Beautiful Disaster – Chapter One : Red Flag

Guys, I decided to start recapping yet another awful book, so I won’t die of boredom from Insurgent. So, I present you the cover of our new guest. When I first saw this cover, I actually thought it was beautiful, even though I dislike butterflies. But it’s not your run-of-the-mill erotica or romance. But then, I read several quotes, several disturbing quotes and I said to myself I got to recap this. Let’s begin. We meet our protagonist, Abby, in an underground fighting ring, a place where she doesn’t belong. Her words, not mine. She’s there with her best friend, America (stupid name) and Shepley (another stupid name), America’s boyfriend. Everything around them is very animated, people are betting. A guy blasts a horn and starts making an announcement.

“Welcome to the bloodbath! If you are looking for Economics 101…you are in the wrong fucking place, my friend!

Actually, stupid asshat, black markets and illegal fights are the best place to look for economics as those places are not regulated.

If you seek the Circle, this is Mecca.

Circle. What an imaginative name for a fighting ring. The asshat, named Adam btw, continues rambling about the rules. Not interesting.

So don’t use your hos to scam the system, boys!

As we all knew, “hos” never bet. That’s an activity restricted only to manly men, and women are there for eye candy and a little fuck I guess. So, why is Abby there?

With a pink cashmere cardigan and pearl earrings, I felt like a schoolmarm on the beaches of Normandy.

Scoolmarm. Learned a new word. Who the fuck goes dressed like this to a fight? A complete idiot. Abby is there because America dragged here there. America frequently accompanied Shepley to those fights. Each fight is held in a different place and announced only an hour before. Honestly, I think an hour would be enough time for the campus police to hear about. Shepley knew about those fights because his cousin/roommate was a fighter.

As a freshman, he was rumored to be the most lethal competitor Adam had seen in the three years since creating the Circle. Beginning his sophomore year, Travis was unbeatable. Together, Travis and Shepley easily paid their rent and bills with the winnings.

Confused Jim Jefferies Confused Jim Jefferies

Do they get a percent from the bettings? How big could that chunk of money be if there are only about 50 drunken guys there? And why would anyone bet against Travis if he’s so lethal? Why bother going to the fights at all if you know who always win? The first contender comes in and I’m not going to bother writing about him.

The crowd quieted to a dull roar, and my hands shot to my ears when music blared through large speakers on the other side of the room.

So, Abby has issues with loud sounds? I wonder what the people around said looking at her.

“Our next fighter doesn’t need an introduction, but because he scares the shit outta me, I’ll give him one, anyway! Shake in your boots, boys, and drop your panties, ladies! I give you: Travis ‘Mad Dog’ Maddox!”

See? Ladies are only good at dropping their panties. Travis strolls into the center. He’s the typical bad boy: muscles and tattoos. Abby loses sight of the fight, so she pushes forward to see better. It will probably revealed later that she feels a magnetic pull towards Travis or something like it happens in those type of books. Shepley asks her what she’s doing, but there’s a fight right next to them and oh no, blood splatters on Abby’s face and cardigan. I guess she looks like a murderer schoolmarm now. And the other guy is down. Travis comes in front of Abby as she’s suffering from paralysis and we get a rehash of his bad boy looks. He has brown eyes in case you’re wondering. Someone shoves her, and Travis catches her and tells the guy off. Of course, the love interest must catch somehow the main character when they meet. It’s a must, erotica writers. Take notes.

His stern expression melted into a smile at the sight of my short, and then he dabbed my face with a towel.

You know, if I saw a guy smiling when he sees blood, I would ask myself a very important question. Is this guy disturbed?

“Sorry about that, Pigeon.”

Blood, pink cashmere, pearl, pigeon. I’m not making the connection. So, Travis compliments her sweater and America comes to ask Abby what was she thinking. Abby’s like “I came to see a fight.” while smiling. She’s disturbing too. Then Shepley comes to admonish her some more because she and America weren’t even supposed to be there. Probably because they are not hos. Only dropping-panties hos are allowed there. Abby and America return to their dorm room. Or is it only Abby’s dorm room. America sneers at Kara, Abby’s roommate just because. And then makes a stupid joke about Abby’s famous nosebleeds because of the sweater, you know. America leaves and sends a text to Abby that she’s sleeping at Shep’s. So, they are roommates. The next day, Abby’s having lunch with Shepley and America. Well, Abby wanted to sit alone, but the chairs around her filled with frat members and football team members. Then Travis comes. With 2 blondes!

One of them sat on Travis’s lap; the other sat beside him, pawing at his shirt.

I can’t even. America says something nasty, the lap blonde calls her a skank, so Travis naturally lets her drop to the floor. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen! I mean it’s nice he cares about his friend (they are friends, right?), but he’s still an asshole. The blondes leave, hand in hand, and they were apparently sisters. Ewww? Nothing happens until Travis stands up, stops where Abby is sitting and stares at her. Creepy. Shepley reminds him that she’s America best friend.

He oozed sex and rebelluosness with his buzzed brown hair and tattooed forearms, and I rolled my eyes at his attempt to lure him.

Erotica writers, if your love interest doesn’t ooze sex then he’s not sex god. Don’t ever forget about oozing sex. I feel like killing someone whenever I read that phrase. Travis asks America since when does she have a best friend and America reveals that she knows Abby since junior year. I think the next part is Travis flirting with Abby, Abby being annoyed and trying to get rid of him. Why can’t she have like a normal conversation with the guy? Polite and distant if she’s not interested. Oh, she’s probably interested, but not a slut. America warns Travis to stay away. Shepley chips in that he won’t stop because Abby told him no. Another fucking trope. Abby smiles with no reason at Travis. Oh, I think he made a lame joke. Travis whispers something in America’s ear. Apparently, he wants her to bring Abby to the apartment.

“You’re a smart girl, Abby. I’m telling you now, if you fall for his shit and then end up getting mad at him, you can’t take it out on me and America, all right?”

That’s so considerate of Shep. Who wouldn’t want friends like this? What if Abby gets hurt, Shep? Then what? Well, he continues to explain how one night stand between Travis and his girl’s best friend, means no more girl for Shep. That’s like some girl code I never heard about, but then again I’m an awful friend, so wtf would I know about it. This chapter is neverending, guys. Abby apparently has something dark in her past and that’s why she came to Eastern where nobody knew. I can’t wait to find more about that dark thing. Hopefully, it’s not sexual assault. It’s sad that after reading so many book, that’s what I’m hopping. Let’s see if McGuire can pull something different. So, no spoilers. She gets to class. I’m not sure what class it is. And, surprise, Travis is there, sliding next to her. So, how come she never noticed him before? Especially if he’s followed by hos always. Travis is like “Yay, my note-taking slave is here”, Abby is still acting annoyed. Then, she declares she’s not sleeping with him. Oh, honey, you will. Give it a few chapters.

“I’m not a Barbie twin or one of your little groupies up there,” I said.

Oh my, those girls were twins???? What is this place with a never-ending supply of groupies and twins-wanting-threeesomes?

Troy Community Okay Now Im Really Mad Okay, Now Im Really Mad (Community)


Travis decides to not wait for America to bring Abby, so he invites her himself.

The more he smiled, the more I wanted to hate him, and yet it was the very thing that made hating him impossible.

Remember the twins, Abby! How he dropped that one on the floor. See, easy to hate. The teacher comes in and the “Ugly Presidents’ Wives” class begins. I guess it’s a History class, but my version rules. At the end of the class, Travis stalks Abby to asks her again to come to his house. But they are interrupted by a brunette, and Abby bitches about her sugary tone. Yeah, Abby, all the other girls are bitches that want to be bagged by Travis, so you have to show us your full disgust even though you’re not interested in Travis. Finally, Abby relents and agrees to come to his house that night. Then, another guy appears, Finch who’s friends with Abby and America since orientation. Yay, another character with a stupid name. Finch of course disapproves of Travis, whatever. Bye bye, Finch. Later that night, Abby goes to Travis looking homeless. America’s words.

Please take a look at this homeless look. Abby thinks that if she looks unattractive, Travis will leave her alone. Yeah, that’s how guys work.

Hipster-ish, right?

The predictable posters of half-naked women and stolen street signs were on the walls, but it was clean, […]

Can someone enlighten me why are those things predictable for a college student? Is this an American thing? I’m serious, I don’t know. Then, Travis comes along and flaunts how smart he is and how he finished his History paper already. And he has only As. In all classes.

“What, you don’t think a guy covered in tats and that trades punches for living can get the grades?

love animated GIF

Apparently, he makes more money fighting than working at the mall. I say he would probably make more by working. We also learn that Travis learned to fight because he had an alcoholic dad and 4 asshole brothers. Oh, but everything’s fine now.

I was experiencing more of a disoriented, nauseated feeling than giggly infatuation, and the harder he worked to make me smile, the more unsettled I felt.

If that’s not love, I don’t know what it is. That’s a magic smile. Travis asks Abby if she ate, and America gets the title of shittiest best friend saying that Abby didn’t. But hey, it’s time for us to check another good trope: bad boy with motorcycle. Of course, he promises to go slow, but for good girl Abby he drives like the maniac. Also, I like how neither of them wears helmets.

I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, Pigeon.

I’ll believe it when you give her a helmet and proper boots, Travis. So, in the restaurant there are a bunch of Eastern students whose only occupation is keeping track of Travis’s life. The waitress gets a high just from looking at Travis, that’s how hot he is. Then, Travis and Abby talk some more about Abby’s shitty attitude.

I just don’t like being a foregone conclusion for the sole reason of having a vagina.

Who talks like this? Honestly, Travis hadn’t come on to her too hard. He was disturbing in other ways. Anyway, Travis concludes they have to be friends. She agrees as long as he stops trying to get into her pants.

Other stuff we find out this chapter:
– Travis is a Criminal Justice major
– He’s a local (that means we get to meet his family I guess)
– The soccer team likes to laugh at Travis, but are pussies and run when seeing that Travis might come after them
– Travis’s mom died when he was young
– Random bullshit about his brothers
– Abby’s major is General Ed, leaning toward Accounting (why does she need History for that?)
– Abby’s from Wichita and had to get away from her parents
– Travis has a temper (shocking)

What we don’t find out:
– When is this shit happening? Beginning of the student year, middle of it?
– Are America and Abby roommates?
– Is Abby a virgin? I need to know if this trope appears now.
– Eastern is actually this university? I find it weird that there would be an underground fighting ring in a Christian university. And a large number of hos. And drunken Christians betting of fights results.
– How many students are there and how many worship Travis

On the bright side, we’re 8% done. It’s good the chapters are longer than in Divergent.


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