Insurgent Recap – Chapter 12

In which Tobias and Tris are interrogated, and it’s like a damn recap of everything that happened until now…

The dreaded interrogation begins and it’s everything you would expect. Niles starts by asking Tobias his name and he answers “Four”.

Maybe it isn’t possible to lie under the truth serum, but to select which version of the truth to tell: Four is his name, but it is not his name.

We really needed that last explanation part. Because readers are stupid and don’t remember stuff from previous chapters. Also, I guess the first part is foreshadowing.

Niles insists on finding out his real name, but Tobias kind of resists answering which means he has a strong will and something to hide. It probably doesn’t mean the serum is bad or something, you know. Finally, Tobias answers the question and everybody recognizes that name.

Surnames are just an additional means of identification, useful only to prevent confusion in official records. When we marry, one spouse has to take the other’s surname, or both have to take a new one.

Uhm, I don’t know about you, but there are probably thousands of people that have the same name as me. I have a fairly common name. So, using a combination of name and surname isn’t enough to identify people. That’s away social security numbers or other national numbers exist. I don’t get why a society in the future would give up this fairly convenient way of identification. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 11

In which space is filled with words until Tobias and Tris are given the truth serum… Filler chapter

The Dauntless soldiers move them to the third floor, in a cell-like room. They don’t even read their rights or tell them why they are arrested, because reasons.

Every faction is supposed to have holding rooms for those who make trouble, but I’ve never been in one before.

So, every factions have cells for their misbehaving members, and still everyone believes the whole faction system is great? And why is this coming up now? Tris because of her Divergence might have gotten in trouble when she was little and put in a cell. But that would have been a believable storyline and we know this book doesn’t do that. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 10

In which Tris continues to be all-knowing and there’s a plot twist

I can’t believe it’s almost August and the last recap I wrote was in May. Life’s really messing with my mojo. Or this book. Or work. Or whatever. But let’s get through another chapter and hope will not be extremely annoyed. Which is a long shot.

I run my hand over the back of my neck to lift the hair that sticks there. My entire body aches, especially my legs, which burn with lactic acid even when I am not moving. And I don’t smell very good. I need to shower.

This is how this chapter starts. Let’s gloss over the fact that muscles don’t burn because of the lactic acid which is a misconception, but rather from small tears that occur when you don’t have enough oxygen in your body to feed your muscles. And if you’re muscles burn while not moving, you would probably not move at all because it would be excruciatingly painful to move. Fact that won’t stop Tris from making somersaults and other ridiculous feats of strength later in the chapter. Nope, my actual problem is with the showering. They are leaving with the factionless now and I’m expecting that all of them stink like hell. So, they should have get used to that. Also, if most of the city is abandoned and in ruins, it probably smells like shit and it’s full of rats. Continue reading

Divergent Recap – Chapter 28

In which Tris breaks a rule and evil Erudite and double-evil Eric appear…

This is the longest chapter of the book. So, I’ll complain a lot. Tris goes outside where she hasn’t been in a long time (a week) and it’s very cold. Is it winter outside? Or what? I like stories to be placed in time, at least season-wise. But that’s me I guess.

At least I accomplished one thing: I convinced Peter and his friends that I’m no longer a threat. I just have to make sure that tomorrow, when I go through my own fear landscape, I prove them wrong. Yesterday failure seemed impossible. Today I’m not sure.

First of all, Tris, you didn’t prove anything. Four proved he’s a jerk, but your brain still doesn’t register that. Also, it’s not like Peter would have killed her or something if she performed well in Lauren’s fear landscape. Secondly, you kind of failed once. Just once. “Failing is bad” is an awful message to send to the readers, especially young readers. I believed it when I was younger, and all it got me was depression, the bad kind. I still feel depressed sometime. It took me some time to realize that you can’t always “win” and you sometimes fail, but it’s not so bad. You have to learn to embrace failure and rise from it, not go and crawl under a rock when it happens. Continue reading