Agents of SHIELD – 1×10 – The Bridge (mini review)

The storyline from 5 episode ago returns! The Centipede project! Anyone bored by it? Me too.

– The episode starts in the prison, with the guy that was visited by the girl in the flower dress (Raina), eating. Then part of the ceiling is blown up and 3 guys burst in, all 3 guys having superpowers, and they punch the guards and help that guy escape. So, Coulson team has to investigate this

– I liked May and Ward fighting

– Skye continues to search for information about her parents and Coulson tells her May is gonna help. There is something Coulson is hiding and I wonder what. He isn’t her father, right? That would be too obvious.

– Peterson (the Spider Man dude that almost exploded in episode 1) is brought in to help them

– There some talk about a clairvoyant. Could it be that we will actually see clairvoyants in this show?

– The Centipede also designed the eye implant and they have an upgraded version, untraceable.

– May thinks that Ward took a punch in the field to protect her, but he argues it was tactical. You tell her, Ward. Even though I think May would have liked the idea of him protecting her, even though she would never admit that.

“I am not some recruit who can’t separate church from state. I’m on the same page as you. So don’t flatter yourself.” – Ward

– May being bitchy with Skye. Not cool.

– The discussion between Peterson and Coulson about choices, family and how Peterson should think about what’s best for his son was nice

– And of course, after that discussion, Raina got to Ace, Peterson’s son *sigh*

– They want to exchange the kid for Peterson, so they can study the guy, see why he’s stabilized. But, TWIST! They actually want Coulson. Coulson encourages Peterson to leave with his son.

– Peterson takes Ace to Skye and then returns to save Coulson. BOOOOOOOOM! Big, big explosion. And I guess, it’s bye bye Peterson. The bad guys escaped with a helicopter.

– Coulson kidnapped, Ward shot, May super mega pissed!

– The Centipede wants to find out about the day after Coulson died

Kind of a shitty midseason finale. No wonder this episode had the lowest rating of the season. The previous episode was so good, and this was so meh, I feel like screaming. The problem is with the Centipede storyline which is too lame, and should be fucking buried somehow for this show to shine. Anyway, here’s the promo for the next episode which will air January, the 7th.



Agents of SHIELD – 1×09 – Repairs (mini review)

Finally last night, I caught up on Agents of SHIELD, the show people love to hate for some reason. This episode pretty good though and I liked better than the previous one (The Well).

– I bet the beginning irked a lot of Skye/Ward (Skyrd? Wakye? Dunno) shippers. Even though it kind of makes sense for May and Ward to find comfort in each other. I liked how Ward started talking about how they should take separate routes and May just left.

– Fitz-Simmons trying to prank Skye: is it just me or the story Simmons told Skye about the Cavalry was kind of lame? I wouldn’t even count it as a prank. But what Fitz tried with the broom was pretty awesome, I was almost scared when I saw it. Continue reading