Parenthood – 5×10 – All That’s Left Is the Hugging (mini review)

One of my favorite tv shows returned yesterday before another 3-week hiatus, and this is what happened:

– Christina and Adam fighting with cake while Max was stuffing with cake. LOL. It was nice to see them readjusting to the family life. And Adam taking Christina to chunk eggs at a billboard Bob Little was just what she needed.

– Julia and Joel agree to try and patch things up. So, the next day, Joel comes earlier for dinner and makes pizzas. Sydney talking about a friend’s parents divorce really hit a nerve because of one of those parents was Ed. Julia is then OCD and not returning Ed’s calls. Finally, she goes to see them and tell him to stop contacting her. Continue reading

Parenthood 5×09 – mini review

Like always, there is a lot of stuff happening in an episode:

-I was almost sure that Crosby was lying about the whole crying when voting for Obama. He really makes a big deal about stuff and then it blows up in his face. Voting publicly? Pfff… And then bribing a guy to vote for Kristina?

-Max asking Ruby to be his girlfriend? Hilarious. He wasn’t even looking at her. And then, Hank asking Ruby to be nice and lead on the guy, it’s like Hank tried to pimp out his daughter. But I enjoyed his conversation with Max and it seems like the boy does know that he has some problems and maybe he’ll work on them. (Guess what Ruby was reading. Yep, Divergent)

-Hank just coming into Sarah’s apartment was a nice interaction

-Amber and Ryan: I actually liked the idea of them getting married when he proposed, but I see that he hasn’t changed a bit. It’s okay to worry about your significant, but from that to pummeling a guy is a loooooong way. I hope that this doesn’t cost Amber her backing voice role because she really has a beautiful voice.

-The scenes with Christina campaigning were a beautiful touch

-The situation between Joel and Julia is super tense. I think there is a lack of communication between them. Julia has trouble adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom, and it’s understandable after 9 years as a lawyer. It’s something very new to her and she needs the support, if not in the form of her husband, then in the form of a therapist. Also, adopting a grown child with problems, again it’s tough. And with Joel working so much, no wonder Julia struggles. And it doesn’t help that Joel is jealous on Ed and that Victor is angry with Julia. I don’t know what will happen, but a disaster isn’t far.

-In a way, I liked that the show creators didn’t make Christina win the election. It’s very realistic, but also sad because she would have made a great mayor. Maybe next time.

Can’t wait for episode 10!