Choosing you by Allie Everhart | Book Review

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Title: Choosing you (The Jade Series #1)
Author: Allie Everhart
Genre: NA romance, Contemporary
Published: 09/19/2013
Length: 294 pages
Format: ebook, paperback
Buy At: Amazon

Summary: When Jade is given a scholarship to an elite private college in Connecticut, she sees it as a chance to finally escape her painful past and get a fresh start. She’s determined to succeed and that means keeping her focus on school and not guys. But her plan falls apart her first day on campus when Garret, a rich prep school boy with swimmer abs and a perfect smile, offers to help her move in.

Jade tries to push him away, but she can’t deny her attraction to him and Garret won’t let her. Things quickly heat up between them, but then come to a sudden halt when reality hits and Jade realizes that a relationship with Garret may never be possible. He comes from a world of wealth where there are rules, including rules about who he can date. And not following those rules has consequences.

As the two of them try to overcome the obstacles working to keep them apart, Jade is confronted with another challenge. On her 19th birthday, she receives a letter that her now deceased mother wrote years ago. In it are revelations that explain her traumatic childhood but also make her question the past she’s been running from.

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True Colors by Melissa Pearl| Book Review

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Se afișează True Colors Cover.jpgTitle: True Colors
Author: Melissa Pearl
Genre: YA contemporary/romance
Published: 02/12/2014
Length: 370 pages
Format: ebook, paperback
Buy At: Amazon

Summary:  Caitlyn Davis always cruised through life, not being the type to ruffle feathers or involve herself in high school drama…until a chance encounter with a strange, homeless man changes everything.

Suddenly, Caitlyn has the ability to see behind people’s masks. She discovers that her life isn’t as simple as she imagined and her high school is filled with secrets…some very sinister ones.

Unable to ignore her new gift, Caitlyn embarks on a mission to learn why one of her friends now appears terrified, but masks her fear behind a bright, smiling veneer. Will Caitlyn’s new ability lead her into hot water?

Or is her new found vision a blessing that will expose her friends’ true colors?

Her quest will lead Caitlyn to lose friends, stand up for those in need, and even find love. At Palisades High School every face tells a story…

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Loverboy by Trista Jaszczak | Book Playlist

Trista has prepared a very nice soundtrack you can listen to while maybe reading the book. I took the liberty of making a youtube playlist for you, so enjoy.

1. Demons by Imagine Dragons
2. It’s Not My Time – 3 Doors Down
3. I Wanna Be There – Blessed Union Of Souls
4. Wake Up – Coheed & Cambria
5. Under Pressure – David Bowie & Queen
6. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls
7. Crawling – Linkin Park
8. Nothin’s Gonna Stop Us Now – Jefferson Starship
9. Daugthers – John Mayer
10. Be Good To Yourself – Journey
11. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon
12. Torn – Natalie Imbruglia
13. You Get What You Give – New Radicals


Loverboy by Trista Jaszczak | Book Review

Loverboy cover

Title: Loverboy
Author: Trista Jaszczak
Genre: Romance/Thriller
Published: 10/31/2013
Length: 222 pages
Format: ebook,  paperback
Buy At: Amazon

Summary: When Charlotte Murphy escapes from the ruthless serial rapist and killer, Loverboy, she finds herself completely lost and scared to death. Lost, frightened, recovering, and in the sights of a brutal killer. In a most odd but clever tactic from the police, they assign Charlie 24/7 live-in protection; a move that is supposed to comfort her and make healing easier. Somehow, despite the odds, Charlie finds a refuge in officer Nick Andrews and in his arms she finds the strength to heal and the courage to move on with life. Nick finds everything that he wasn’t looking for in Charlie’s eyes and a fight against a killer that becomes personal.

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Insurgent Recap – Chapter 6

In which we’re gonna play a game of “Guess the Potion”…

Oh my, how I missed those chapters that start with Tris waking up. This time she wakes from the buzz of Tobias’s electric razor. Short moment of affection and then Tris goes back to her room. But not before Tobias’s lends her a pair of shorts. So, I was right: she had no panties. I know, I’m so crass, but I’m trying to find the interesting parts in this book.

Guess who’s expecting her? Dum dum dum. PETER! Finally, some drama. Tris asks him to get out, but he’s looking at her without his usual malice. So maybe he’s good now. But Tris informs us it’s just an act, so for sure he’s still evil, guys. He asks why is she following Marcus. Why are you following her, Peter?

“I’m here because  I don’t know why you get to keep track of that hard drive,” he says. “It’s not like you’re particularly stable these days.”

What? I mean, I would have expected unstable things from Tris, but she’s basically doing nothing. She eats, sleeps and makes out with Tobias. Anyway, Tris wants to know why he’s interested in the hard drive and he says it contains more than the simulation data. Really? That’s new. But she doesn’t trust him and thinks he’s going to defect to the Erudite and needs the hard drive for that. He calls her an Abnegation-loving faction traitor. She’s like “you are such a psychopath you would’ve left your family to die.” Fun stuff.

“Careful what you say about my family, Stiff.” He moves with me, toward the dresser, but I carefully shift so that I stand between him and the drawers. [...]
His eyes shift to the dresser behind me, to the left side, where the hard drive is hidden. I frown at him, and then notice something I didn’t before: a rectangular bulge in one of his pockets.

Why does he linger in her room if he already took the driver? Even more why is he moving in the direction of the dresser? This is stupid. Tris demands the hard drive back otherwise she’ll kill him in his sleep. They start fighting, and of course Tris is uber powerful. It’s not like Peter tried to rape and kill her, or even kicked her ass once. Nope.

Amity starts gathering around them and some grab Tris away from Peter. Apparently she’s acting like a crazy person. She yells that Peter has the drive and Tobias gets the drive. Afterwards, he reprimands Tris and let the two Amity men take her wherever.

The graying Amity man opens a door on the left. A label on the door says CONFLICT ROOM.
“Are you putting me in time-out or something?” I scowl. That is something the Amity would do: put me in time-out, and then teach me to do cleansing breaths or think positive thoughts.

I don’t think those two things are something bad. I mean I take relaxing breaths and try to think positive thoughts. They help coping with stress. The old man tells her to sit, she’s like “I won’t do that again.” The old man keeps saying they must follow protocol.

All their voices are so soft. Not hushed, like the Abnegation speak, always treading holy ground and trying not to disturb. Soft, soothing, low — I wonder, then, if that is something they teach their initiates here. How best to speak, move, smile, to encourage peace.

I’m not sure encouraging peace entails only smiles and soft voices. Otherwise they would tell those guys in the Middle East to just smile and speak softly to resolve everything. Tris eventually sits down and hears the old guy fumbling with something behind her. Apparently, he’s making tea, but Tris doesn’t think that’s the solution. She says they should throw Peter out of the compound. And here comes the interesting part:

“You have no idea what he did to deserve those things.” My cheeks get hot again and mimic my heartbeat. “He tried to kill me. And someone else —  he stabbed someone else in the eye… with a butter knife. He is evil. I had every right to –”
I feel a sharp pain in my neck. Dark spots cover the man in front of me, obscuring my view of his face.
“I’m sorry dear,” he says. “We are just following protocol.”

Ok, so this girl tells you about this guy who tried to kill 2 people and you’re like: “Yeah, let’s drug her.” Problem solved. I’m asking again: how are these fucking factions still standing? There should have been someone smart at some point who would have gamed the system. People escape from maximum security prisons. Someone could have manipulated his way to the top and wreck some havoc.

The old guy injected her with a bright green serum, which again is an unusual color. Do they dye all the serums so they won’t confuse them or what? Tris is dizzy and she doesn’t feel angry anymore, but good. Now you can start guessing what potion is this. She asks where to find Tobias and you have to read this:

“Four, I mean. He’s handsome, isn’t he? I don’t really know why he likes me so much. I’m not very nice, am I?”

This serum makes her very loose-lipped. And uninhibited.

And it does seem like a silly thing, slamming your fist into someone else’s body. Like a caress, but too hard. A caress is much nicer. Maybe I should have run my hand along Peter’s arm instead. That would have felt better to both of us.

This passage is wrong. It gives you the impression she is kind of attracted to Peter, the guy who sexually assaulted her and tried to kill her. WTF? It’s a way of condoning his behavior, albeit subtle.

Also, she’s transformed into clumsy Bella who can’t take a fucking step without stumbling or falling. Let me ask another question. Why is this serum working on her while the rest aren’t? All the serums affect the brain in some way, so her reaction should be similar. She could figure out it’s just an illusion of happiness.

Tris finds Tobias, giggling and swaying. She kisses him, but he’s too preoccupied to figure out why she’s acting like a total moron. She wants to kiss some more.

“That’s why you like me!” I exclaim. “Because you’re not very nice either! It makes so much more sense now.”

Yeah, sure, you’re two fucked up people who liked each other. How hard was that to figure out?

Tobias takes her to see Johanna. Tris continues to act like an idiot. Johanna says that they must have given Tris too much of the peace serum. Goodie, the bright green thing has a name. And it has a calming effect and improves the mood. You know, there are drugs that improve the mood, but they don’t transform you into a total retard. Tobias guesses that she probably dumps this stuff in the water supply to keep the peace. But she denies that.

Tobias informs her that they are leaving soon and throws some insults, just for fun. But apparently, Johanna disagrees privately with her faction about their decision to remain uninvolved in the conflict between Erudite and Abnegation. Well, they aren’t really maintaining peace. They are just pretending there’s no conflict. Stupid faction. Tobias says that they will be leaving in two days.

“Four,” she says. “If you and your friends would like to remain… untouched by our serum, you may want to avoid the bread.”

Spiked bread, huh? That’s just great: drugging all the faction to keep up “peace”.

So, have you guessed the potion similar to the serum?
Potions club


Insurgent Recap – Chapter 5

I didn’t forget about this book. I just went through some changes in my life including a new job I’m very excited about. But no more slacking on my recaps. Last time, we left Tris wanting to know the truth, a truth only Marcus knows. Usually I would get super excited and want to find out more, but I figure it’s just gonna be something stupid.

Tris follows Marcus after breakfast into the filtration building. The description of the building is hilarious: small building with a few huge machines that take the dirty water and just purify it. There’s a difference between waste water treatment and drinking water treatment. And purifying water can be a time consuming process, not just something that happens in a second. Continue reading


Out of the Ashes by S.M. Lynn | Cover Reveal

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Title: Out of the Ashes
Author: S.M. Lynn
Publication Date: end of February 2014
Genre: NA erotica

SynopsisCan love really conquer all? Even when the secrets are so big, someone could die for keeping them, has died to keep them?

Celeste Brooks is haunted by a past she cannot escape. Plagued by nightmares and fear that her secret will be discovered, she buries herself in her MBA and work, opening up to no one except her roommate, Gavin. Until her path crosses with his. Ian Jacobs made a vow when his heart was broken that he would never allow anyone that close again. Being a sexy business mogul has its perks, and having many attractive women throw themselves at you is just one. Until his path crosses with hers.

As soon as Ian finds Celeste has applied for a position with Jacobs Enterprises, he takes matters into his own hands, knowing that he must possess this woman at any cost. Celeste finds herself under Ian’s spell and knows that she will do anything to be close to this man. Including revealing her secrets? As their paths, past and present, collide, they must decide to risk it all or leave each other behind.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20638483-out-of-the-ashes?from_search=true

About the author:  S.M. Lynn has a Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education with an English specialization. She resides in small town Nebraska with her husband and two children. She writes contemporary romance leaning toward the erotic but enjoys mixing in elements of suspense.

When her family can pry her away from writing and reading, she works in her husband’s financial services firm. Between kids and work there is not much time left over but when she has some, she enjoys traveling, watching Vampire Diaries and scouring Facebook for book deals.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/authorsmlynn
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7795209.S_M_Lynn

There is also a giveaway you can enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway . I did beta-read this book and enjoyed a lot.

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Waiting for Prince Harry by Aven Ellis | Cover Reveal

Title: Waiting for Prince Harry
Author: Aven Ellis
Publication date: Spring 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Adult, Romance

Synopsis:  Twenty-four-year-old Kylie Reed has always been a rule follower. Organized and cautious  to a fault, her dreams for life are often filed away for future use—when she has a house, when she meets her future husband, when she has been at her visual display job at a  chic Dallas boutique longer…Kylie always has a reason for living her life in the future,  not in the present, and not living her life to the fullest and reaching her dream of  becoming a fashion designer.

The only exception to rules, of course, would be running away with Prince Harry—Kylie’s ideal man. A hot, fun ginger boy would be worth breaking all the rules for, of course.  And Kylie is sure Harry just needs the right, centering woman to settle him down. But  living in Dallas and not knowing Prince Harry make this a non-option.

Or does it?

Because when Kylie accidentally falls into the lap of a gorgeous ginger boy—yes, even  more gorgeous than the real Prince Harry—all bets are off. Could this stranger be the  one to show Kylie how to take a chance, to face her fears, and live in the present? And could this stranger be the Prince Harry she has been waiting for? Kylie’s life takes some  unexpected twists and turns thanks to this chance encounter, and she knows her life will never be the same because of it…

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20652614-waiting-for-prince-harry

About the author:  Aven Ellis has been writing fiction since she was sixteen. She studied communications at a large Midwestern university, and after graduation, Aven worked as a reporter for a community newspaper, followed by a stint at a public relations agency.
But writing about city council meetings and restaurant franchises was not as much fun as writing for young women trying to figure out their careers and potential boyfriends. So Aven got herself  a job in television that allowed her to write at night. Connectivity is Aven’s debut  novel; Waiting For Prince Harry and Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista (New Adult  romantic comedy) will be published next year.
Aven lives in Dallas with her family. When she is not writing, Aven enjoys shopping, cooking,  connecting with friends on social media, and watching any show that features Gordon Ramsay

You can find Aven on these websites:


True Colors by Melissa Pearl | Release Day Blitz

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Title: True Colors
Author: Melissa Pearl
Genre: YA Contemporary
Published: 2/16/2014
Length: 368 pages
Format: ebook, paperback
Buy At: Amazon

Cover Designer by Kate Strawbridge of Dwell Design & Press

Summary: Caitlyn Davis always cruised through life, not being the type to ruffle feathers or involve herself in high school drama…until a chance encounter with a strange, homeless man changes everything.

Suddenly, Caitlyn has the ability to see behind people’s masks. She discovers that her life isn’t as simple as she imagined and her high school is filled with secrets…some very sinister ones.

Unable to ignore her new gift, Caitlyn embarks on a mission to learn why one of her friends now appears terrified, but masks her fear behind a bright, smiling veneer. Will Caitlyn’s new ability lead her into hot water? Or is her new found vision a blessing that will expose her friends’ true colors?

Her quest will lead Caitlyn to lose friends, stand up for those in need, and even find love.
At Palisades High School every face tells a story…

About the Author:  Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan… not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband. “Best. Year. Ever!!”
She now lives in China with her husband and two sons. She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion. Since becoming a full time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her debut novel hit the internet in November 2011. Since then she has continued to produce a steady stream of books.
Recently she signed with Evatopia Press and her first Evatopia book is coming out in February 2014 – True Colors, The Masks Series #1. She is very excited to be trying out new things this year while continuing to publish under her own name as well. She has six books planned for 2014 and is excited about writing each and every one of them.

“I am passionate about writing. It stirs a fire in my soul that I never knew I had. I want to be the best writer I can possibly be and transport my readers into another world where they can laugh, cry and fall in love.”

You can find Melissa on these websites:
Facebook Author Page: http://www.facebook.com/melissapearlauthor
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MelissaPearlG
Blogs: http://melissapearl.blogspot.com/ and http://yalicious.blogspot.com/
Amazon Author Page: http://www.amazon.com/author/melissapearl
Goodreads Author Page: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5314516.Melissa_Pearl
Smashwords Author Page: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/melissapearl
Newsletter subscription: http://eepurl.com/p3g8v
Website: http://www.melissapearlauthor.com
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/melissapearlg/

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The True Colors Masquerade Ball is happening on February 16th to celebrate the release of True Colors. All party-goers will be entitled to purchase a copy of True Colors for only 99c. There will also be competitions, giveaways and guest appearances from other authors who will be unveiling their own secrets. So come and join in the fun and help us welcome True Colors into the world with style.

Hosted by:

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Spread Some #Indie Love | Blog Hop

A few weeks ago I read about the idea of a Valentine’s Day blog hop to feature indie authors. Given the fact I’m reading a lot of indie books these days, I was obviously hooked. So, I’ve given it a lot of thought and I decided to feature 2 authors who wrote NA contemporary romance novels I liked last year: Samantha Towle and Missy Johnson. I’ll include the summaries for the books I read, but there will be links to all their published books if you want to check them out.

Samantha Towle
Samantha Towle began her first novel in 2008 while on maternity leave. She completed the manuscript five months later and hasn’t stopped writing since. She is the author of THE MIGHTY STORM and the Wall Street Journal Bestseller WETHERING THE STORM.

She has also wrote paranormal romances, THE BRINGER and the ALEXANDRA JONES SERIES, all penned to tunes of The Killers, Kings of Leon, Adele, The Doors, Oasis, Fleetwood Mac, and more of her favourite musicians.

A native of Hull and a graduate of Salford University, she lives with her husband, Craig, in East Yorkshire with their son and daughter.

You can find Samantha at -

Her books:

  • The Storm Series:  Product Details Product Details
  • The Alexandra Jones Series: Product Details Product Details

I really liked her “Trouble” novel which approached the subject of abuse pretty well.
Summary of “Trouble”: Mia Monroe is running. Running from a person she doesn’t ever want to find her. Running from a past she doesn’t ever want anyone to know. Desperate to find a future, that yesterday, she could only dream of having.

Jordan Matthews likes easy. Easy women. Easy life.

Then he meets Mia.

She’s damaged, troubled and has more baggage than any person can carry. But the more Jordan gets to know Mia-for the first time in his life-he finds himself wanting to try hard for something … for someone … for her.

And then life isn’t so easy anymore.

Jordan is everything Mia shouldn’t want. A whole bunch of dirty hotness, tattooed, cocky bad boy, who made his money at poker tables and picked his women up in bars. Yet, Mia finds herself falling for him. Then the past Mia was running from, quickly starts to catch up with her. Because that’s the problem with running … you have to stop sometime.

And when you stop, you get caught.

Missy Johnson
Missy lives in a small town in Central Victoria with her husband, and her confused pets (a dog who think she’s a cat, a cat who thinks he’s a dog…you get the picture).

When she’s not writing, she can usually be found looking for something to read.

You can find Missy on these websites:

Her books: 

  • Standalone: Product Details Product Details
  • So Many Reasons Series: Product Details Product Details
  • Tease Series: Product Details Product Details
  • Beautiful Rose Series: Product Details Product Details
  • Desire Series: Product Details

I enjoyed her “So Many Reasons Why” book, the first volume of “So Many Reasons” series and I’ll continue reading her book. The Tease series has some interesting covers, so I might check it out next.
“So Many Reasons Why” summary: Twenty year old Emma hasn’t left the house since she was attacked as a child. Now, with the impending release of her attacker from prison, Emma knows it’s more important than ever for her to regain control of her life. From her unrelenting nightmares, to her strained relationships, to her crippling agoraphobia, Emma feels as though her life is spiraling out of control.

When her professor, Simon Anderson enters her life, Emma must deal with feelings she has never experienced before.

Though both she and Simon know their relationship is bordering on inappropriate, neither of them are able to ignore the intense chemistry that is quickly developing between them.

What was supposed to keep her mind off the attack has left her more confused than ever. When there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t be together, is simply being in love really enough?

I hope you find those authors interesting and promising as I did and you will check out their works.
There is also a giveaway you can enter to win various books from other indie authors: an indie Rafflecopter giveaway

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