Insurgent Recap – Chapter 12

In which Tobias and Tris are interrogated, and it’s like a damn recap of everything that happened until now…

The dreaded interrogation begins and it’s everything you would expect. Niles starts by asking Tobias his name and he answers “Four”.

Maybe it isn’t possible to lie under the truth serum, but to select which version of the truth to tell: Four is his name, but it is not his name.

We really needed that last explanation part. Because readers are stupid and don’t remember stuff from previous chapters. Also, I guess the first part is foreshadowing.

Niles insists on finding out his real name, but Tobias kind of resists answering which means he has a strong will and something to hide. It probably doesn’t mean the serum is bad or something, you know. Finally, Tobias answers the question and everybody recognizes that name.

Surnames are just an additional means of identification, useful only to prevent confusion in official records. When we marry, one spouse has to take the other’s surname, or both have to take a new one.

Uhm, I don’t know about you, but there are probably thousands of people that have the same name as me. I have a fairly common name. So, using a combination of name and surname isn’t enough to identify people. That’s away social security numbers or other national numbers exist. I don’t get why a society in the future would give up this fairly convenient way of identification.

Niles asks Tobias if he’s a transfer. Duh, Niles, duh. But that’s just a convenient way for Tobias to admit that he basically run away from his father. All Candor start murmuring “Thank you for your honesty which reminds me of phrases that people murmur during sermons.

It’s not cruelty, maybe, but a desire to understand, that motivates them.

Well, it’s still cruel because the truth serum is forcefully administered. There are better ways to understand people. Next, we get to the good part. Neh, who am I kidding? There’s no good part, but Niles starts asking questions about the attack. Tobias mentions he wasn’t under the simulation at first because he’s Divergent. Christina asks Tris if she’s Divergent too and when Tris confirms, Christina is in awe.

“I heard about it when I was young,” she says in a reverent whisper.
Definitely awe.
“Like it was a fantasy story,” she says. “‘There are people with special powers among us!’ Like that.”

Great, Christina, make Tris even more special than she is, because that’s what this book needs.

He [Tobias] seems to have an easier time with the truth serum when he answers factual questions instead of emotional ones.

Well, Tris, I think that happens even when you’re not under the truth serum. It’s easier to answer factual questions.

Tobias explains about the attack simulations, but I don’t want to get started again on the impossibility of long-range transmitters especially in that society. Then he talks about the Divergent-specific simulation like he fucking invented it. No, let me show you.

“When a simulation is running, your eyes still see and process the actual world, but your brain no longer comprehends them.”

That’s like the worst understanding of how the brain works I have ever read. You know, if Roth was 10 when she wrote this, there would have been an excuse. But she was 2o something. And she has access to wikipedia and other specialized websites.

“The nature of this new simulation was that it recorded my emotional responses to outside stimuli,” Tobias says, closing his eyes for a few seconds, “and responded by altering the appearance of that stimuli. The simulation made my enemies into friends, and my friends into enemies. I thought I was shutting the simulation down. Really I was receiving instructions about how to keep it running.”

Yeah, I could have lived without this shitty explanation. Human beings have complex emotions. For me, there aren’t people who are my friends and people who are my enemies. There are people I like, people I slightly hate, people I despise with a passion, people I should hate but I actually admire, people with whom I’m friendly but I don’t necessarily like, etc. And those emotions evolve in time based on my interactions with them. The whole idea of altering perceptions instantly is kind of ludicrous. Even the fact that Tobias realizes this, even though he was under the simulation, so he has no idea what he really saw, is idiotic. But readers needed an explanation, right?

Christina nods along to his words, I feel calmer when I see that most of the crows is doing the same thing. This is the benefit of the truth serum, I realize. Tobias’s testimony is irrefutable this way.

These people are idiots. What if someone really believes something, but it ain’t true? Still, it would be regarded as truth if said during the influence of the truth serum.

Tobias describes the moment when Tris got into the control room and he thought she was a Dauntless soldier, but he got confused because she surrendered instead of killing him.

“I think my conflicted emotions confused the simulation,” he says. “And then I heard her voice. Somehow, that enabled me to fight the simulation.”

The power of love, guys!! Bleah. Let’s just think that the computer that ran Tobias’s simulation burnt or something because it was an old piece of shit. Finally, Niles asks Tobias what are his regrets and Tobias says choosing Dauntless. He was prepared to leave and become factionless, but then he met Tris. Tobias felt that he was a coward for running from his father and that he’s not worthy of his faction. Which actually makes sense. But then Tris has to ruin the moment.

I expect the Dauntless to let out indignant shouts, maybe to charge the chair and beat him to a pulp. They are capable of far more erratic things than that. But they don’t.

What’s the point of this paragraph? I mean, we all know the Dauntless are reckless, but that doesn’t mean they are made of stone and can’t understand where Tobias comes from. Next, it’s Tris’s time. She wonders if she can fight the serum, but she shouldn’t because it would be better to come clean. So, I guess we know what she’ll do. She injects herself with the serum because she’s hardcore. The interrogation is pretty similar. They ask her her name, why she transferred. Tris explains she was selfish, but she became more selfless in Dauntless. They ask her what happened on they day of the simulation and we know the answer already. Of course, being so Divergent she manages to not tell the whole truth about Will.

She has to remind us why she did stop fighting Tobias in the control room and it’s not because she gave up. Nooo, she was smart because she remembered something she did in a fear simulation. I don’t care enough to rehash all that. Just remember, Tris is smart and never gives up. She admits that she’s Divergent too. Finally, we get to the regrets question and she says she killed Will. But it’s not because of the truth serum, it’s because she wanted to tell Tobias and Christina. And finally, this chapter is over.

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