Insurgent Recap – Chapter 9

In which characters annoyingly interrupt each other… 

Today at work I decided to check my WordPress and got into my stats page. I almost choked on soda when I read that someone got on my blog by searching “tris finds four masturbating“. And it’s still funny after 4 hours. Dude (or dudette), if you want a saucy read, this is not the book you should be reading. And shame on you for getting my hopes up that something interesting might happen in those books. I’m pretty sure that nothing like that would happen, but I’ll keep my eyes open. Maybe pointing scenes where Four masturbating could have been used.

Back to our chapter. The factionless start a fire in a large metal bowl to heat some cans. And everyone shares the same cans. Uhm, I get it they probably don’t have plates for the sole reason, the author don’t want to give them some, but they could have used old cans as plates. Duh! But you have love the fact they have spoons and forks. I hate cheap characterization, and that’s what it is. Look, the factionless are so barbarian, they don’t even use plates. Eek, disease. And then Edward comes and takes Tris’s can of soup.

Edward asks if they were all Abnegation, and she agrees, but she decides not to tell anyone that Caleb transferred to Erudite. Because it’s not like Edward was Erudite before the initiation. Tris becomes irritated after Edward says she left her family to become Dauntless and tells him he sounds like Candor. Because the Candor are the only one that make judgments in that world. It isn’t like Tris is judgmental or something. Neah.

Therese leans over. “He was Erudite first, actually. Not Candor.”
“Yeah, I know,” I say. “I–”
She interrupts me.

No shit, Sherlock, I though the dash was self-explanatory. Therese if you don’t remember was that woman guarding Evelyn. Not that is important or something.

Surprised Tris didn’t react like this

“So was I. Had to leave, though.” [Therese]
“What happened?”
“I wasn’t smart enough.” She shrugs and takes a can of beans from Edward, plunging her spoon into it. “I didn’t get a high enough score on my initiation intelligence test. So they said, ‘Spend your entire life cleaning up the research labs, or leave.’ And I left.”

Honestly, I think the lower limit for that test is 50 or something. Look at how Jeanine behaves and tells me she’s so so smart. And apparently, she is the smartest of Erudite. Go figure, how the rest are. Also, what’s so bad at cleaning up research labs? Sound better than living in the gutter.

Most of the factionless are Dauntless who failed the initiation, old Dauntless, some Erudite, some Candor, a few of Amity and some Abnegation refugees. So, most of them know how to use weapons and are reckless, but they are still waiting for the world to fall apart, instead of fighting? Yeah, sure, whatever you say book.

Oh, oh, oh, the book is trying to redeem Peter? It says here that Edward incited Peter by winning one of those stupid battles, even though that probably didn’t pose sufficient justification for stabbing. I can’t wait to see why Peter almost raped and killed Tris. Probably from too much love. Edward feels better hearing Peter was shot by Tris, and Tris feels a little sick.

“Dauntless is split in half,” Edward says, talking around the food in his mouth. “Half at Erudite headquarters, half at Candor headquarters. What’s left of Abnegation is with us. Nothing much had happened yet. Except for whatever happened to you, I guess.”

But how does he know all that? It’s not like the factionless have an active role in this whole clusterfuck, so logically they should be clueless.

Tris and Tobias finish eating and they find a corner for them to sleep. Tris starts running her hand on his back and Tobias wishes they were alone. Ahem. Tris falls asleep and it’s funny how she still thinks about how easy is for her to fall asleep those days, even though she’s sleeping apparently. But she wakes up just in time to snoop in on a conversation between Tobias and his mother.

Tobias fishes for information on the pretense of helping them. He asks about that stupid map.

“Your friend was correct in thinking that the map and the chart listed all of our safe houses,” she says. “He was wrong about the population counts… sort of. The numbers don’t document all the factionless–only certain ones. And I’ll bet you can guess which ones those are.”

Yeah, let’s not drag that. They are documenting the Divergent. Either there are a lot of Divergent (not so special, after all), so Caleb could have thought those numbers were actual population counts. Or Caleb is stupid.

Evelyn knows which factionless are Divergent, because the Abnegation tested them for “a certain genetic anomaly.” Oh, G-d, why did those word appear there? Genetic anomaly. I bet this author knows as much about genetic anomalies as I know about quantum mechanics. And I don’t know anything about quantum mechanics. Honestly, I find the mere idea of certain ways of thinking being genetic anomalies, just downright insulting. It’s like saying people can’t become more than their genes. Think about the epigenome that reacts to the environment. Yeah, research is hard, I know. Let’s stick to writing less research intensive genres then, ok?

Tobias asks why do the factionless have a high Divergent population. Actually Evelyn just assumes that’s what he’s going to ask. She says it’s obvious because people who can’t confine to a particular way of thinking would leave the faction or fall the initiation. Or they could just pretend they are whatever faction. So, it’s not really that obvious. Tris seemed pretty comfy with the Dauntless.

Tobias finally asks his question: why does Evelyn care how many Divergents they are. She wants to know which people are resistant to simulations in case the Erudite wants to use the factionless the way they used the Dauntless. Evelyn doesn’t know why the Abnegation was testing the factionless. Like we were expecting her to know. It’s probably the thing Marcus knows and it’s going to be revealed like at the end of this volume, or at the end of the series. See if we still care by then, book.

“Perhaps you should ask your father about it,” she says. “He was the one who told me about you.”

HA! What did I just tell you?

Marcus suspected that Tobias was Divergent and she thought he would be safer with Marcus. Yeah, what can happen wrong with an abusive father? She wants to apologize, but Tobias doesn’t let her.

“We want to usurp Erudite,” she says. “Once we get rid of them, there’s not much stopping us from controlling the government ourselves.”

Uh-huh. I wonder what will go wrong with that plan. Probably a lot, because let’s just remember what book we’re reading. Anyway, Tobias laugh in her face, but Evelyn says she doesn’t want a tyranny, but a society without factions.

My mouth goes dry. No factions? A world in which no one knows who they are or where they fit? I can’t even fathom it. I imagine only chaos and isolation.

So, the most Divergent of Divergents, cannot fathom a world without factions? Not a very different way of thinking then. Actually, I think that’s more of a glimpse inside the author’s mind. Most graduates don’t know where they fit even though they finished a college. Hell, a lot of people of many ages don’t know where they fit and struggle to find their place. I still do and I’m predicting a long, hard road in front of me. That would be an interesting topic to explore, but more so in NA book, not in a YA one.

Evelyn wants to somehow destroy the Erudite. Probably a bomb-filled warehouse will appear somewhere in the city. She wants Tobias to bridge the gap between the factionless and the Dauntless. The not brain-controlled Dauntless. He says he’s not important and she’s like you become important. Tobias goes back to Tris, but before she could say anything about her not trusting Evelyn, or the factionless, he falls asleep. I’m still waiting for the person Tris will trust and not bad mouth.

No reason for this pic, except… Ryan Gosling!

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  1. I am so, so glad that other people share my frustration at these novels. The internal inconsistencies, the abandoned plot lines, and the poor attempts at bravery and romance drove me absolutely nuts. I very much enjoy you taking the mickey out of them. Cheers!

    • Thanks! I’ll try to continue with the next chapters, but the second book really makes me lose focus.

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