Beautiful Disaster – Chapter 3 : Cheap Shot

This chapter starts with Finch and Abby talking about his persistent new friend, aka stalker. So, Finch is gay and no threat for Travis. Glad we got that out of the way so soon.


And then we find out it’s okay for a guy to stalk Finch because free drinks. Well, Finch, enjoy your free drinks in exchange of your privacy. Let’s hope you don’t get one laced with rape drug.

Travis comes in the picture, so goodbye Finch. Abby needs to go to her dorm room and Travis asks if she’s staying there instead with him. He become increasingly noisy asking what does she needs from the room which leads to Travis approving the idea that Abby should shave her legs as they are scratching him. Yep, all this happens in front of Finch. Of course, Abby gets annoyed because everyone assumes they are sleeping together (really, the rest of the students need a life or something. Just play LoL!) and Travis’s joke is making everything worse. Travis is amused by the whole situation. Because when someone is trying to express his concerns, it’s best to be amused.

“It’s not funny. Do you want the whole school to think I’m one of your sluts?”
Travis frowned. “No one thinks that. And if they do, they better hope I don’t hear about it.”

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Beautiful Disaster – Chapter 2 : Pig

Hope there’s lots of bacon in this chapter.


Familiar faces filled the seats of our favorite lunch table.

Oh, so this is high school now. Gonna find out about the geeks, the cheerleaders, etc. Sadly, that would be an improvement for this book.

“Hey, Brazil,” Shepley said, greeting the man sitting in front of me.

Hello, poorly named character. Take a seat next to America, please. The guy is a football player which isn’t important probably. Because Travis appears and sends Brazil away. I guess that’s why football players don’t like Travis. Poor manners, Trav. Just let people eat in peace.

“What is that?” I asked, unable to look away from his tray. The mystery food on his plate looked like a wax display.

No bacon, then?

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Beautiful Disaster – Chapter One : Red Flag

Guys, I decided to start recapping yet another awful book, so I won’t die of boredom from Insurgent. So, I present you the cover of our new guest. When I first saw this cover, I actually thought it was beautiful, even though I dislike butterflies. But it’s not your run-of-the-mill erotica or romance. But then, I read several quotes, several disturbing quotes and I said to myself I got to recap this. Let’s begin. We meet our protagonist, Abby, in an underground fighting ring, a place where she doesn’t belong. Her words, not mine. She’s there with her best friend, America (stupid name) and Shepley (another stupid name), America’s boyfriend. Everything around them is very animated, people are betting. A guy blasts a horn and starts making an announcement.

“Welcome to the bloodbath! If you are looking for Economics 101…you are in the wrong fucking place, my friend!

Actually, stupid asshat, black markets and illegal fights are the best place to look for economics as those places are not regulated.

If you seek the Circle, this is Mecca.

Circle. What an imaginative name for a fighting ring. The asshat, named Adam btw, continues rambling about the rules. Not interesting.

So don’t use your hos to scam the system, boys!

As we all knew, “hos” never bet. That’s an activity restricted only to manly men, and women are there for eye candy and a little fuck I guess. So, why is Abby there? Continue reading