless woman as a human shield. He asks Tris for help, and she pulls out the gun, but can’t shoot event though a man points his gun at her. Caleb grabs the gun, shoots the guy in the knees and Tobias finished the job with a headshot. The Abnegation starts heading towards the doors, and Tris saves Peter’s life when the Erudite woman pulls out a small revolver. They get out and start running.

We sprint down the center aisle of the orchards in a breathless pack. The night air is heavy as a blanket and smells like rain. Shouts follow us. Car doors slam. I run faster that I can possibly run, like I’m breathing adrenaline instead of air. The purr of engines chases me into the trees. Tobias’s hand closes around mine.

Why didn’t take the damn cars? They weren’t so many to begin with. I’m sure Tris would have figured out how to drive a car in 2.9 seconds.

They split up in two groups and run in a cornfield.

There are screams everywhere, to my left, to my right. Gunshots. The Abnegation are dying again, dying like they were when I pretended to be under the simulation. And all I’m doing is running.

Well, if you were too stupid to take the cars, that’s what you get. Tobias, Caleb, Susan, and Tris get to the fence and out by crawling through a hole. Susan asks where the others are because she’s either deaf, or freaking stupid. They continue walking on the train tracks until Susan collapses and starts crying.

Tobias and I look toward the city, which is still illuminated, because it’s not midnight yet.

Yeah, right, let’s illuminate a whole fucking city for a handful of people who live in 3 other headquarters. Because that’s what you do when you’re poor.

I want to feel something. Fear, anger, grief. But I don’t.

That’s everything what is wrong with this book in a nutshell. Emotionless main character. Booooring!

Tobias chews her out for freezing in the dining hall and not killing the guy. She’s like “oh, I panicked, but, shees, it was just a one time thing.” Sure. Can’t wait for it to happen again.

“You think they care that much about us?” I say.
“Us, yes,” he says. “We were probably the only ones they were really after, apart from Marcus, who is most likely dead.”

Yes, I’m pretty sure finding and killing two stupid teenagers is Jeanine’s first priority. Then again, I should look at the cover and remind myself what book I’m reading here. Anyway, blah blah, another emotionless main character (aka Tobias), a clueless girlfriend, two secondary characters who keep going and one arbitrary chapter break. Chapter recap complete.


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