Insurgent Recap – Chapter 10

In which Tris continues to be all-knowing and there’s a plot twist

I can’t believe it’s almost August and the last recap I wrote was in May. Life’s really messing with my mojo. Or this book. Or work. Or whatever. But let’s get through another chapter and hope will not be extremely annoyed. Which is a long shot.

I run my hand over the back of my neck to lift the hair that sticks there. My entire body aches, especially my legs, which burn with lactic acid even when I am not moving. And I don’t smell very good. I need to shower.

This is how this chapter starts. Let’s gloss over the fact that muscles don’t burn because of the lactic acid which is a misconception, but rather from small tears that occur when you don’t have enough oxygen in your body to feed your muscles. And if you’re muscles burn while not moving, you would probably not move at all because it would be excruciatingly painful to move. Fact that won’t stop Tris from making somersaults and other ridiculous feats of strength later in the chapter. Nope, my actual problem is with the showering. They are leaving with the factionless now and I’m expecting that all of them stink like hell. So, they should have get used to that. Also, if most of the city is abandoned and in ruins, it probably smells like shit and it’s full of rats. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 8

In which there’s a soap opera plot twist…

We decide to follow the railroad tracks to the city because none of us is good at navigation.

*facepalm* Weren’t they blinded from the lights in the last chapter? Just follow the lights, chaps. Also, how hard would it be to navigate an almost destroyed city with just a few landmarks.

Because Tris was walking on the ties, she feels the vibrations of an incoming train. There’s no light and horn, because reasons. You may ask why is a rogue train running around the city. Well, duh, Jeanine’s top priority is catching those two lovebirds, not stopping trains or anything trivial like that. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 7

In which Erudite, Erudite, Erudite alarm!

So last time we left Tris high on a happy serum that took several hours to clear. Of course, Tobias locked her in her room because that’s what you do with too happy people. At least, he checked on her every hour. And we’re back to Tris’s cherry personality when she says “I’ll kill them.” Tobias is more concerned with hiding the hard drive and he figures they should hide it where it was before, behind the dresser. Because Peter won’t look for it again there. Uhm, he probably would look there first. Remember, Peter doesn’t think so highly of you two. Tris is more preoccupied about why she couldn’t fight the peace serum and Tobias thinks it’s because she didn’t want to. I don’t remember her wanting to fight the simulations, but happening rather instinctively. Well, fuck consistency, this stuff is not for books. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 4

In which blah, blah, blah,  Abnegation got bored with the Amity…

“Biotechnology has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t always very efficient,” Caleb says.

Pfff, antibiotics. Super inefficient, you know, it’s not like they saved millions of people. I know this chapter is a “goodie” from the way it starts.

“But Erudite scientists developed this highly effective mineral solution a while back. It was better for the plants than dirt,” he says. “It’s an earlier version of that salve they put on your shoulder — it accelerated the growth of new cells.”

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Insurgent Recap – Chapter 3

Guys, I have a confession to make: this book is boring. Every time I’m finishing a chapter, I have no desire to read the next one. Because nothing really happens. Not yet at least. Could anyone tell in what chapter the action starts in this book? So, I’ll have something to look forward too. And if it doesn’t at all, shhhh!

Last chapter, Tris and Tobias were at the Amity meeting and figured they won’t stay long there. Tris returns to her room, checks her gun is still there and has a mild panic attack. Why? What is she feeling except she’s suffocating? There are thoughts running through your head when having a panic attack. Like “I’m dying”, “I don’t want to die”, “Am I having a heart attack”, “Something is very wrong”. Been there, done that. All she thinks is “Pull it together”. And poof, she feels better. No breathing exercise, no reassuring thoughts, nothing. Panic attacks are horrible, guys. Sometime you can’t even calm yourself and need to pop an anti anxiety pill. It’s not a joke. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 2

In which the highlight of the chapter is Tris getting a haircut…

Tris wakes up after the dreamless potion effect wears off. She remembers Will, wonders why didn’t she shot his hand, and almost screams. Angst over. She hides her gun under the mattress. Apparently she’s in pain today because the adrenaline rush is gone. Given the things she went through she should have slept a couple of days, not just a few hours.

The corner of the hard drive peeks out from under my pillow, where I shoved it right before I fell asleep. On it is the simulation data that controlled the Dauntless, and the record of what the Erudite did.

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Divergent Recap – Chapter 37

Tris concludes that as long as they leave the Abnegation sector, they won’t encounter any difficulties. Because Jeanine is stupid and didn’t think to secure the area, so no one escapes. Because everyone is stupid in this book except Tris. She is going to the Dauntless compound with Caleb who apparently knows the most about the Erudite plan, Marcus who is good with computers because we all know that being good with computers is a genetic trait, not an acquired skill, and Tris’s father who is just observing or something. The others are running toward Amity, away from the so-called war.

We stand next to the railroad tracks, which will carry us into danger.

WTF? The train is still running? Why? The Erudite are really dumb then. Seizing means of transportation should have been a fucking priority to make sure no one escapes. Tris tells us how natural is for her to jump on trains, even though she has done that like 5 times only. They all manage to jump on the train and Tris thinks that Jeanine probably sent most Dauntless soldiers to the main entrance, above the Pit, so they should try the back entrance. Because no one thought to install security cameras there.

Marcus says that she probably regrets joining the Dauntless, but she shakes her head and says she learned how to be selfless because being brave and being selfless are often the same thing. I think Tobias said something like that, so she didn’t really learn that but heard it.

Tris tells them they have to jump at her signal, and Caleb is worried that they are seven stories up. I would be too.

If I survive, I will undoubtedly go on to do far more difficult things than even that, like live without a faction, something I never imagined possible.

Yeah, you keep telling us that, Tris, how horrible it is to be factionless. But why not be free? Leave the city, see what’s out there. Why does nobody talk about that?

She lets her father and Marcus jump first, so they would jump a shorter distance. Her father, Caleb and she make it, but Marcus almost fall. Caleb and her dad haul him on the roof.

Somewhere inside me, a vicious chants: fall. fall, fall.

The sociopath emerges again. Only when it comes to killing Eric, godly thoughts come into her mind. Stupid book.

The thought of what comes next has me preoccupied. It is one thing to ask people to jump off a train, but a roof?
“This next part is why I asked about fear of heights,” I say, walking to the edge of the roof. I hear their shuffling footsteps behind me and step onto the ledge. Wind rushes up the side of the building and lifts my shirt from my skin. I stare down at the hole in the ground, seven stories below me, and then close my eyes as the air blows over my face.

They jumped seven stories from a moving train, Tris. Jumping seven stories from a roof should be easier. Her advice is just jump, nothing about how they should keep their posture. Not that she knows anything about that, because apparently she loses her balance and “drops like a stone”. She hits the net with her shoulder which doesn’t start bleeding because it’s not like she got stitches about an hour ago. Caleb jumps on the net, but then hits the platform hard because Tris doesn’t help him. Her father hits the net, and Caleb helps him across. Why don’t we have a book from Caleb’s perspective? Her father also vomits because? Reasons.

“Do you have a plan, Beatrice?” my father says.
“Yes.” And it’s true. I do, though I’m not sure when I developed it.

Well, it’s not a plan then if you didn’t thought about it. It’s just an idea, Tris and it is probably stupid. Oh, what I’m talking about? It’s Tris’s idea, so it must be the best idea ever. They start walking down the hallway to the Pit. When they hear a gunshot, they drop to the ground. After she asks if everybody’s okay, she starts doing some Bond moves, so whoever is shooting won’t see her in the dark.

Guess who is the guard shooting at them? Evil Peter. I guess we should prepare for something annoying now.

Cold slips over my skin and around my heart and into the pit of my stomach.
His face is tense–he isn’t a sleepwalker. He looks around, but his eyes search the air above me and beyond me. Judging by his silence, he does not intend to negotiate with us; he will kill us without questions.

As I said, annoying. Why isn’t he mind-controlled? When did the leaders approach him? One hour after the banquet? Before the fear landscape test? And more importantly, why? He was sixth. Tris kicks him in the groin, and he drops his weapon, so Tris picks it up and she presses the barrel to his head. And we get the. answer to my why question.

“The Dauntless leaders…they evaluated my records and removed me from the simulation,” he says.

Why him? WHY? Why not Uriah who was second? There’s some talk about how Peter’s murderous or not, and a liar. She asks him where are the computers. He says she won’t shoot him.

“People tend to overestimate my character,” I say quietly. “They think that because I’m small, or a girl, or a Stiff, I can’t be cruel. But they’re wrong.”

Yeah, I don’t think anyone says that Tris. Especially after you’re fight with Molly and your harsh words to Al. Do I have to mention the way you killed Will? Anyway, Tris just shoots him in the arm, because everyone evil in this book doesn’t deserve a headshot. Those are for friends only.

Peter screams like any human being shot. Tris asks him again where are the computers. He responds that they are listening and agrees to help her with the condition that she will take him with them.

It feels like a choice, but it isn’t. Every minute that I waste staring at Peter, thinking about how he haunts my nightmares and the damage he did to me, another dozen Abnegation members die at the hands of the brain-dead Dauntless army.

The nightmares we never get to experience, and really what’s the damage? I don’t feel like that experience changed her. Also, I like how we evolved from sleepwalker to brain-dead. Finally, she agrees. Well, you can kill him later, Tris, after you find out what you want. There’s nothing stopping you.

The rest of her party comes behind her, and her father takes off his long-sleeved shirt and ties it around Peter’s arm, asking Tris if it was necessary to shoot him. Marcus says that sometimes pain is for the greater good which triggers Tris to think about what he did to Tobias. Well, I don’t think child molestation is for the greater good, Marcus. Maybe for your own good, to blow off some steam. Tris thinks that’s something Dauntless to say and I’m thinking if everyone in that society is okay with child beating. Except the Erudite who released the reports about Marcus.

Tris gets Peter up to walk to Caleb’s outrage. She asks Peter where to, so they head to the glass building, eighth floor. Tris and her father start a small fight about shooting people, which is totally useless as Caleb breaks them apart before they could say anything meaningful.

Her father huffs and puffs because he’s old according to Tris, and old people are unfit or something. except when they have to climb 20 flights of stairs. He wasn’t huffing then. Anyway, they arrive to the metal stairs that take them to the glass building. Tris watches the guards movement, then she’s very bratty with her dad asking him if she should let the people there kill her.

“Go,” he says, “and God help you.”

New God reference! Just because.

Bond time again. She shoots the first guard to his death, the next one in the arm. Why could’t you shoot Will in his shooting arm too, Tris? She gets another gun. She shoots another guard and rips her stitches. They were rip long time ago in my opinion. The next guard she encounters is Divergent and he lets her go, fleeing afterwards. She hands one gun to Caleb, so he would stay behind with Marcus and Peter and keep guard. Her real reason is for Caleb to stay safe and not die.

My head pounds. I haven’t eaten; I haven’t slept; I haven’t sobbed or screamed or even paused for a moment.

Am I reading another book or what? She went to a banquet and ate, and then went to sleep. Then, she woke up to find everyone else mind-controlled. She sobbed and screamed after she killed Will. She paused when her father took the bullet out and in the train. Fucking whiny brat.

She enters the elevator with her father and he thanks her for protecting Caleb. Outside the elevator, at the eight floor, there are two guards who are startled by them. And her father shoots them, killing one of them. So, yeah, the fight about shooting people was pointless. More guards appear from the left hallway and Tris figures the computers are in that direction. Her father runs down the right hallway as bait for the Dauntless soldiers before Tris could stop him.

My father fires over his shoulder at the guards pursuing him, but he is not fast enough. One of them fires at his stomach, and he groans so loud I can almost feel it in my chest.

How poetic! Both her parents die from gunshot wounds in the stomach. I guess it’s bye-bye, unnamed father character.

The guards are under the simulation; they keep moving even when the bullets him them, keep moving until their hearts stop, but they don’t reach my father.

Because the father kills them all before dying. Don’t the soldiers need muscles and brains to move, besides heart?

Tris is upset about his death, almost crying, almost giving up. But she pushes herself further because she has to save the Abnegation members, and she gets to the control room. There are dozens of screen there with parts of the city.

One of the screens has a line of code instead of an image. It breezes past faster that I can read. It is the simulation, the code already compiled, a complicated list of commands that anticipate and address a thousand different outcomes.

*facepalm* That’s like a scene taken from a very bad hacker movie. Code is compiled before it is running most of the time. Something that breezes past fast would be something totally unusable in software terms. It’s not the stock market, FFS. Also, it should have a nice user interface, which isn’t so hard to make. And I thought that the program was an AI bot which would have made more sense, not a dumb list of commands.

And Tobias is there, in a chair, in front of the screen. Yay, I can’t wait for the next chapter. *sarcasm*


Divergent Recap – Chapter 36

In which Tris does something horrible, but she’s still super special…

Despite being in immense pain, Tris continues to run. She’s followed by three Dauntless soldiers who fire at her. She dives into an alley because it’s not like she’s been shot in the shoulder or anything. She remebers the Dauntless killed her mother, so she fires in the direction of the soldiers and she kills two of them. She points her gun to the last soldiers, but she doesn’t fire because the last soldier is Will. Who is mindless and ready to shot her. But she’s faster. Continue reading