Insurgent Recap – Chapter 8

In which there’s a soap opera plot twist…

We decide to follow the railroad tracks to the city because none of us is good at navigation.

*facepalm* Weren’t they blinded from the lights in the last chapter? Just follow the lights, chaps. Also, how hard would it be to navigate an almost destroyed city with just a few landmarks.

Because Tris was walking on the ties, she feels the vibrations of an incoming train. There’s no light and horn, because reasons. You may ask why is a rogue train running around the city. Well, duh, Jeanine’s top priority is catching those two lovebirds, not stopping trains or anything trivial like that.

Tris thinks they should take the train. Remember, she knows everything. The smart guy asks what if it’s run by the Erudite, but tough guy assures him it’s not because it would be headed toward the Amity compound otherwise. To look for them of course, the most important people in that universe.

Caleb gives Susan step-by-step instructions for getting on a moving train, the way only a former Erudite can.

Yep, only smart people know how to give step-by-step instructions. Everyone else probably express themselves by grunting and pointing. Finally, they jump on the train, no casualties.

I look up, and stop breathing.

Oh, my, I’m scared.

Eyes glitter in the darkness. Dark shapes sit in the car, more numerous than we are.

Imagine those lights are broken.


The factionless.

Phew, I almost died here. See, you can contradict me on Tris just happening to know stuff. It’s dark, but she can figure out that the guys in front of them are the factionless. So, yay, we’re finally meeting the slaves. And all of them are armed. Not so happy I guess.

A factionless man with an eye patch has a gun pointed at Tobias. I wonder how he got it.

Really, book, really? How long has it been since Tris heard Edward being stabbed in the eye? Two fucking weeks? And seeing that man with the eye patch who is 100% Edward doesn’t trigger anything?

Next to him, an older factionless woman holds a knife — the kind I used to cut bread with. Behind him, someone else holds a large plank of wood with a nail sticking out of it.

They just happened to sit up, arms ready, waiting for someone to hit. Makes sense. I mean, really, when I’m travelling by train during the night, I stand closely to the door, bat in hand, ready to strike any stranger that would venture inside my sleeper compartment. Because it would cross my mind to try locking the door with that perfectly functional lock that’s on the compartment door. Just as the factionless wouldn’t think on closing the trains’s doors.

It takes another 2 paragraphs for Tris to figure out that the guy with the patch is Edward. We really needed a description of his clothes and the factionless clothes. They basically wear whatever they want from other factions.

Most items are torn or smudged in some way, but some are not. Freshly stolen, I imagine.

Yeah, because she forgot her mother worked at a volunteering center that brought the factionless clothes and food. This whole thing about their clothes is useless. Crap. An apt editor would have cut the whole thing, yelling “No, no, no!”

The woman tells they have to get out of the train if they want to live and Susan starts crying and begging.

I get the strange urge to hit my head against the wall. Other people’s sobs make me uncomfortable. It’s selfish of me, maybe.

Tris, I really can feel you can belong in any faction. Especially Abnegation. I’m expecting those kind words from you whenever you find yourself with a sobbing person: “Bitch, shut up. You’re messing my mojo.”Really, what’s to like at such an insensitive character?

Edward doesn’t really want them to ride with them and asks what have they done for them. Tris is like “oh, I helped you once”. Honestly, I don’t remember her steadying Edward’s head when he was stabbed. All I remember is her cleaning up the blood. But I’m too lazy now to go back and check that. We’ll let it slide this time. Tobias says his name and everybody lowers their weapons. That’s foreshadowing for something.

“We know someone who’s been looking for you, Tobias Eaton.” [Edward]

Yep, definitely foreshadowing. Too bored to care though.

Tobias knows who that person is, but it’s so hard to explain and him and Tris just shut up all the ride. They get off somewhere close to where Tris lived and of course, she has to remind us she missed the bus once. So important. Tris and Susan jump together. Of course, Susan just falls and scrapes her knee, but not Tris who has such “extensive” train jumping.

The others jump off without difficulty — even Caleb, who has only jumped from a train once before, as far as I know.

The Prior blood: do something once, pick it on forever.

I’m not sure who could know Tobias among the factionless. It could be Drew or Molly, who failed Dauntless initiation — but they didn’t even know Tobias’s real name, and besides, Edward probably would have killed them by now, judging by how ready he was to shoot us. It must be someone from Abnegation, or from school.

Those are the book’s lame attempts to even out Tris’s knowledge about all. By making her look incredibly stupid. My head hurts.

Susan calmed down, Tris and Tobias talk a bit about her wound and how lucky was she brought her pain medicine. Yep, incredibly lucky to have a god author whispering her what to do.

“There will be plenty of time for healing once all this is over.”
“Yeah.” Or it won’t matter if I heal, I add silently, because I’ll be dead.


Tobias gives her a knife to protect herself just in case. They go through a garbage full area, because slaves just like living in filth and wouldn’t think moving that crap further from their HQ or burning it. They enter a crumbling building that would probably fall over them if this book were somewhat realistic. There are lots of people there.

We are in a factionless storehouse, and the factionless, who are supposed to be scattered, isolated, and without community…are together inside it. Are together, like a faction.

What a shock. Of course they would stick together to endure all the atrocities they are exposed to. And Tris is also surprised by how normal they seem. Well, duh, they are still humans. Edward starts leading them towards a she. Tris asks how come the factionless are together. Edward says something about them getting stronger after the Abnegation started feeding them. So, the Abnegation wasn’t feeding them all the time? Cruel, man, cruel.

Tobias, however, winds a loose thread from his shirt around his finger, backward and forward, over and over. He knows who we’re meeting, but I still have no idea. How is it I know this little about the boy who says he loves me — the boy whose real name is powerful enough to keep us alive in a train car full of enemies?

Guys, it’s called talking. That’s how you get to know each other. Uhm, why does Tris believe the factionless are their enemies? Is there anyone in that world who’s not Tris’s enemy?

Apparently, the factionless were waiting for the world to fall apart which is just weird because oppressed people usually fall into 2 categories: the ones that think nothing good will happen to them and they should just lives; and the ones that want change and instigate revolutions.

The door opens, and a severe-looking woman with a lazy eye stands in the doorway.

Uhm, is lazy eye slang for something else other than amblyopia? Because amblyopia is not an apparent condition and I would know because I suffer from that in my left eye. It’s just the brain that didn’t learn to interpret visual stimuli from a particular eye.

Edward goes before them, probably to warn the person they are going to meet. I’m not going to drag this any longer. The person they are brought to is… Evelyn, as in Tobias’s mother who is supposed to be dead.

Just days ago I was remembering her funeral. Her funeral. And now she stands in front of me, her eyes colder than the eyes of any Abnegation woman I’ve ever seen.

Got it, guys? She’s a bitch and we know Tris is never wrong in her first impression. So, yay for us, another stupid enemy or something. Tris figures out that Tobias knew his mother was alive. He tells her he’s only here because they are running from Erudite.

She must have made him angry somehow. But I can’t help but think that if I discovered my mother was alive after thinking she was dead for so long, I would never speak to her the way Tobias speaks to his mother now, no matter what she had done.

Really, Tris, really? You can’t think of a single reason Tobias would hate his mother especially if she’s not dead. This chapters should come with a label like “Idiot Tris” or “Genius Tris”.

Tobias introduces the rest of his party to Evelyn and yep, Tris and Evelyn jab at each other. How great.

On the table behind Evelyn is a large map with markers all over it. A map of the city, obviously, but I’m not sure what the markers mean. On the wall behind her is a chalkboard with a chart on it. I can’t decipher the information in the chart; it’s written in shorthand I don’t know.

Why mention it if it’s not something she understands or have an interest in it? Especially, if after several paragraphs Caleb is going to ask if those are Factionless safe houses and population counts? And why let them see those maps in the first place? Oh, yeah, I forgot that world is full of idiots. Of course, Evelyn answers none of them “for security purposes” and announces it’s time for dinner. She tries to convince Tobias to help them, but he’s not interested.

Her words echo in my mind: Twice the size of Dauntless. When did they become so large?

Duh, Tris. Only the Dauntless discard 10 people each initiation. If these happen with all the other factions, it’s no wonder they are so many.

Tobias tells Tris  he found out his mother was alive an year ago because she send him a coded message. Apparently, she left Abnegation because she had an affair. Oh, goodie, I’ll just wait for a half-brother or sister to appear then. (Please tell me that ain’t gonna happen, I beg you, I won’t be able to stand that) Of course, Tris has to ask why is he angry with his mother. As you have figured out already, it’s because she left him with Marcus. And apparently, that’s the only thing she going to ask him. The thing that’s obvious. Finally they think that the factionless should be their friends, but are not sure of the costs. Yeah, I’m sure your “friends” from Dauntless are gonna frown upon that decision and affect your social status.