Insurgent Recap – Chapter 10

In which Tris continues to be all-knowing and there’s a plot twist

I can’t believe it’s almost August and the last recap I wrote was in May. Life’s really messing with my mojo. Or this book. Or work. Or whatever. But let’s get through another chapter and hope will not be extremely annoyed. Which is a long shot.

I run my hand over the back of my neck to lift the hair that sticks there. My entire body aches, especially my legs, which burn with lactic acid even when I am not moving. And I don’t smell very good. I need to shower.

This is how this chapter starts. Let’s gloss over the fact that muscles don’t burn because of the lactic acid which is a misconception, but rather from small tears that occur when you don’t have enough oxygen in your body to feed your muscles. And if you’re muscles burn while not moving, you would probably not move at all because it would be excruciatingly painful to move. Fact that won’t stop Tris from making somersaults and other ridiculous feats of strength later in the chapter. Nope, my actual problem is with the showering. They are leaving with the factionless now and I’m expecting that all of them stink like hell. So, they should have get used to that. Also, if most of the city is abandoned and in ruins, it probably smells like shit and it’s full of rats.

But no, the factionless actually have running water in a fucking abandoned warehouse. Because that’s how the world works in this novel, wasting resources everywhere. So, Tris goes to the bathroom where she’s fazed by the naked women. If there were naked men, she would have probably fainted. Susan comes to her rescue and holds a towel (they even have stupid towels) to block the view of Tris.

“How are you?” she says.
“I’m fine.” I know she’s only asking because faction rules dictate that she does. I wish she would just speak to me freely.

How could you not love the all-knowing Tris? Instead of showing us how Susan is acting while asking that question, she’s just telling us the conclusion. Great writing, amazing. But what stops Tris from speaking freely if she’s Divergent?

Susan tells her about a factionless warehouse she wants to go to because there are a lot of Abnegation refugees there. Tris is like “oh, great for you, what am I going to wear now because those clothes are dirty and it’s too hot.” Tris holds the towel so Susan can clean herself and Susan says how she thought they were gonna live next to each other, go to parties together, etc.

I bite my lip at that. It is my fault, of course, that that was never a possibility, because I chose another faction.

Apparently, if Tris hadn’t chosen to switch factions, the Erudites would have been chilled and waited for a hundred years to seize power. Sure, makes perfect sense.

I also like how Susan has to ask for spare clothes, as Tris seems incapable of doing that, but she has the complaining part down completely.

When I enter the large room again, some of the factionless are walking out with buckets of paint and paintbrushes. I watch them until the door closes behind them.
“They’re going to write a message to the other safe houses,” says Evelyn from behind me. “On one of the billboards. Codes formed out of personal information—so-and-so’s favorite color, someone else’s childhood pet.”

Yep, messages in plain sight because the Erudites aren’t the smart faction apparently. They aren’t studying cryptography probably. But the factionless are.

This whole thing with codes was put here just to show us how intelligent Evelyn is and that she was originally an Erudite. Also, she has to let us know that Tris’s father was an Erudite. Wait, wasn’t that obvious until now? Why does Tris acts so surprised?

I imagine my father, a grown man, sitting next to Jeanine, a grown woman, at a lunch table in my old cafeteria, a book between them. The idea is so ridiculous to me that I half snort, half laugh. It can’t be true.

Well, you should probably have imagined them like kids.

Then, she starts threatening Evelyn, saying she knows she’s trying to manipulated Tobias. And of course, Evelyn confirms that because she couldn’t think of any way to manipulate Tris. Why are all the characters so stupid? Why? Tris leaves her to eat some peanut butter. At least, the book got it right that peanut butter is high in fat and protein.

Should I tell him what Evelyn just told me? I don’t want to make him think that he has Erudite in his blood. I don’t want to give him any reason to return to them.

What? When did Tobias went to the Erudites? Am I missing something? I know I took a break from reading, but I would have remembered something so outrageous like this. Of course, Tris decides to keep all to herself. Healthy relationship. I envy them so much.

Caleb tells her that he wants to go with Susan to the rest of the Abnegation. He asks her if she wants to go with them too.

 But I am teetering on the edge of grief’s mouth, and if I returned to my parents’ old faction, it would swallow me.

Failed attempt of a metaphor. Do not try this at home. Ever.

Tris responds she must to the Candor headquarters and find out what’s happening. She reassures Caleb she’ll be fine. Tobias comes out from wherever he was hiding.

Our eyes meet across the room, and I know it’s time to leave.
Candor headquarters is large enough to contain an entire world. Or so it seems to me.

Yes, there’s no transition between Tris being in the factionless warehouse, talking with Caleb and her being in front of the Candor headquarters. Fuck chapter breaks or other literary devices. I guess Roth just got bored with them slumming in the factionless place and wanted to get to the good part. I mean, I hope there’s a good part.

The Candor headquarters are in a building called the Merchandise Mart, but because some letters fell off, people called it now the Merciless Mart. Apparently, the Candor are merciless, but honest. That doesn’t really compute in my head.

Any idea were those letters are?

They stand at the doors, Tris thinking how they could be nobodies if they remain with the factionless. How Tobias didn’t tell her about the conversation and that maybe he’s planning something without her. Bla bla. Doesn’t really convince that Tris has a conscience.

They go inside the well-lit lobby (wasteful again) where they find a lot of Dauntless soldiers. Candor’s personal army I guess. They ask them to identify themselves and Tobias does that for both of them. The Dauntless asks them if they are armed and then start disarming them.

“I’m sorry,” she says. “But we were instructed to arrest you upon your arrival.”

BAM. Plot twist. But they will probably be thrown in some shit hole and wait for something while we get super bored.

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