Best of Community – Season 1, Best Episode

There is only one best episode of Season 1 and I think everyone agrees.


– It starts pretty normal: a guy on a skateboard trying to bring back disco, Shirley talking about her kids, Jeff and Britta bickering, the Dean announcing a game of paintball assassin. See, normal.

– Jeff, annoyed by the talk about him and Britta, goes to sleep in the car

– 1 hour later, the whole campus is transformed into a paintball battlefield. Hell broke loose.

– Troy and Abed in fighting mode.

– The prize: Priority Registration. I can see why everyone’s behaving crazy.

“Checkmate, bitches! And tell the drama club their tears will be real today.” — Jeff, said while taking out the chess club

– Pierce formed an alliance with Star-Burns. And then, he shoots Star-Burns so it can be with the other guys.

– The girls’ tactic of killing guys in the bathroom was awesome.

– The guys and the girls merge alliances. They go outside and they are attacked by the Glee Club.

“Troy made God mad.” –Shirley. Troy is killed right after he says the two of them should ally to kill the others.

– Disco Stu!

“Oh, my God, you’ve been hit” — Britta
“What? Oh, no! Wait, wait. It’s blood. I thought it was paint, but I’m just bleeding. Talk about luck.” — Jeff

– The Dean freaks out. So he puts Chang in the game, who apparently plays paintball 3 times a week.

– Jeff and Britta are finally doing it. On the study group’s table. And then, Britta tries to kill Jeff. But Jeff took out the paintballs.

– OMG, Chang with the paintball gun machine. And with the golden guns!

– Slow motion à la Matrix scene between Chang and Britta.

– Chang with paintball grenades. Laughing as a madman.

– Dean in its ivory tower.

– Jeff gives Shirley the priority registration. AWW!