Insurgent Recap – Chapter 11

In which space is filled with words until Tobias and Tris are given the truth serum… Filler chapter

The Dauntless soldiers move them to the third floor, in a cell-like room. They don’t even read their rights or tell them why they are arrested, because reasons.

Every faction is supposed to have holding rooms for those who make trouble, but I’ve never been in one before.

So, every factions have cells for their misbehaving members, and still everyone believes the whole faction system is great? And why is this coming up now? Tris because of her Divergence might have gotten in trouble when she was little and put in a cell. But that would have been a believable storyline and we know this book doesn’t do that.

If he had any idea why we were in here, he would tell me, so I don’t ask.

Useless sentence. Good for cutting when editing. Tris starts pacing and thinking why they were arrested. She concludes that Candor must think they sided with the Erudite and she remembers killing Will and shooting others.

Tobias asks her to calm down. She comes to sit next to him, hugging her knees to her chest tighter and tighter. Such an amazing couple. I’m so envious. What I wouldn’t give to sit next to my boyfriend like that.

“Sometimes,” he says, “I worry that you don’t trust me.”

Noooo, Tobias, what makes you say that? Maybe because you two haven’t been together for more than a month and you almost killed her?

Tris responds that she does trust him. Lie. And when he asks if there’s something she’s hiding, but she avoids his questions

[…] confessing that I shot one of my best friends would be easy, where I would not be afraid of the way that Tobias will look at me when he finds out what I did.

Oh, please, he’s going to find out and we are going to find out how he’ll look at her, so I drag this whole shitty storyline further? It’s not like Tobias didn’t kill anyone while under the simulation, so he should be feeling guilty too. Stupid.

Next, this guy, Jack Kang, some Candor leader comes to tell them why they are arrested. Apparently, he’s a young leader because he’s only 39. This kind of details could have been revealed in the first book. And I’m still not sure what’s the average age for a faction leader. But who cares anyway?

Despite his good looks, he isn’t known for being charming, probably because he’s Candor, and they see charm as deceptive.

*Snort*. That’s probably why most of the Candors are lawyers, because we all know lawyers are the most uncharming human beings ever.

“They told me you seemed confused about why you were arrested,” he says. […] “To me that means either you’re falsely accused or good at pretending.”

Yes, those are the only two possibilities. They cannot be confused by being thrown in a cell upon arrival without any explanation.

Basically, Tris was right (when is she ever wrong?) that they are accused of siding with the Erudite. Apparently, the video footage was sent to other computers, because computers send information to each other by magic and they don’t actually need a network to communicate on. Nope, it’s all magic, but the government keeps it a secret and fools us with fiber optics mumbo jumbo.

Tris tries to say what actually happened, but Jack interrupts and tells her the truth will come out because they are going to be interrogated with the truth serum. Veritaserum, FTW! Pardon me, truth serum. To be used on certain people in certain circumstances when convenient. Like now. I mean how else is everybody gonna find out Tris killed Will?

If you don’t remember from book 1 and can’t guess, the truth serum is that serum that makes people spill all their secrets. Tris is kind of reticent, because duh, but apparently you can’t refuse because that means you have something to hide. Those guys are Einsteins.

“[…] Don’t bother preparing for it. You can’t withhold information while under the influence of truth serum.”

Oh my, I bet Tris can. I mean, she’s the super Divergent, guys, she can resist any serum.

Then there’s a bathroom scene, where Tris is amazed by the fact she kind of aged in just a few days. Sure, let’s buy this. It’s probably the unhealed shoulder wound.

The sight of him used to fill me with nervous excitement. I remember when I grabbed his hand outside the training room, just for a few seconds, and when we sat together on the rocks next to the chasm, and I feel a pang of longing for how things used to be.

Tris, sweetheart, if you feel like this after a few fucking days, you shouldn’t be with the guy. Anyway, they eat, Tobias asks her what she’s hiding again, she gives a vague answer and goes to sleep. She’s awoken up by some Dauntless coming in and she’s reunited with Christina who looks tired and grayish. How does one look grayish, book?

Unless I fight the serum, swallow the truth–if I can.

Please, book, foreshadow more. It ain’t enough if you just remind us every few paragraphs.

Christina asked to escort her and she breaks the news about Will, thinking Tris doesn’t know. Tris says that she knows coming up with the lie that she saw him dying on the monitors. I guess Christina will be more pissed because of the lie.

“Don’t worry about the truth serum,” she says. “It’s easy. You barely what’s happening when you’re under. It’s only when you resurface that you even know what you said. I went under when I was a kid. It’s pretty commonplace in Candor.”

“You’re saying that you didn’t break that vase. Let’s put you under the serum. Mwahahaha!” – Candor parent

We find out that Uriah, Lynn, Marlene are okay, but Zeke (Uriah’s brother) is a traitor. Yeah, I don’t remember that guy. He’ll probably pop up at a later time. They get to the interrogation room which is a super large room with echo. In the center of the room, there are 2 chairs and the symbol of Candor, an unbalanced scale. All the Candor and Dauntless are gathered in the room and apparently there isn’t enough room for all of them. So I guess that room ain’t that large after all.

They are going to be questioned by Niles and Tobias is going to go first.

The air in the room is warm–moist, summer air, sunset air–but I feel cold.

If you feel cold, how do you know it’s actually room? And what is sunset air? WTF?

He also takes an antiseptic wipe from his pocket and offers it to Tobias. We didn’t bother with that kind of think in Dauntless.

I’m sure all Dauntless suffer from some STDs or Hep C. That’s why they die so young, but this book omits to say. And the chapter ends with Tobias being injected with a bluish liquid and Tris remembers about the time Jeanine injected him with a new simulation.

Dauntless philosophy.


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    Please write another one! Can’t wait to hear what you say! You have a wonderful voice and are very funny! Have you considered writing yourself?

    • Thank you! I’m actually working on the next chapter recap. I’m trying to pull myself together to write a novel and have a lot of ideas. Trouble finding the time though 😦

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