Divergent Recap – Chapter 24

In which someone dies, but Tris is still the center of the universe…

Christina wakes up Tris from a dream where her mother was cooking a crow. What’s with the freaking crows? Christina has been crying because of Al; she has mascara tinted tears. Does she sleep with make up on? Not cool, book. If any girl is reading this, don’t sleep with make up because you’re going to destroy your pretty face.

They run to the chasm where a crowd has gathered. They see two men pulling a huge, dark shape. And surprise, Al offed himself. Tris has a small panic attack and collapses to the ground with Christina.

I hear something, a memory of sound. Al’s sobs; his screams at night. Should have known.

What should have she known? And if the answer is depression, I’m going to be annoyed.

Someone brings a body bag, but it is too small and Tris almost laughs. Finally, she runs from Christina.  Continue reading