Beautiful Disaster – Chapter 3 : Cheap Shot

This chapter starts with Finch and Abby talking about his persistent new friend, aka stalker. So, Finch is gay and no threat for Travis. Glad we got that out of the way so soon.


And then we find out it’s okay for a guy to stalk Finch because free drinks. Well, Finch, enjoy your free drinks in exchange of your privacy. Let’s hope you don’t get one laced with rape drug.

Travis comes in the picture, so goodbye Finch. Abby needs to go to her dorm room and Travis asks if she’s staying there instead with him. He become increasingly noisy asking what does she needs from the room which leads to Travis approving the idea that Abby should shave her legs as they are scratching him. Yep, all this happens in front of Finch. Of course, Abby gets annoyed because everyone assumes they are sleeping together (really, the rest of the students need a life or something. Just play LoL!) and Travis’s joke is making everything worse. Travis is amused by the whole situation. Because when someone is trying to express his concerns, it’s best to be amused.

“It’s not funny. Do you want the whole school to think I’m one of your sluts?”
Travis frowned. “No one thinks that. And if they do, they better hope I don’t hear about it.”

Alpha Travis: punching people into changing their opinions. Somehow, this leads Abby to think that people believe she’s pathetic (because she’s with Travis while he’s continuing his “shameless” lifestyle). And naturally, the only solution is for them to stay apart for a while. Travis is like “neh, no one thinks we are together”, and Abby is all like “well, they don’t know what to think as you’re only bagging and chucking women”, so Travis solution is “Let’s go clubbing!”

“How will going out to dinner and then to a club fix the problem? When people see us out together it will make it worse.”

Thank you, Abby. Exactly my thoughts.

He straddled his bike. “Think about it. Me, drunk, in a room full of scantily clad women? It won’t take long for people to figure out we’re not a couple.”

If he didn’t like Abby, that would make sense. But he does as he doesn’t like the idea of Abby bringing a guy home.

“Some random girl is going to follow us home from the bar? That’s how you’re going to make it up to me?”
“You’re not jealous, are you, Pigeon?”
“Jealous of what? The STD-infested imbecile you’re going to piss off in the morning?”

I hate Abby. What, if a girl likes to have one night stands, she’s suddenly an imbecile with an STD? But if a guy likes to have one night stands, then that’s fine and dandy? And we’re wondering that in our society, victim’s blaming is so common. Travis’s only reaction after this exchange is to laugh. To laugh! Idiots.

Travis drives to his apartment building, twice the speed limit and no helmets. They survived. Unfortunately. In the apartment, they invite America and Shepley to join them. The whole going out thing marks the transformation from Cardigan-Pearl-Abby to Sexy Abby in black dress and hot pink heels.

They eat in a sushi bar where they are too loud and obnoxious because fuck other people, this is Trav and Abby’s non date. Apparently, they had a night’s worth of drinking before they got to the club. Guess how they get to the club? Fucking driving of course. This book is full of good habits already. Travis asks Abby about her and America’s flawless IDs. She gives a mysterious answer, but drunken America chips in saying Abby has connections. Mob connections? Meh, I don’t really care, but Travis do, so I’m guessing this little thing will pop up later in the book.

America drags Abby for a dance the moment they get into the club, but when they return to the bar a voluptuous blonde is all over Travis, making America scrunch her face. Honestly, it seems like America likes-likes Travis more than Abby does. Shepley says that it’s going to be like that all night.

“It looks like Vegas threw up on a flock of vultures,” America sneered.

Uhm, I don’t even know what to make of these. I’m asking again: why is America so jealous? She doesn’t even know if Abby likes Travis, so you can’t say she’s jealous on Abby’s behalf.

Travis is more or less of an asshole when he orders two drinks, but when the blonde picks it up, he pulls it from her hand and hands it to Abby. I know this is supposed to be gentleman-y or something, but it’s a douchebag move. How in the world is he charming? Of course, Abby drinks just to spite the blonde and she walks away. Travis goes on about how he wouldn’t buy drinks for chicks (except Abby of course, because she’s different. TWU WUV!)  Again, how does anyone sleep with a guy that can’t be bothered to buy you a drink? Stupid book.

No worries, it gets even worse. Abby mentions something about him being a guy with no standards. Here’s his wonderful response.

“First of all… I have standards. I’ve never been with an ugly woman. Ever.”

Say what, Trav? You’re treating beautiful women like shit and they’re so happy to sleep with you. I don’t think so. The only explanation is that he pays hookers to come in bars and come on to him to maintain his alpha male reputation, and then he takes them to his place to “bag” them. I mean, he fucks them on his couch. There must be a good reason for that.

Next, he says how he wanted to sleep with her and how he thought about throwing her over the couch fifty different ways, but now he thinks she’s better than that. Well, gee, he found out she’s not a hooker so the above scenario wouldn’t work. Finally, they go to the dance floor.

Travis had me near panic with the way he pressed against me. If he used any of those moves on the couch, I could see why so many girls chanced humiliation in the morning.

Fuck you, book!

So, they dance and feel each other up of course until Travis starts kissing her neck. Abby gets annoyed as always, and returns to the bar. She’s pissed because that won’t change other people’s opinion about them. People that have absolutely no hobby in life except watching Travis’s love life. He doesn’t care about what other people think (pfft, why would he hire hookers, then?) and gets very angry when Abby tells him she won’t get drunk enough to have sex with him.

They are interrupted by a stunning girl, Megan who is “bouncing in all the right places” (LOOOOL) and wants Travis to introduce her to his girlfriend. He just finishes his beer and slides it down the counter (“Everyone waiting to order watched it until it fell into the trash can at the end.” Omg, people in this book really have a very unhealthy obsession with this book. Or the author has a very unhealthy obsession with her characters). He tells Megan that Abby is not his girlfriend and they go to dance. Pardon me, to maul each other while Abby watches and is super judgmental.

A guy comes onto Abby, using the number one pickup line “You look pissed”. After they establish that Travis is not her boyfriend, the guy introduces himself as Ethan. He is a graduate, living one hour away, but visiting his little sisters. Abby tries to flirt with the guy, but surprise Travis interrupts them asking Abby if she’s ready to go. And in just under a minute, Travis manages to threaten Ethan to almost kill him and the guy just leaves. Awesome.

Abby and Travis follow Shepley and America to the car, Abby not wanting to hold hands with Travis. He takes very well as you can presume and says he should kiss her because she’s ridiculous for being annoyed with him kissing her neck. It was a very friendly thing to do I guess. Blah, blah. Finally, Travis informs Abby that Ethan was arrested for sexual battery last year. Ooookay. Finally, while apologizing for kissing her, he calls her beautiful, and that just puts Abby in a very good mood.

At the apartment, we all stumbled through the door.

Please, if you can remember one thing from this, it should be DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE. I just saw enough families shattered because of stupid drunk drivers, that I beg you not to drive and drink.

I saw that Travis had brought me one of his T-shirt and a pair of his boxers to change into.

Finally, she gets into bed with Travis, fighting the urge to kiss him, but she snuggles against his chest after a boring conversation about Ethan. And still, this chapter isn’t over.

Morning comes, and Abby is horrified to wake up in Travis’s arms.

The lines were becoming blurred, and it was my fault.

You could drink less around the guy, Abby. And maybe not go out with him in clubs. Anyway, she goes to grab some water and she stumbles into Shepley that warns her Travis will do something stupid to piss her off.

“[…] He doesn’t get close with anyone very often, and for whatever reason he’s let you in. But you have to overlook his demons.”

Ugh, everything revolves around fucking Travis. And how did Travis let Abby in? Just because he let her sleep in his bed. Shepley goes to wake up America (very important info) and Travis comes into the kitchen to ask Abby about her birthday coming up. She says that maybe Mare will take her to dinner and she invites Travis to come. So, he basically auto-invited him to her birthday dinner. We also find out that Travis’s birthday is on April 1st, haha, and I guess that’s Travis opening up.