Insurgent Recap – Chapter 12

In which Tobias and Tris are interrogated, and it’s like a damn recap of everything that happened until now…

The dreaded interrogation begins and it’s everything you would expect. Niles starts by asking Tobias his name and he answers “Four”.

Maybe it isn’t possible to lie under the truth serum, but to select which version of the truth to tell: Four is his name, but it is not his name.

We really needed that last explanation part. Because readers are stupid and don’t remember stuff from previous chapters. Also, I guess the first part is foreshadowing.

Niles insists on finding out his real name, but Tobias kind of resists answering which means he has a strong will and something to hide. It probably doesn’t mean the serum is bad or something, you know. Finally, Tobias answers the question and everybody recognizes that name.

Surnames are just an additional means of identification, useful only to prevent confusion in official records. When we marry, one spouse has to take the other’s surname, or both have to take a new one.

Uhm, I don’t know about you, but there are probably thousands of people that have the same name as me. I have a fairly common name. So, using a combination of name and surname isn’t enough to identify people. That’s away social security numbers or other national numbers exist. I don’t get why a society in the future would give up this fairly convenient way of identification. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 11

In which space is filled with words until Tobias and Tris are given the truth serum… Filler chapter

The Dauntless soldiers move them to the third floor, in a cell-like room. They don’t even read their rights or tell them why they are arrested, because reasons.

Every faction is supposed to have holding rooms for those who make trouble, but I’ve never been in one before.

So, every factions have cells for their misbehaving members, and still everyone believes the whole faction system is great? And why is this coming up now? Tris because of her Divergence might have gotten in trouble when she was little and put in a cell. But that would have been a believable storyline and we know this book doesn’t do that. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 10

In which Tris continues to be all-knowing and there’s a plot twist

I can’t believe it’s almost August and the last recap I wrote was in May. Life’s really messing with my mojo. Or this book. Or work. Or whatever. But let’s get through another chapter and hope will not be extremely annoyed. Which is a long shot.

I run my hand over the back of my neck to lift the hair that sticks there. My entire body aches, especially my legs, which burn with lactic acid even when I am not moving. And I don’t smell very good. I need to shower.

This is how this chapter starts. Let’s gloss over the fact that muscles don’t burn because of the lactic acid which is a misconception, but rather from small tears that occur when you don’t have enough oxygen in your body to feed your muscles. And if you’re muscles burn while not moving, you would probably not move at all because it would be excruciatingly painful to move. Fact that won’t stop Tris from making somersaults and other ridiculous feats of strength later in the chapter. Nope, my actual problem is with the showering. They are leaving with the factionless now and I’m expecting that all of them stink like hell. So, they should have get used to that. Also, if most of the city is abandoned and in ruins, it probably smells like shit and it’s full of rats. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 9

In which characters annoyingly interrupt each other… 

Today at work I decided to check my WordPress and got into my stats page. I almost choked on soda when I read that someone got on my blog by searching “tris finds four masturbating“. And it’s still funny after 4 hours. Dude (or dudette), if you want a saucy read, this is not the book you should be reading. And shame on you for getting my hopes up that something interesting might happen in those books. I’m pretty sure that nothing like that would happen, but I’ll keep my eyes open. Maybe pointing scenes where Four masturbating could have been used. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 8

In which there’s a soap opera plot twist…

We decide to follow the railroad tracks to the city because none of us is good at navigation.

*facepalm* Weren’t they blinded from the lights in the last chapter? Just follow the lights, chaps. Also, how hard would it be to navigate an almost destroyed city with just a few landmarks.

Because Tris was walking on the ties, she feels the vibrations of an incoming train. There’s no light and horn, because reasons. You may ask why is a rogue train running around the city. Well, duh, Jeanine’s top priority is catching those two lovebirds, not stopping trains or anything trivial like that. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 7

In which Erudite, Erudite, Erudite alarm!

So last time we left Tris high on a happy serum that took several hours to clear. Of course, Tobias locked her in her room because that’s what you do with too happy people. At least, he checked on her every hour. And we’re back to Tris’s cherry personality when she says “I’ll kill them.” Tobias is more concerned with hiding the hard drive and he figures they should hide it where it was before, behind the dresser. Because Peter won’t look for it again there. Uhm, he probably would look there first. Remember, Peter doesn’t think so highly of you two. Tris is more preoccupied about why she couldn’t fight the peace serum and Tobias thinks it’s because she didn’t want to. I don’t remember her wanting to fight the simulations, but happening rather instinctively. Well, fuck consistency, this stuff is not for books. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 6

In which we’re gonna play a game of “Guess the Potion”…

Oh my, how I missed those chapters that start with Tris waking up. This time she wakes from the buzz of Tobias’s electric razor. Short moment of affection and then Tris goes back to her room. But not before Tobias’s lends her a pair of shorts. So, I was right: she had no panties. I know, I’m so crass, but I’m trying to find the interesting parts in this book.

Guess who’s expecting her? Dum dum dum. PETER! Finally, some drama. Tris asks him to get out, but he’s looking at her without his usual malice. So maybe he’s good now. But Tris informs us it’s just an act, so for sure he’s still evil, guys. He asks why is she following Marcus. Why are you following her, Peter?

“I’m here because  I don’t know why you get to keep track of that hard drive,” he says. “It’s not like you’re particularly stable these days.”

What? I mean, I would have expected unstable things from Tris, but she’s basically doing nothing. She eats, sleeps and makes out with Tobias. Anyway, Tris wants to know why he’s interested in the hard drive and he says it contains more than the simulation data. Really? That’s new. But she doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s going to defect to the Erudite and needs the hard drive for that. He calls her an Abnegation-loving faction traitor. She’s like “you are such a psychopath you would’ve left your family to die.” Fun stuff.

“Careful what you say about my family, Stiff.” He moves with me, toward the dresser, but I carefully shift so that I stand between him and the drawers. […]
His eyes shift to the dresser behind me, to the left side, where the hard drive is hidden. I frown at him, and then notice something I didn’t before: a rectangular bulge in one of his pockets.

Why does he linger in her room if he already took the driver? Even more why is he moving in the direction of the dresser? This is stupid. Tris demands the hard drive back otherwise she’ll kill him in his sleep. They start fighting, and of course Tris is uber powerful. It’s not like Peter tried to rape and kill her, or even kicked her ass once. Nope.

Amity starts gathering around them and some grab Tris away from Peter. Apparently she’s acting like a crazy person. She yells that Peter has the drive and Tobias gets the drive. Afterwards, he reprimands Tris and let the two Amity men take her wherever.

The graying Amity man opens a door on the left. A label on the door says CONFLICT ROOM.
“Are you putting me in time-out or something?” I scowl. That is something the Amity would do: put me in time-out, and then teach me to do cleansing breaths or think positive thoughts.

I don’t think those two things are something bad. I mean I take relaxing breaths and try to think positive thoughts. They help coping with stress. The old man tells her to sit, she’s like “I won’t do that again.” The old man keeps saying they must follow protocol.

All their voices are so soft. Not hushed, like the Abnegation speak, always treading holy ground and trying not to disturb. Soft, soothing, low — I wonder, then, if that is something they teach their initiates here. How best to speak, move, smile, to encourage peace.

I’m not sure encouraging peace entails only smiles and soft voices. Otherwise they would tell those guys in the Middle East to just smile and speak softly to resolve everything. Tris eventually sits down and hears the old guy fumbling with something behind her. Apparently, he’s making tea, but Tris doesn’t think that’s the solution. She says they should throw Peter out of the compound. And here comes the interesting part:

“You have no idea what he did to deserve those things.” My cheeks get hot again and mimic my heartbeat. “He tried to kill me. And someone else —  he stabbed someone else in the eye… with a butter knife. He is evil. I had every right to –”
I feel a sharp pain in my neck. Dark spots cover the man in front of me, obscuring my view of his face.
“I’m sorry dear,” he says. “We are just following protocol.”

Ok, so this girl tells you about this guy who tried to kill 2 people and you’re like: “Yeah, let’s drug her.” Problem solved. I’m asking again: how are these fucking factions still standing? There should have been someone smart at some point who would have gamed the system. People escape from maximum security prisons. Someone could have manipulated his way to the top and wreck some havoc.

The old guy injected her with a bright green serum, which again is an unusual color. Do they dye all the serums so they won’t confuse them or what? Tris is dizzy and she doesn’t feel angry anymore, but good. Now you can start guessing what potion is this. She asks where to find Tobias and you have to read this:

“Four, I mean. He’s handsome, isn’t he? I don’t really know why he likes me so much. I’m not very nice, am I?”

This serum makes her very loose-lipped. And uninhibited.

And it does seem like a silly thing, slamming your fist into someone else’s body. Like a caress, but too hard. A caress is much nicer. Maybe I should have run my hand along Peter’s arm instead. That would have felt better to both of us.

This passage is wrong. It gives you the impression she is kind of attracted to Peter, the guy who sexually assaulted her and tried to kill her. WTF? It’s a way of condoning his behavior, albeit subtle.

Also, she’s transformed into clumsy Bella who can’t take a fucking step without stumbling or falling. Let me ask another question. Why is this serum working on her while the rest aren’t? All the serums affect the brain in some way, so her reaction should be similar. She could figure out it’s just an illusion of happiness.

Tris finds Tobias, giggling and swaying. She kisses him, but he’s too preoccupied to figure out why she’s acting like a total moron. She wants to kiss some more.

“That’s why you like me!” I exclaim. “Because you’re not very nice either! It makes so much more sense now.”

Yeah, sure, you’re two fucked up people who liked each other. How hard was that to figure out?

Tobias takes her to see Johanna. Tris continues to act like an idiot. Johanna says that they must have given Tris too much of the peace serum. Goodie, the bright green thing has a name. And it has a calming effect and improves the mood. You know, there are drugs that improve the mood, but they don’t transform you into a total retard. Tobias guesses that she probably dumps this stuff in the water supply to keep the peace. But she denies that.

Tobias informs her that they are leaving soon and throws some insults, just for fun. But apparently, Johanna disagrees privately with her faction about their decision to remain uninvolved in the conflict between Erudite and Abnegation. Well, they aren’t really maintaining peace. They are just pretending there’s no conflict. Stupid faction. Tobias says that they will be leaving in two days.

“Four,” she says. “If you and your friends would like to remain… untouched by our serum, you may want to avoid the bread.”

Spiked bread, huh? That’s just great: drugging all the faction to keep up “peace”.

So, have you guessed the potion similar to the serum?
Potions club

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 5

I didn’t forget about this book. I just went through some changes in my life including a new job I’m very excited about. But no more slacking on my recaps. Last time, we left Tris wanting to know the truth, a truth only Marcus knows. Usually I would get super excited and want to find out more, but I figure it’s just gonna be something stupid.

Tris follows Marcus after breakfast into the filtration building. The description of the building is hilarious: small building with a few huge machines that take the dirty water and just purify it. There’s a difference between waste water treatment and drinking water treatment. And purifying water can be a time consuming process, not just something that happens in a second. Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 4

In which blah, blah, blah,  Abnegation got bored with the Amity…

“Biotechnology has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t always very efficient,” Caleb says.

Pfff, antibiotics. Super inefficient, you know, it’s not like they saved millions of people. I know this chapter is a “goodie” from the way it starts.

“But Erudite scientists developed this highly effective mineral solution a while back. It was better for the plants than dirt,” he says. “It’s an earlier version of that salve they put on your shoulder — it accelerated the growth of new cells.”

Continue reading

Insurgent Recap – Chapter 3

Guys, I have a confession to make: this book is boring. Every time I’m finishing a chapter, I have no desire to read the next one. Because nothing really happens. Not yet at least. Could anyone tell in what chapter the action starts in this book? So, I’ll have something to look forward too. And if it doesn’t at all, shhhh!

Last chapter, Tris and Tobias were at the Amity meeting and figured they won’t stay long there. Tris returns to her room, checks her gun is still there and has a mild panic attack. Why? What is she feeling except she’s suffocating? There are thoughts running through your head when having a panic attack. Like “I’m dying”, “I don’t want to die”, “Am I having a heart attack”, “Something is very wrong”. Been there, done that. All she thinks is “Pull it together”. And poof, she feels better. No breathing exercise, no reassuring thoughts, nothing. Panic attacks are horrible, guys. Sometime you can’t even calm yourself and need to pop an anti anxiety pill. It’s not a joke. Continue reading